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  1. flywise added a post in a topic F7 part for differential ailerons on Avids   

    Hey guys, I would like to know if there is a difference folding the wings after installing the F7a upgrade?? More/less of a gap between the flaperons ?
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  2. flywise added a post in a topic Needed to buy, borrow, or rent: 912 flywheel puller   

    Hey Jim, on that subject I find these guys showing how to with pictures quite helpfull. The only thing I know is that the thread is fine thread Metric 46mm
    Also on the german ebay you can order the puller for about 75 usd
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  3. flywise added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Hey Jim,
    I can feel what you're going through...I nearly lost my mind when I did have my rough running..
    Anyhow when you get it going you'll forget the hard time troubleshooting. One thing for sure, you will know your engine inside-out:)
    Concerning the have 8 coils producing electric current for your aircraft (250W) and then you have an additional 2 'ignition' coils producing electricity (unregulated AC) to power each your ignition modules (that way your engine ignition has always power). These are the coils you have to check. Also note the two red wires, they are the ones feeding your modules. Also check these wires as they were a problem / shorting out on some harness against the shielding (intermittent problem). So when you check your two coils through the red wires, wiggle the harness around and check continuity at the same time. Hope that helps,
    Keep going..

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  4. flywise added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Hey Jim,
    talking about the grounds...forgot to tell you about the importance of the ignition modules ground wire being 100% grounded. I had a ground wire fitted to a tab on my engine mount and found that the engine mount to airframe ground had some resistance (my engine mount/frame is powder coated), Try and pull a ground wire directly from your batt. neg. to see if things improve. Also the earlier 912 engines had wires shorting in the braided sleeve going to the coils which was an intermittent fault sometimes not powering one module or the other. Also make sure your stator coils are good (measure impedance through the ign module connector)
    I am sure you already know, but all these items have a service letter or service bulletin you can find @ . your solution to your problem might be somewhere else in this long list....
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  5. flywise added a post in a topic Model "C" 912ULS Conversion   

    Last time there was one on Barnstormers with a few hundred Hrs for 4K. There is no specific place to find them, you just have to keep looking. 
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  6. flywise added a post in a topic Model "C" 912ULS Conversion   

    For your project I would suggest you get a rotax 912 from a military drone...much cheaper and they are nearly the same.
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  7. flywise added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Hey Jim, I found three things : I had different length slider springs in my carbs ,  my choke housing seal was not totally airtight. The other thing was that the mechanical rotax fuel pump is delivering way too much fuel pressure (5-7psi) at idle. I called the bing manufacturer and they confirmed that the bing carbs are built for a maximum of 2.9psi pressure...So I installed a fuel pressure regulator/damper and all is great.   took me ages to find these problems...
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  8. flywise added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Hey Jim, what was you mag drop rpm? A normal mag drop should be between 80-120 rpm, anything above hints to ignition system malfunction (leads/caps/coils/pickup etc)
    I also had a hard time for 6 months figuring a bad mag drop..
    Also I found it not always clear if it's an ignition issue or carb issue, hence the 80-120 rpm drop test. I had 200-300rpm drop...was bad , even though book says up to 300 is ok
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  9. flywise added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Avid amphibian for sale
    Hey everyone, found this avid amphibian for sale ad, probably dirt cheap for the right person. Great project
    Here the ad for you :
    Found a picture the way it was before..
    and some owner info...

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  10. flywise added a post in a topic Black Max Brakes   

    Hey Allen,
    do you know if the black max system is much lighter that the matco system? What is the difference in braking power with matco? Is a double puck brake double the power??There is no information about weight and braking power on the website..
    Thanks for your insight
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  11. flywise added a post in a topic Hi Everyone   

    Thanks, now that all makes sense
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  12. flywise added a post in a topic Catalina wings on a Mk4   

    Hey Allan,
    I fly the Catalina with original fibreglass tanks. I use non ethanol fuel and it's working fine. For the fuel level, I have a section of fibreglass from the tank visible (not painted over) in the cabin showing me the fuel level in flight.
    These wings give a lot of lift for sure...
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  13. flywise added a post in a topic Hi Everyone   

    Hey Gary,
    Welcome , it's nice to have another member out of Canada..I am in the Vancouver area. Nice Kitfox. 
    I do have a question for you. I see you are cruising at 5100rpm / 102Mph / 29.0 in manifold and you're using a variable pitch prop. The way I understand this it seems to mee you are operating at too much blade angle for the given RPM giving you a higher manifold pressure which induces stress to the engine according to rotax. At a cruise power setting of 75% it should give you 5000rpm / 26 in manifold (this does not apply to fixed pitch prop...) Please let me know what's your opinion as I am also operating the 912. See the rotax table below. 
    Am i misunderstanding this table??
    Thank you for your valuable input

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  14. flywise added a post in a topic Looking for an Avid Catalina - Canada   

    The Avid Catalina is not large. If you are a bit underfed/small it's great. To give you an example, My family can all fit .... I am 135Lbs 5ft4, my wife 125Lbs 5ft5 and my son is 85Lbs 4ft9. The rear seat is actually quite spacious as you have nearly 39 in across for one person. In the rear the limitation is mostly leg size and someone over 5ft4 would be too big.
    I have taken up a 185Lbs passenger (copilot) and found that to be snug. If both pilot and copilot are in the 180-190Lbs you definitely have to get along....
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  15. flywise added a post in a topic Looking for an Avid Catalina - Canada   

    Hey Sam,
    I am still in love with my Catalina, no luck here....but if you come close to the west coast we can meet and that way you can fly with my Catalina to give you an idea. Ask any question and I will try my best to help you.
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