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  1. Good old number 29 added a post in a topic Bringing a Kitfox 1 back to life   

    Will this rain ever stop?
    I flew for a couple hours this morning. It sure was nice. I should have taken pictures, but I kept the doors closed and just enjoyed the flight. I have a flight review due soon, so I went through a bunch of stalls, S turns, slow flight, and other maneuvers, maintaining steady altitude. The flight was followed with the hard slip and soft three point that my short field requires. The field has some bumps, so the landing isn’t always as soft as it was today. It’s always really satisfying to grease it in there like that. Last winter, I made some adjustment to my flaps. I had found that the plane would fly level, without stick pressure, with the flap lever pulled up about an inch. Typical thing that many Kitfox owners do to trim the plane’s pitch. I figured that was just wasting a few degrees of flap, and adjusted it to fly level with the flaps up all the way. That is, with the lever down as far as it will go, the plane is trimmed in flight. As a side note, I had first needed to adjust the angle of the horizontal stabilizer in order to be able to trim it and not need forward stick pressure. With the flap adjustment, I got it close, but need just a hair of back pressure now. 
    I’ve been debating whether to make that last bit of adjustment by moving the flaps back up slightly, decreasing the total down angle with full flaps, or by moving the front of the horizontal stabilizer back down. I did see a slightly lower stall speed after the flap adjustment. 
    After my morning flight, I decided to check the flap angle, along with the angles of the wings and horizontal stabilizer. With the plane sitting on 25” mains, on the relatively flat ground, I used the handy level feature of my iPhone to check the angles. I used a straightedge from leading edge to trailing edge of the wings, checking the angle at root and tip, as well as measuring the angle of the flat-bottomed flaperons while “flaps” were down, then up, and also checked the angle of the horizontal stabilizer, and the floor, which is used to determine level for weight and balance. 
    With the flaps down, and both flaperons at the same angle, flaps were at 26°. Note that 26° is not the flap angle, in regard to wings or angle of incidence, as the plane had all three wheels on the ground. 
    With flaps up, both sides showed 9°. This is a difference of 17°. Full flaps = 17°. I wonder how much less flap angle there was before my last adjustment. Maybe 2°-3°? 20% less?

    Full flaperon deflection netted a range of 8° to 50°, with the flaps down. That’s 42° total up to down on flaperons. That 8° is only 1° more than the wingtips, or 6° up at the root. I hadn’t considered previously, that the flaperons move up relatively less at the wingtip, due to wing twist. It has 18° up, and 24° down. It should be the other way around. Everything about it is in favor of adverse yaw.
    The wingtips showed the same 9° as the flaperons, flapped up. Both wings had the same angles for root and tip. The angle at the last rib was the same as the droop tip.

    Wing roots showed 14°. That’s 5° of twist, root to tip. The floor was the same angle, 14°.
    The horizontal stabilizer was at 11°.
    While I concluded several things from this, I’d love to hear any input you might have. 
    First, let’s put in perspective. Obviously, it won’t fly a steady altitude with the floor level. The root would have zero AOA, and wingtips would be minus 5°. Flaperons would likewise be reflexed to -5°, while the horizontal stabilizer would be at -3°. I’ve often thought it could use a bit more angle of incidence. But, the floor is just a reference, anyway. A flat plane, if you will, that’s easy to level.
    Ignoring all that, I think I ought to give it another 1° to 3° of flap, and put the horizontal back to its original position. Doing that would put the flaps, while retracted, at approximately the same angle as the bottom of the wing, while also increasing the total angle of the flaps, extended. That would be the same angle as the middle of the wing, rather than the tip.
    I believe that this would make it more efficient inflight, as the flaperons, wings, horizontal, and elevator would not be fighting each other as much.
    My wife shoots video of most of my takeoffs and landings, here at the house. Today’s video of the landing showed that the tailwheel stayed off the ground while I had the stick back a good bit. I don’t believe that I was hard on the brakes, if at all. My usual routine is to keep the tail up, after I touch down, so the tailwheel isn’t eating the bumps, and let it roll out. Balance would have been neutral or slightly aft, with just a few gallons in the panel tank, and wing tanks empty.
    On the negative side, it would have about zero up aileron, at least at the wingtip, with flaps deflected. I’m not sure if it could have much more adverse yaw than it currently does, but the rudder works just fine. One more thing, that might become an issue, if it’s not already, is that the flaps might not fold up flat enough when the wings are folded back. I had considered that that was the reason for that geometry, in the first place. If I ever need another project, I could convert to differential control, but I’m not planning to do that, at this point in time. I like the ease of folding the wings back, without disconnecting anything, even if I hardly do it anymore  
    I wouldn’t think there’s any benefit to taking the flaps back up. The ailerons don’t go up any further, at least, not if it’s trimmed to fly without stick pressure. I don’t have a stopper for the flap lever. It stops against the torque tube for the sticks. I’ve read the old concerns about control reversal and the need to limit flap travel, but never experienced anything like it, with about 275 hours and lots of full flap landings. Maybe that was first flight nervousness by those unfamiliar with the amount of adverse yaw, and they mistook the effect. 
    Here are the stats, simplified, as with the floor leveled:
    Angle of incidence, wings, average: -2.5°
    Range of motion, flaps: 17°
    Range of motion, ailerons: -18°/+24°; 42° total
    Angle of incidence, stabilizer: -3°
    Is it ever going to stop raining? Look what it’s done to me. I hope you’re all enjoying your Kitfox, whether working on it, flying it, or just considering its different angles.

