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  1. jjbaker added a post in a topic Happy Update   

    Neat. Good stuff!
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  2. jjbaker added a post in a topic Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015   

    Moin Martin. Sehr nette Fotos.
    Will there be a fly-in this year, too and if so, where and when?
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  3. jjbaker added a post in a topic Avid went Down in Florida   

    Good to see you ticking and in good spirits.
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  4. jjbaker added a post in a topic Mama's new ride   

    Not that you would listen to a dumb German/ American hybrid (me) who just turned down a job as a Mercedes salesperson....
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  5. jjbaker added a post in a topic Earth X Battery Warning!!!   

  6. jjbaker added a post in a topic Avid went Down in Florida   

    Same best wishes from here, hoping things are going to be fine.
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  7. jjbaker added a post in a topic HAPPY 2016 and CONTRIBUTIONS TIME again!   

    Happy New Year to everyone!
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  8. jjbaker added a post in a topic Leni's my hero...   

    Merry Christmas, Larry. And Merry Christmas everyone else.
    If Professor Perry helps, we could do one or two "Aviation Forum Popularity 101" classes for everyone.
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  9. jjbaker added a post in a topic Leni's my hero...   

    Thanks Lou. I forgot. :o)
    Greg, feel free to contact me via seaplaneforum@gmail.com if there are issues on a lake you live at. Even if you're not a seaplane pilot you're more than welcome to share such concerns with the gang to see what can be done to help out. One of the large issues we have is frozen communication and getting stonewalled to death. Its quite a bummer when you learn of a seaplane issue through the freaking tabloid press, but part of the agenda referred to above. Some of the issues surfacing today are several years old - by the time we learn whats going on, there's almost no time to do anything of value. There's lots of passionate people in NY and surrounding states, just not all of them belong to any cliques.
    Thanks for reading my paranoid crap on medical reform. Sorry for being so lengthy. Part of it is trying to explain my reasoning for being a bit loony, part of it is to try and get people to ask questions and read the actual content of stuff that is posted. I know it costs time and requires effort, but I think making the effort will pay off in the end. Some people have been flabbergasted that PBOR2 did in fact not duplicate the sport pilot rules. The high expectations some have are a recipe for disappointment. This Tiger doesn't have many teeth. It sure is better than nothing - even if just to demonstrate that we could, if we would...
    There is a lot of smoke. Maybe we'll see some fire at some point?
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  10. jjbaker added a post in a topic Leni's my hero...   

    gregpro - I think everyone is hopeful that the legislation (even as currently written) will actually bring relief for S.I. candidates. The only reason I supported (by calling, writing and sharing the topic at every turn) it, is that some of my closer friends are S.I. people whom I'd like to see able to fly again, possibly before they turn 109 years old. I also believe that medical certificates issued currently are worthless and nothing but a panicked, self-induced limiter we may have needed in the 50's, when everyone thought to be a pilot. A momentary snapshot of a persons health, useless and worthless before the ink on the certificate is dry. Back then it may have deterred some walking time-bombs from warming the sheepskin, but today it seems to be just another stumbling stone for many experienced pilots. Its not the lack of medical capacity, that prevents youngsters from starting to fly. Medicals are a regulatory dinosaur in my eyes. Even AME's laugh about their purpose and effect on "safety".
    As stated on the other site and on my own, I always wonder whats behind certain changes to bills, experience shows that usually nothing good is going on behind the curtain. FAA is taking notes from EASA on Psych Evaluations and eventually we will loose national sovereignty on determining medical certification procedures. Globalization-effects. 
    I also think that the FAA has no intention of leaving the sport pilot situation as easy as it is. No, there is no language indicating that (just a hunch), so I can't refer to any "document". The reason I am paranoid about unintended consequences is, that whatever you can imagine in terms of idiocy, is likely already being worked on.
    As a live example of this endless idiocy, I would like to refer to an issue that has been plaguing seaplane pilots for close to a decade. Invasive species. Quickly picked up as a convenient topic to act progressively and proactively upon, seaplane pilots (along with boaters) were quick to adopt measures to mitigate the issue of spreading invasive species. No other user group of navigable water has been more proactive and cooperative in trying to avoid this stuff, knowing full well that initial infestation source and cause remain a big  question sign. Heck, they even made videos, pamphlets and online courses, including a little certificate for people to print. I failed the course (jokingly), because I refused to pressure wash or drown my dog in Clorox.
    Over time it became often repeated doctrine to refer to seaplanes as "causative" or "conductive" to transporting invasive species. Discrimination, based on affiliation.
    In Connecticut, a mayor recently stated the following and remained completely unchallenged. There should have been a roar going through our industry, but reaction was about as interesting as calling to yet another puzzle afternoon at the nursing home. "yeah... sum bum will look into it, blah blah". All set.
    In Manitoba, Canada, new legislation recently passed, prohibiting seaplane pilots to even pump their floats into the body of water they are on. LInk: http://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/waterstewardship/stopais/legislation.html
    You now have to have an extra container to dispose of the "contaminated" water. Everyone with half a brain must be puking and shitting bricks at the same time! Things like this traditionally spread like cancer. 2016 will be an interesting year for us, yet we sit there in stoic ignorance, defeated by our own unwillingness to work together. Instead, we'd spend half a decade to stonewall and silence inconvenient voices, rather than stopping this insanity. Corvus oculum corvi non eruit. Status Quo has something to do with it, too. The message: Don't you dare challenge the Kings and Lords, you don't belong here.
    Many peeps would be well advised to acknowledge and accept that they may be 10 points away from being a Special Issuance candidate. It doesn't take much. Those who now say: "Screw it, I am flying sport, what do I care?" will have some funny faces when the FAA decides to bring Sport & New Medical Reform Private Pilots closer together. Our enemies (citizen groups, NIMBY folks, liberals) will eventually start focusing on these discrepancies. They started focusing on the noise, the lead in our gas, no flightplans, just as predicted. Eventually the question will come: "How come Joe Blow has to go see a doctor, but this guy with the Ultralight who just crashed on my property, doesn't?" Obviously, Joe Blow is safer! No proof, no concept, no reality, just a concerned citizen group, reaching out to mommy. Picture perfect radical liberalism, at work. Action will have to be taken.  
    Talking about this stuff is frowned upon, people don't like the topic. If anything, we should be positive about the fact that this medical reform was even possible. I never thought we'd get this much collective movement into a traditionally passive and deeply divided community of people. Maybe some of this momentum can be kept and used to try this again, one day. When you fill out a government form, there are instructions on that form that tell you how to fill it out and WHY you need to fill it out.
    Until someone comes down into my trenches and explains to me WHY I should have a medical to fly a rotten 182, and how exactly my having this medical certificate increases safety, I will revolt and oppose and ask for justification. I can drive a 40 ton truck full of Hazmat all over Europe and never get my ass violated. Why the fudge would someone want to stick something up my ass to determine my ability to fly, when a 300 pound Mall Whale can drive her five offspring around in a 8000 pound SUV, going at equal speed without a hurting anus...
    Excuuuse me... Equality goes both ways.
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  11. jjbaker added a post in a topic Leni's my hero...   

