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  1. nlappos added a post in a topic WTB spinner   

    Aircraft Spruce has them
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  2. nlappos added a post in a topic WTB spinner   

    Aircraft Spruce has them in stock
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  3. nlappos added a post in a topic lift struts   

    Here is the info I used for replacing the struts on my Avid Mk IV. I used the .47" struts. I had to cut the rod shorter by about 1" and rethread the end fitting, probably because I didn't measure the length properly!
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  4. nlappos added a post in a topic new rudder springs   

    The springs also tend to center the rudder in the absence of pilot foot forces. 
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  5. nlappos added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    Just sent some. Thanks for doing the heavy lfting
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  6. nlappos added a post in a topic Avid C Stol Rib Profile   

    Maybe you could post the rib pattern scan in the Files and Forms section for posterity.
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  7. nlappos added a post in a topic Tubicles   

    These leading edge devices act like vortex generators, Interesting stuff! Here is more on them:
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  8. nlappos added a post in a topic Removing washout   

    Washout is one of those internet things where an idea with almost no merit becomes a full on debate point. Ethanol in fuel is another thing that somehow is deemed pure evil, but let's save that for another day.
    The amount of washout on an Avid is low, but in the pack for all airplanes. Reduce the washout at your own risk, it serves a real purpose in providing roll control while near stall. Somehow washout gets to be the whipping boy for reducing cruise speed, I am not sure why. A degree or two reduction of angle of attack at the wing tip actually makes the overall wing more efficient, since it makes the lift distribution come closer to the ideal elliptical wing.
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  9. nlappos added a post in a topic NEWBIE   

    Welcome! Good luck with your new aircraft, the Catalina is a great aircraft.
    Let me agree with 1avidflyer that car engines often cost you 75 to 100 lbs of useful load, CG headaches and lots of fitting problems. The 912 variants are fine engines, and so too is the 670, with 92 HP and easily fitted 582 mount. The nice thing about the 670 is it weighs only about 15-20 lbs more than the 65 HP 582, but matches the smaller 912's in HP. I swapped my 582 for a 670 on my Avid Mk IV, and it was all upside. Great engine, lots of power, starts easily and fairly low fuel burn.
    The 670 is also about 1/2 the cost of a 912, esp from Rotax Rick. Less than $6K complete.
    AS far as modifying the Catalina, not too many were built, and the design works very well, so I bet few folks tried to modify them as you want to. But hey, our hobby is exactly what you want to do, so have at it!
    Thinking about what engines to try, there is a good Yamaha Apex following on this site, and the weight/power of the 4 stroke with electronic Fuel Injection is eye watering. Might be worth a look, it seems you can get 130+ HP out of them with a pretty reliable kit.
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  10. nlappos added a post in a topic Catalina with Hirth 2706   

    Every chance I get I advocate a close look at the Rotax 670. At 92 Hp, and a simple drop in on a 582 mount, and at about 20 lbs more than a 582, it is worth a close look. If you have a 582 to swap, Rotax Rick will send back a zero time 670 for about $5300, a flat out bargain when you look at 912's.
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  11. nlappos added a post in a topic Matco tailwheel issue   

    Great Idea, Jim!
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  12. nlappos added a post in a topic Fatal In An Avid   

    Engine failure after takeoff?
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  13. nlappos added a post in a topic Lost airworthiness certificate   

    Registration is like the license plate, easy to renew, even if lapsed. Worst thing is a new N number, just a PITA for the paint job.
    Airworthiness certificate is a whole other ball of wax. It is FAA agreement that the aircraft is safe to fly, and involves every rivet. Ask him to get another copy as a term of the sale, and don't pay till you see it and the limitation. If he cannot get one, walk away. If you ever had to redo the Airworthiness, it is not an easy job, and with no build paperwork and photo book, probably a very very daunting task.
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  14. nlappos added a post in a topic Whoa... $50k for a FWB KF7 STi ?!!   

    It is. But too much better means our interest rates are high, and that's not good, either. It also means US goods cost more overseas. See the chart, the big spike on the left is when Reagan drove the interest rates way up. I bought a great meal in Paris for about $35 back then!

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  15. nlappos added a post in a topic Whoa... $50k for a FWB KF7 STi ?!!   

    Yea, if there really were conspiracies, things would run a lot better!
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