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  2. SuberAvid added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Sunset Pics
    Coming back from shooting the other night I thought the sunset was pretty cool so got a couple of pictures.

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  3. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Parts manufacturing for Avid + Mark IV   

    Hi Justine,
    The pictures you show of the plane hanging and on top of the car is not an Airdale Avid +, but looks like an Avid MK IV that someone has done some modifications to.  You can see from the attached pictures of my Avid + that the fuselage is longer (18") than the Avid MK IV and has a lot larger tail with a balanced rudder.  I would suggest that you modify your fuselage in the same way I am modifying Avid MK IV fuselage into what I call the Avid Mini +.   I describe the mods in the Avid Mini + thread on this forum. 
    I attached a picture of label for a manufacturer of the push/pull cables.  Obviously I would not tell them you will be using them on an airplane. 
    Note that besides stretching the fuselage it required removal of the tubing structure behind the seat and adding a truss behind the seat like is in the front of the seat, additional trussing at the shoulders and under the turtle deck area, and adding seat structure at the seat bottoms to raise them and install the mixer control under pilot seat.  You should be able to see it on the pictures in that thread. 
    I know we have a little bit of a language barrier so if what I describe does not make sense, just let me know and I will try to describe it differently.
    You are correct about the modifications making the plane much more useable for cargo and it also allows moving the seats back to get more legroom.  Best of luck on the project. I am sure you will enjoy it and I will try to help wherever I can.

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  4. TJay added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    The flight to ArkanSTOL
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  5. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Stretching an airplane question?   

    I think the biggest reason for stretching the Avid was when they hang a heavy engine on the nose, like a Subaru.  Avids tend to be a bit on the nose heavy side even with a 582.  Probably help the ground handling as well cause the Avid is pretty short coupled.  The early Kitfoxes, ( 3 and 4 at least) are about 9" longer than the Avid so maybe they need it less.   JImChuk
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  6. whizzers added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Anybody have a fuselage lying around? B;C; or later ?
    OK if the landing gear longerons are tweaked,
    Bob McCaa Lewistown PA
    717 363 75 five two
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  7. TJay added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Stretching an airplane question?
    Who has first hand experience with this and what does it really do? All I hear is it makes the airplane more stable in flight But what really does that mean? My airplane does not really feel unstable I don't think. But I have nothing to compare it to either. Does it help make it fly strait and level hands off? I sure wouldn't think it could help any with side to side rocking or anything or do much in turbulence. Let me know what you all think. Thanks TJay
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  8. TJay added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2022   

    You should come next year
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  9. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2022   

    Wow TJay,  Pretty nice.  Now I see why you were wanting a bit faster cruise speed. Video to follow?  JImChuk
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  10. TJay added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    ArkanSTOL 2022
    what a fun trip guys by far the best flyin I have ever been to. 1126 miles in 14.26hrs flying

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  11. Allen Sutphin added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    Looks like a Fox/Avid wing only smaller.

