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  1. wypaul added a post in a topic Wingtips Hoerner style   

    Wingtips installed and now flying.  Acouple three mph slower on the stall, rate of climb improved, more testing to get definitive answer.  Ended up using plywood boxed structure to attach the tips in a flush manner.  I’m guessing I have 150 hours in the project.  Was it worth it for the performance gain, probably not but I had fun doing it and I like the way it looks.  The lower stall will certainly be appreciated in the back country and on my strip,

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  2. wypaul added a post in a topic Wingtips Hoerner style   

    Thanks TJ I remember seeing your post and that was a source of inspiration for my project!
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  3. wypaul added a post in a topic Wingtips Hoerner style   

    One tip filled and ready for sanding tomorrow.
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  4. wypaul added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Wingtips Hoerner style
    I’m in the process of building some new wingtips for my Avid.  These are epoxy/glass.  I actually started building them a couple of years back and just now getting down to laying them up. The plugs are made from laminated pink building foam from Home Depot or the likes.  The shapes were cutout with a Hotwire knife. These will be built into wing tanks.  The nice part of the Hoerner tips is that they will increase the effective wingspan by over 30” without increasing the actual wingspan. What to expect according to available data is slower stall speed, greater climb, slightly higher top speed and greater range (time in the backcountry.  
    I can post photos as the project progresses if anyone has an interest.
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  5. wypaul added a post in a topic Fuel tank issues   

    The nice thing about vinyl ester and many epoxies is they stand up to alcohol.  Both of those will adhere to the polyester the early tanks were made from.
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  6. wypaul added a post in a topic Do I have an Avid Flyer C, HH, or Stol?   

    Well the FAA will not fall victim to logic if they have a choice, that said I would request a 100 mile radius and 5 hrs.  
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  7. wypaul added a post in a topic Rotax 912 ignition issues   

    I noticed a post of a new owner on Rotax Owner with starting issues and a few years back I experienced some worth noting. This happened on a trip to Idaho after fueling and running on 100 LL.  ABOUT THE SECOND FUEL up the 912 would not fire at all. Finally changed out the plugs and it fired right up.  The fellow with me fueled at all the same places had no issues at all. The next time I stopped same issue. Running short of spare plug I found I could change one plug and the engine would start and run just fine.  Once I returned home and running on auto fuel, 91 alcohol free, no more issues.  To this day I do not know what was the cause but suspect some chemical related issue with the lead in the combustion chamber related to temperature of the burn.  Anybody else ever have this issue. I was not running Iridium plugs at the time.
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  8. wypaul added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Rotax 912 ignition issues
    Is there a new owner on here from St George having ignition issues?
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  9. wypaul added a post in a topic NR prop bolts concern   

    I have ran quality 8.8 metric bolts in my props for the 912 engines without issues.  I suspect that the bolts may be counterfeit and of poor quality.  Looking at the hub there seems to be deformation where in contact with the washer’s perhaps it is just the pictures.  I guess I would need to hear about the report on the recent KF crash in AZ where there has been some doubt cast on the prop.  These of course are just my thoughts from looking at pictures which doesn’t mean much.  I do wonder what grade of aluminum is used in the hub.  Does the hub use the standard Rotax drive lugs? Mine are threaded for the 8.8 x8mm bolts but I know they are available clean bored to be used with nuts on the rear.
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  10. wypaul added a post in a topic Duc propeller   

    Thanks for the replies guys. A friend has a three blade hub (Duc) coming and I can give his a try so I guess I’ll see how that goes. He tried the four blade and didn’t care for that so he’ll have an extra blade anyway.
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  11. wypaul added a post in a topic Avid D Model?   

    My Avid MKIV serial #1250 was delivered in November of 1992. 11/23/92 to be exact.
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  12. wypaul added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Duc propeller
    Anybody flying behind a Duc prop?  I have the means to purchase one for myself at wholesale but haven’t pulled the trigger, seems like all of the quality props claim super performance but all end up about the same.
    Flying behind a Warp Drive with no complaints at present.  Price wise NR seems hard to beat just a bit of a hassle with ordering. 2 vs 3 blade thoughts?
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  13. wypaul added a post in a topic Avid C Stol Rib Profile   

    Hey Jim I copied the first page to photos on my IPad and printed it out measuring the mouth that fits over the spar it looks good and I will verify it with my spare at the airport hopefully later today. 
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  14. wypaul added a post in a topic Helicoil repair   

    Yes, it will work great for you.  I had a Revmaster with a plug installed at the factory without thread lube and pulled the threads.  I took it to a speed shop for the repair because I wasn’t comfortable boing the repair myself.  Bottom line, it worked great with no future problems.  Just had to install one in a friends 912 engine block the other day.
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  15. wypaul added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 build # 2   

    Looking good Jim, looks like a fun project. 
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