    At least there's hope for people who know the difference between a Jodel and a DR400... I'm staying at least a mile clear of that one.

    Captain Lenny: Have I ever told you the story of cleaning out a hangar with a Antonov AN-2?
    Medical "reform" will fix it all. Before you know it, 30 - 1.000.000 new students will sign up, GAMA will need to adjust its statistics.
    AOPA will grow to the size of NRA. The President will declare GA a protected species. FAA will be abolished in 2016.
    Soon, the skies will be blackened from all the general aviation aeroplanes flying all over. You'll be glad if you see spots of blue, up there.
    Cessna is going back to the drawing table. Beechcraft is working on a Baron Light. Piper is bringing back the PA18.
    Pure gold will rain from the sky. Average wait time to get a 172 delivered will be ~ 6 years maybe 12, due to all the demand.
    P.S.: Does anyone have a good source for pre-owned fire hoses? My Koolaid straw isn't big enough.
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  12. jjbaker added a post in a topic WALMART ALARMED!   

    Ed - here's a video on how this all works. What is really needed is subtitles.
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  13. jjbaker added a post in a topic WALMART ALARMED!   

    Trump and his lemming followers are doing tremendous and irreparable damage to the republican party.
    I find, that whenever a woman like Hillary says something like "He's not funny anymore" - its time to ask questions. (* Not saying that because I ever put a whole lot of thought or concern into anything she has said*) Admitted: For the longest time, I was completely convinced that Trumps candidacy was nothing but a hilarious joke - but damn this toupee wearing clown is dead serious!
    Maybe I have room to redeem myself among those who now think I am the new turned liberal enemy of the state. Another 4 years of democratic leadership will likely erode whats left of the "Free" United States we know today. Our chancellor would be glad, because she'd just have to crawl up another liberals ass and could stay in office until she starts shedding body parts or dies.
    I guess we can count on on a relentless and tough war on gun owners and explosive growth in the political correctness doctrines already governing most of how we deal with each other. To me, all of it is unimaginable. Like some bad movie that just doesn't want to end. The consequences on General Aviation would be disastrous.
    I penned a thank you letter for Hillary Clinton to use after she becomes President. I think it will look somewhat like this:
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  14. jjbaker added a post in a topic WALMART ALARMED!   

    Always get the creeps when grown men call something other than their daughter cute.
    Methinks Hillary will be writing a thank you card to Donald Trump when she finally climbs the throne in 2016.
    Maybe the republicans will wake up then, but I doubt it.
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  15. jjbaker added a post in a topic WALMART ALARMED!   

    Not to worry. The Bangor police couldn't track a heating oil truck with a major leak. If in fact BDN tracked you, something is very wrong on your computer...
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