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  1. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Wider gear options for the IV   

    Dee, where are you located? I’m at Clarkston and I have a Avid 4 you can get the messerments off of and a c model I did extensive repairs and upgrades to. Might be of some help?
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  2. Logtrucker added a post in a topic K-Max down   

    A word of thanks to those who responded with prayers and condolences to our family’s recent loss, it’s meant So much to us! The outpouring of sympathy from the aviation and firefighting community’s has been unbelievable. Thanks to all. Nice tribute Doug.    Thanks again.
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  3. Logtrucker added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    K-Max down
    To those who know me and/or my daughter and son-in-law (Central Copters) of Bozeman, Montana it was my grandson Tom Duffy flying on the White River fire Monday in the fatal crash. Tom was building a Just Highlander and was very well known and respected in the area.  
    Note: thread edited by moderator (C5Engineer Joey) per Jacks request. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jack. Sorry for your loss. 
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  4. Logtrucker added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Local Fly in’s.
    Hey Guys;  Just to let everyone know, our usual annual air show ( Radials-N-Rivers) was cancelled this year because of the virus so instead of you coming to Lewiston Idaho the air show will be coming to you! If you are with in 120 miles of Lewiston they’ll be flying over you. So check out website’ Radials N Rivers 2020’ and Facebook’Hanger 180 follow’ and Gary and Gary will keep you posted. So have a great 4th.  Watch and listen!
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  5. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Making a copy of a cowling   

    Too late last night, sleepy, plus a little of the “Biden syndrome “ to explain to the new builder, of course making a cowl on a ‘plug’ it will be oversize and may require some modifications. Will not work to replace one half of the cowl. One more thing, you can put a piece of 1/4 dowel in the camloc holes smoothed off flush, if the holes are worn oblong or misaligned I flare out both sides and fill in with cabonfibre thread and epoxy prior to  the process, then drill the dowel out later. 
    Hope this might help some one Jim, not necessarily the “Master Builder”
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  6. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Making a copy of a cowling   

    Hi Jim, my two cents worth, if it’s worth that much. With the separation procedures suggested above a little air squirted between the two should pop them apart easily. Also if only one copy is needed using the cowl as a plug would work for me. I used one layer of carbon fiber then a layer of fiberglass and finally another layer of carbon, using pealply (scap pices of fabric) wetted and scrapped excess off,
    makes it fairly easy to finish.
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  7. Logtrucker added a post in a topic DIY replacement rubber in engine mount   

    Atosrider, I don’t remember reading anything on the 912, but 582 replacements were discussed. I found several potential substitutes, among them Ace hdw. had drive in pipe plugs, Napa ‘46 Chevy truck motor mounts, also having been in the logtruck business some radiator mounts could be modified also ‘70s Peerless log trailers had flat rubber spring insulaters. Just some ideas. Somebody will come up with better ones more akin to aircraft no doubt. Good luck!
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  8. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Jabiru mount for Model C?   

     Dan.   I bought the fwf from the guy in Alaska for my C model, the engine is temporarily on the airplane as I’m ‘tuning up the cowl’ a little bit. But could get you the specs if needed, no problem.

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  9. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Avid/Foxes   

    Exactly my sentiments Allen, congratulations on sticking to it and completing your project, nice job!  At age 86 I have 2 Avids at the “90–90” stage but the dream of seeing them ready to fly keeps me plugging along nearly every day. So i’m with you on encouraging the new and young builders to keep the dreams alive, let’s ‘keep em flying!!
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  10. Logtrucker added a post in a topic East TN Flyer   

    Thanks ETF, I’m not into snowmobiles anymore at 86, but still have my 1966 skidoo. Had enough playing in the snow hauling logs in the winter! Sounds interesting, haven’t seen them discussed on here but I’m betting someone has checked them out.
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  11. Logtrucker added a post in a topic East TN Flyer   

    OK, I’ll bite!       Tripple?
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  12. Logtrucker added a post in a topic B model back in action   

    Looks real good Joey,  I been working on the wrecked C- Model and got it back in shape, picked up that 'Jab' and firewall forward from Alaska so something more to keep busy at. As if I need more to do. Then I could'nt turn down a deal on a K-F 7 fuselage with L under seat damage. Send some pictures later.
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  13. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Drag tube brackets   

    Kent, pics at Whitman Co. fair.
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  14. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Drag tube brackets   

    Kent,  another thing you might consider, as many of us have done is ‘hysol’ about a 3 inch /1/4 inch plywood gusset from the spar to the drag tube.
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