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  1. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    Take the 2K and rebuild the 2 stroke every 2 or 3 years and you have about as much reliability as one can expect from ANY engine. Even every 5 years ups the scale a bunch. Unless one flys a couple hundred hours a year, a 1500-2000 hr TBO doesn't really mean a whole lot. Most average rec pilots may get 50 hrs a year so 20-30 years down the road, rubber engine seals are already done in. And at the price of a four stroke overhaul, one keeps on flying a ticking time bomb till it goes boom. A lot of 912's on the market for reasonable prices and low hours, but how old are they?  Does one want to fly a newly overhauled 2 stroke or fly a "seems to run alright" engine that's X # of years old and never been torn apart?  Everybody has their opinion. Not saying anything but want everybody to consider the amount of risk they are willing to accept vs. cost.
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  2. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    New, most 4 strokes are in the 15K-20K range. A couple under that but generally in that range. A tad too much to put on a classic airframe such as an Avid/Fox, at least for me anyway. Especially when a 2 stroke can be had for under 10K plus a few hours learning how to setup and operate one. Those working on the Apex or Phazer engine conversion might be on to something. I think there are more possibilities out there.
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  3. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Strut Farings   

    A few options, foam carved using a hot wire setup, remake new wood fairings, make fiberglass ones, etc. Only ones I know of that you can buy off the shelf are the Kitfox ones. QCU Challenger did sell plastic fairings for 1" tubes for around $125 in 10' lengths.  Welcome to the world of homebuilding. Sometimes buying isn't an option. Fabricating something is the only option.
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  4. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    I've looked at the UL 97 HP but its a little heavy for a model 2. Still lighter and cheaper than a 912. Weight wise the Jabiru 2200 is one of the few viable 4 cyl, 4 strokes available that will work in a classic Avid/Fox. The HKS is very close to a 503 in performance even though its a four stroke. But parts and service might be an issue. We have run this engine thing all the way around the barn and still end up back where we started. Probably more Avid/Foxes flying with a 582 than all others combined. For the best 4 stroke, the jury is still out. And most likely will be for a while. Been that way since day one of experimentals.
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  5. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    Seems to me when considering all options that the simplest way is to loose weight off the airframe and go with a lighter HP engine with less HP. Nobody likes to give up their goodies that they think they need but dropping airframe weight is a lot cheaper than more HP engines. If I remember correctly, the original Avid/Foxes flew just fine on a 50 HP 503.  In that frame of reference, a HKS would do just fine. I am as guilty as anyone, but if we worked as hard to drop airframe weight as we do to shoehorn a bigger engine into the nose, we'd probably be better off and have just as good of a performing plane. But sometimes my opinions are not the best, just ask my wife! I am going to stay with my little 55 HP Hirth till I learn better.
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  6. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Wag Aero?   

    I've always wanted to build one, but it is a time consuming build and not an easy build. But one could make it into whatever type of plane he wanted. At this stage in my life, a folding wing bird is the only choice and not too many types of those available. Doesn't look like Avid is coming back, A new fox is out of reach, so this old classic model 2 fits me the best.
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  7. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Wag Aero?   

    I have seen one up close and like the look. Basic Avid/Fox  construction, GA engine.  And a lot of Piper parts fit, so scrounging ability cheapens the cost. An still have a classic.
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  8. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Pulse pump   

    And most add an electric backup, also.  Fuel issues are the No.1 cause of two stroke engine outs. In reality, two strokes don't fail, they are murdered by their operators.
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  9. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting started/setup for Welding?   

    Its generally hard to beat a set of torches. But any setup isn't worth a dang unless you can use it. One project or a small job. its more about how much you want to invest and the learning curve to go with it. At my stage in life, I'll stay with my torches and take the special welds to a welder. My little mini Smith torch is perfect for 4130 tubing.
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  10. Allen Sutphin added a topic in Kitfox II   

    Prop balancer
    I installed the prop balancer and did a mid throttle run up and it did smooth things out  up to 3500 RPM.  Most noticeable was at 1900 idle RPM and it made things smoother. So overall I'd say it was worth the $90 investment. Mine will idle at 1700 but you get gearbox chatter so 1900 seems to be better. (Hirth, not Rotax).
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  11. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Getting started/setup for Welding?   

    I have been welding 4130 with torches for many years and now considering a TIG. It may take more time to learn, but worth it in the end, On a budget, check out Eastwood welders, reasonably priced and good support. I'll still keep my torches, though. Old habits die hard.
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  12. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    I used to stick my hand out the window in the truck, till a dang bumblebee center punched it.  Yes, it hurts! Probably hurt the bee more, though.
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  13. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Disembodied spirit   

    I agree with the fast taxi practice. Many don't for various reasons. My opinion is if one cannot control it there. they shouldn't go airborne  Fast taxi and crow hops would be the most squrriely time so if you get that down, you got it. This isn't a self teaching maneuver replacing good tail wheel instruction, just feeling out a different type of tail dragger and its quirks. But then I do things my way and do not suggest any new person who is new to tail wheel aircraft try it. It is not for the beginning T W student. A good check out from an experienced (in type) pilot is always the best no matter how good one thinks they are. A lot cheaper than rebuilding a airplane.
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  14. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Disembodied spirit   

    Every tail dragger kit I ever looked at said " easiest tail dragger to land" ever. Some probably were, some probably weren't. Let us know your impressions after you fly it. I'd take your word over a kit manufacturer any day.
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  15. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Disembodied spirit   

    Everybody talks about how short coupled and squirrely the Avid/Fox is with the standard gear and the Sonex seems even shorter. Let us know how it handles compared to the Avid/Fox.
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