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  1. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    Early Kitfoxes had the tailwheel bolt glued in with structural adhesive.  You might try moderate heat to try to loosen it if you think there may be glue.
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  2. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic 5 months later   

    I was afraid to ask.  Thanks for the update.  With that news, you can be a happy camper again.
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  3. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic The cliffs at Etretat   

    Beautiful shot.  Would an Avid fit through those arches? 
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  4. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic RK400 Clutch on a Tail Dragger Avid.. Rudder on Landing   

    I don’t think rudder authority is much of an issue with the clutch. I usually have to bring in some power in the flare to arrest the high sink rate and then I have plenty of rudder when I touch down. The clutch also engages quickly with application of power so power is there if you need it. 
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  5. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Avid Amphibian Magazine Articles   

    If you're an EAA member, you can log in and access the Sport Aviation archives.  https://www.eaa.org/eaa/news-and-publications/eaa-magazines-and-publications/eaa-sport-aviation-magazine/sport-aviation-archive?

    I did a quick search and didn't find the article you were after.
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  6. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Longest winter for ski flying   

    Don't ya think a D9 is slight overkill as a snow plow?  Ha!
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  7. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    I run a HacMan.  I increased the main jets to 180 which seems to work well.  I also run a 40 idle jet, but that's because I have a clutch so there's practically no load on the engine while idling.  You shouldn't have to throttle back on climb to maintain the EGT's.  Usually EGT's are only a problem if the prop unloads while descending or if you've got a lot of thermal activity.  I still have to avoid the mid-range RPMs (4500 is a killer) as EGT's go way up.
    You might try climbing out at 65 and see how it goes (if the climb angle isn't too high).
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  8. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Wanted - Spinner   

     Here’s the GSC 3-Blade spinner I had in my hangar. Looks like it needs a few more nut plates installed plus the appropriate truss head screws. How does $75 plus shipping sound?

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  9. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Wanted - Spinner   

    I think I have one in my hangar.  Aluminum with cutouts for a three blade GSC.  Only problem is I won't be there for another week.  Consider this a backup if you don't find one in the meantime.
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  10. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Greetings from a KF3 kit owner   

    With the discussion on MIII ribs, when you do get to building, know that the plywood rib tails to support the flaperons should get reinforced somehow. That’s not in the manual, but is a known weak point in the earlier models. Mine have aluminum laminated on either side, but there are many ways to do it. 
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  11. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Luga NR prop selection   

    Email seems to be the way.  I've been trying to order one from Roman at: lugaprop@ukr.net
    He uses a translator, so communications is a little difficult.  Half my questions don't get answered in each exchange.
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  12. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic Production date by S/N   

    Sign up for a free account at https://www.rotax-owner.com/.  On the forum there's a sticky thread where you can request info on your SN and you should get a response within a day.  Sometimes there's not much info, but they usually have a mfg date.
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  13. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic rotax 582   

    No carb heat for me. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it for a 582.  It has been said that the Bing 54 slide valve carbs aren’t as prone to forming carb ice as other types, but you’ll have to do your own research on that. 
    In all honesty, if you’re flying behind a two stroke you’ll have to be even more vigilant for the possibility of an engine out than you normally would. Carb ice is one of many things that might have you landing out somewhere. 
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  14. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic rotax 582   

    109jb hit the nail on the head with his description. The only thing I would add is that a mixture control is very beneficial. It allows you to set the EGTs at an optimal level for the phase of flight you’re in and somewhat reduces the need to rejet for seasonal changes.
    Sure, I’d like a 912 on my Model III, but I can’t justify that investment unless I start flying a lot more hours (fuel burn is higher 582 vs 912). 
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  15. Av8r_Sed added a post in a topic best numbers for a 582   

    Yes, the water temp is too low.  Install a thermostat.
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