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  1. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Painting the cowl..   

    Always something sexy about a floatplane sitting in the water like that!  Maybe I am weird!!!
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  2. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic New Machine   

    Adverse yaw, Lead with rudder, follow with aileron. I never take the doors off anymore. A common trait for anything without diff ailerons that have full span flaperons.  Easy to overcome with a couple hours practice. A common problem for a Cessna driver who gets in this type of plane.
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  3. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic New Machine   

    Not really true. But I have a big tail, diff ailerons, Modified flap hinges and a few other mods. Flys hands off if you want. Not much different than an Avid/Fox (older models) if you know what the rudder is for. I really like the STOL performance with just me in it. Just like a older model Avid/Fox that is built really light. Except I don't have to worry about ground loops if I get a bit lazy sometimes.  With the tundra tires it will handle anywhere I'd consider landing. Still have a soft spot for the classic Avid/Foxes, though.
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  4. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic New Machine   

    Back in the air!
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  5. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic New Machine   

    I'll be back airborne quick, soon as I get it home.
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  6. Allen Sutphin added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    New Machine
    Since the Fox is gone I decided to call the owner of my old challenger and see if I could steal it away from him and he said yes he would sell it back to me. Hopefully pick it up next week. I loved flying that airplane.
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  7. Allen Sutphin added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Have a 70" Warp Drive LH 2 blade prop for sale. Includes protractor, prop bolts. Fits Rotax 75mm hub, $500. new condition. PM me.
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  8. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Replace header tank   

    I replaced my rear 1 gallon header tank that was seeping with a 3 gallon alum tank from Summit I think about $79 and a few locally bought fittings. They come in alum and plastic and are for sprint racing or go-kart racing tanks. It mounted right where the 1 gallon tank mounted in the rear.
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  9. Allen Sutphin added a topic in Kitfox II   

    Engine mount
    I still have the Kitfox 1,or 2 engine mount and plate for a Rotax 503/582 engine if anybody is in need.

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  10. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Kitfox model 2   

    Will do, I told him about the group so hope he joins it.
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  11. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Kitfox model 2   

    One of the better performing machines that I've had.  Not too much fun in rough air though. And the gear is a weak link, so some say. A Kitfox/Avid style gear would be great.
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  12. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Kitfox model 2   

    My next one will be a two part kit, the airplane and the key! A guy from Ga. is flying in tomorrow to get the engine and prop. So the shop will be cleared out. Haven't seen that in a few years so I am on strange ground for once.
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  13. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic Kitfox model 2   

    The HKS is definitely heavier than they advertise. I would say flying weight minus prop is closer to 140-145 lbs including oil. Too much for 60 max hp. Add a hefty fuselage to it and one would probably have a lead sled. Definitely not a STOL aircraft. I will most likely go back to the challenger. It would get off in 100' max solo and to a stop in 150'. I've flown it in some pretty stiff crosswinds and never once ground looped it.
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  14. Allen Sutphin added a topic in Kitfox II   

    Kitfox model 2
    Kitfox went down the road yesterday evening. With its new owner on the way to Arizona. Hard to believe someone would travel almost 2000 miles to pick it up. It was sold without engine and prop so new owner has a small project to complete. He is planning on installing the engine that is made it Texas, the VW with the Harley cylinders. I wish him the best. That was one project that about done me in. Think I'll take a break till spring and then look for the next project. Still have the 503/582 engine mount and plate that will be available. Have several interested parties for the HKS engine and prop. Time to kick back with a cup of Maxwell House and chill a bit.
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  15. Allen Sutphin added a post in a topic 503 In An Avid   

    I ran a 503 for six years without ANY issues. I did try going from dual carbs to a single carb. There was a noticeable drop in performance over dual carbs so I switched back. I plugged the oil injection ports with epoxy and worked fine. Oil injection to me in my worthless opinion will shorten engine life. I'll explain before getting gutted and quartered. The oil injection ports sit about 2-2 1/2" from the crankcase. That close and the oil does not have time to completely mix with the gas so proper oil does not make it to the outer bearings where its needed, only a partial amount of oil makes it there mainly gas. In a premix the mist entering the crankcase is evenly mixed so oil makes it where it needs to be. Of course, one could forget to mix it. Since most 582's are oil injected, that might explain why 582's seem to have a shorter main bearing life (fact) than 503's. No evidence to back this theory up, but just my opinion. I had my static RPM set at 6350-6400 so I didn't go past 6500 in the air.
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