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  12. Justine added a post in a topic Parts manufacturing for Avid + Mark IV   


    A Katalina in Canada is paradise!
    I share your opinion for OFAC in any case. I wonder about the relevance of declaring it in Switzerland. Rather France, possibly. In the case of a ULM registration, but it is not the one I prefer, it does not concern the EASA. It is still the national legislations which are in force for the ultra light. That being the case, I will probably register it as an airplane because I didn't spend a fortune passing my PPL, my CPL /IR to do ULM. (MTWO and flight plan to cross borders.)
    You know, by that, the OFAC delegated the monitoring of the construction to amateur builders (EAS). I met a very small fraction of these amateur builders at a monthly dinner. I noted that some of them and the most important were in the sanction, without even knowing me, as soon as I will started to tell them that parts were missing and that I first tried to find some used before considering making them myself. I know the Avid flyer pretty well, I'm very comfortable with this little plane, I had also to do instruct at Montardoise farmer. Fuselages under construction, I've seen tons of them. my first avid that i have build since is number 473 (1989).
    "Vancouvert", the English-speaking provinces are known to be 100% pro aviation. This is where you have to be to fly.
    you never know what life has in store for us, my trip to Canada is unlikely however, with the great war coming on top of that. Thank you for your invitation, I will open the link you sent me and I wish you a good flight in your paradise.
    Cordialement, Justine
    PS : Verry nice pictures !
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  13. Buckchop added a post in a topic Oratex 6000 on a PA12   

    Yeppers thats the plan Jim, hope to get it all done and fly her home b4 my birthday Nov13. 
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  14. Justine added a post in a topic Parts manufacturing for Avid + Mark IV   

    Hello Randy,

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  15. Good old number 29 added a post in a topic lost another one   

    Sorry to hear that. I called and talked to him just a couple weeks ago. He wasn’t feeling too good then, but I didn’t expect this. Rest in peace, Bob. 
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  16. flywise added a post in a topic Parts manufacturing for Avid + Mark IV   

    Hey Justine,
    great project..
    I also am from switzerland/geneva and fled the country because of the overly burdensome and expensive FOCA and EASA. I now live in Canada (close to vancouver) and love the freedom I have with my avid Catalina. If you decide to visit Canada one day please come and visit me for some local flying and fun!AvMw5i-09AkLmyLHNPdIaLSnwTWe
    Salutations, Laurent
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  17. flywise added a post in a topic lost another one   

    Crap, I will miss his valuable inputs here ...hope he's busy on something good up there..
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  18. SuberAvid added a post in a topic lost another one   

    I am glad I got to know him a little and got to fly out to fish together.  i just had a great conversation with him a couple weeks ago when he got the aluminum tanks from the catalina wings. 
    We will miss him!
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  19. SuberAvid added a post in a topic Parts manufacturing for Avid + Mark IV   

    Hi Justine,
    Sorry for being offline for so long.  I retired recently so all of a sudden I seem to have gotten much busier.  I will try to monitor and answer any questions I can.  Jim Chuck s a great knowledgeable resource so his help, i'm sure, has been great.
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  20. Buckchop added a post in a topic Lexan vs Acrylic - help!   

    I even cut all my own windows from a sheet of tinted lexan for the pa12, except for the windshield
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  21. Buckchop added a post in a topic Avid Mark4 Bush Gear   

    I use some skidoo springs, want to say was rear track front shock spring, then have to make a new pad for the sping to sit on the strut, if u look thro the archives and search here ull find the info, i got it from this site. Even look up my build in kitfox one questions 
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  22. Jeromef added a post in a topic Another historic place   

    No need for that, there is already a nice airfield just near (LF2834)

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  23. Alaskaflyer added a post in a topic Avid Mark4 Bush Gear   

    Buckchop, what do you use in place of Randy's springs?
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  24. Buckchop added a post in a topic Lexan vs Acrylic - help!   

    Yep ive done windsheilds/skylight, doors on 2 different planes blue kf its been in since oct 2018.  Love the grey tinted lexan. 
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