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  1. wypaul added a post in a topic Propeller protection tape   

    I went to the 3M tape on my last Ivo and I liked it better than the SS stuff that Ivo sold.
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  2. wypaul added a post in a topic Rotax 912 ignition modules on barnstormers   

    Here you go Chris.
    https://www.ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky/bikes/rotax/rotax 912 and 914/rotax 912 and 914.htm
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  3. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    I just flew a Scout that a friend bought, up from Colorado today.  Great airplane, O-360 constant speed prop. It flew a little slower than my Avid and burned 10.1 g/hr .Costs around 2.5 times what my MK IV would sell for ($80,000+ USD) and I can tell you that I would not trade my plane for it for it even if he kicked in $10,000.  The Avid is a lot more fun to fly.  The Scout is definitely a great plane and will fit his mission well. I can fly it anytime I want but doubt that I will just because, for me the Avid is just a GREAT little plane and did I mention FUN TO FLY.  
    All engines suck when you are having problems with them and life is good when they are running good.  Finish that plane up Allen and come on out and have some fun!
    i feel for you Jim and have been thinking about your issues, hope you find it soon.
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  4. wypaul added a post in a topic Windshield/skylight replacement   

    The .060 works fine at least up to 120 mph.  Yes it flexes but nothing to be concerned about.
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  5. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    hmmm, didn't do better with carbs from the other engine so is it fair to assume that it is not likely the carbs? I take it that you have checked for leaks in the manifold and crossover.  Have you Checked the temperatures of all of the exhaust stacks to see if one is lower than the rest? Man I feel for you been there done that and did not get a shirt to boot
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  6. wypaul added a post in a topic Matco 8 inch wide tailwheel   

    They are available thru Walmart.com aircraft store.  Seem like I remember paying about $10 each, for them.  I bought two.  Same tire but the two I got from Matco didn't last but the Walmart one is doing great. Go figure.
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  7. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    The were several groups of bad floats for the 912/914.  Same sorts of symptoms, I fought mine for months finally found the info.  The pisser for me was I had rebuilt the carbs including new floats so I didn't suspect them to be bad but they were.  There is a SB out on the whole thing.  If you can't find it let know and I will look it up.  It gives you a couple of ways to check them, including weighing them which is the best way. 
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  8. wypaul added a post in a topic rotax 912 edge performance big bore kit failure   

    It depends on how old your engine is, if you have a late model 912 you should be ok, but it is not suggested for early model engines.
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  9. wypaul added a post in a topic WY kitfox Yamaha build   

    Nice to get to meet you, I was hoping to get a chance to look at your project but it didn't work out this time.
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  10. wypaul added a post in a topic Mod IV sucess   

    Cool, hope that picture was not from today.  Freedom at last!
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  11. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Jim it is a ETX680C, they cost a lot more but worth it I believe.  I put mine in the original position under the baggage compartment Avid MK IV.  ONE nice thing about the Lithium iron phosphate is how they work in the cold weather, hit the starter for a couple of seconds then wait five and the battery comes up to full power.  Also they hold their charge for months with very little loss. A downside is they take a special charger.
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  12. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    No experience with that battery but I'm a happy Earth-X user.  My concern is that this battery doesn't say that it has charging/discharging protection circuitry. 
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  13. wypaul added a post in a topic I bought an "original" 912 Mount   

    Definitely not a original Avid part or even a copy of the Avid mount.  I wound not trust that mount on a go kart let alone an airplane.
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  14. wypaul added a post in a topic Belly fabric repair   

    The only paint that will stand up to PolyTone that I know of, is Epoxy and not all of them.  If you want to be sure use the PolyFiber brand.  Unfortunately only available in two colors, White and green.
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  15. wypaul added a post in a topic Adding dual brakes - Matco MC-1   

    We used the MC-1 on the pilot side and added non reservoir pair on the right side and they work just fine.  Like Jim said, give George a call at Matco and he will give you good info.
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