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  1. Luked added a post in a topic Leading Edge Extensions   

    This made me think of the STOL leading edge kits I've seen people install on certified planes. Here are some examples:
    Notice the foam ribs they use. One benefit is that the wider foam ribs provide more surface area for the sheet metal leading edge. Just a thought.
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  2. Luked added a post in a topic Gas tank project   

    Fiberglass. I'm actually working on them right now. They will be very similar to the stock tanks with "zig zag" stiffener indentations. At some point I'll try to get some pictures of them, and also pictures of the stock ones since I have a tank cut open.
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  3. Luked added a post in a topic Avid went Down in Florida   

    KD, it's good to hear you are on the road to recovery. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon. Also glad to hear you are thinking about getting back to flying.
    Thanks for sharing about your experience. Your accident happened about the time I was starting to rebuild the wings on my speedwing project. It was a major factor in me deciding to extend the wings to decrease stall speed. I hope you find the right plane to get back into it. Avids and Kitfoxes are still a pretty good option. Good luck.
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  4. Luked added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Verner Scarlett 5S?
    Does anyone know anything about this engine? It looks like they already have a 7 cylinder, and a 3 cylinder, but the 5 cylinder is new. Maybe a nice size for our planes. The history of new aircraft engine manufacturers surviving is not good, but it's an interesting project.
    What do you guys think about it?
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  5. Luked added a post in a topic Gas tank project   

    It's basically a copy of the stock speedwing tanks that came in the plane except that it will be made of vinyl ester. The stock tanks have 3 baffles, so that's what I'm planning to do.
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  6. Luked added a post in a topic Subaru NSI   

    Hey, right under it was this:
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  7. Luked added a post in a topic Starting my kitfox 1 build pictures here   

    That's kind of like me. It's still just in my head. I've got about 3 vague ideas floating around in there though. I'm not close enough to worry about it too much yet. I do collect pictures of planes with schemes that I like though. You're at the fun part of the project where you can really see big changes as you progress.
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  8. Luked added a post in a topic Starting my kitfox 1 build pictures here   

    Looking good Tjay. Have you got a paint scheme yet?
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  9. Luked added a post in a topic Gas tank project   

    Thanks. Did a fair amount when we started our business years ago, but mostly just personal projects since then.
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  10. Luked added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Gas tank project
    Well, I got a little side tracked lately. I decided to build a new gas tank for my wrecked plane. These are made using vinyl ester resin to provide some resistance to ethanol if I ever happen to get any in my tank. I haven't gotten too far yet, but here are some pictures of what I've got so far (this is for a speedwing profile, so the bottom is not undercambered).
    First I laid up a flat sheet of glass for the tank bottom

    Here's a form I made to hold the sheet in place

    I made a cut for the area where the tank bottom has a bend

    Double sided tape holds the sheets in the form for more layups. Stainless tape makes the bend transition mold.

    Some cloth and mat connect the two areas together.

    Some spar tube was used to mold the spar "pockets"

    Here they are popped off the tubes.

    Hopefully more progress this weekend.
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  11. Luked added a post in a topic Classic IV Restoration   

    Nice job Larry. You couldn't have done anything much better on this one. Have fun.
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  12. Luked added a post in a topic Amphibian project resurrection & modifications   

    I don't know about others, but I can tell you that my model C with the 582 has a very obvious amount of "left rudder" build in to the vertical fin. Where the forward tube of the fin intersects the cross tube it's definitely not in the middle. On my mark 4 I think it's pretty much neutral, but I could be remembering wrong on that one. I haven't looked at that one in a while.
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  13. Luked added a post in a topic Classic IV Restoration   

    Awesome news. Looking forward to video. Congratulations!
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  14. Luked added a post in a topic What is an Avid Mk IV project worth?   

    I agree with everything Jim said, but especially this point. Not saying you should go for this one, but distance to a project can be a real pain. First you have to travel to check it out. Then you have to arrange transportation, and avoid damaging the project in between.
    Oh, and Joey is right too. You never know what you are getting into when you buy an old plane to restore. On the other hand, plenty of people buy flying planes with no idea of how much corrosion of other hidden issues are lurking where they can't see. At least if you tear it down and rebuild it, you know what you've got. It's just more work than buying a kit that hasn't been built yet. You pays your money, and takes your chances...
    Edit: some other things to think about (since I've been doing the same thinking on my project). I've never covered a plane, but friends tell me it will be about $2500 or so (on the low side maybe). I think paint will be in addition to that. If the engine needs going over, Rotax Rick charges about $2500 for a rebuild. If you have to rebuild the wings, that could be ???. These are really rough numbers. Just food for thought when considering what you might have into this thing to get it flying. I'm sure other can provide more accurate numbers, but you get the idea.
    Also, I personally wouldn't try to make it something it's not already. I'd leave the 582 in it, get it flying, have some fun. Then sell it down the road, and buy one with the stretch already done if that's what you want. I have a regular fuse, and a stretched one, and I can tell you from looking at it that doing the stretch is definitely doable, but may be a bigger project than it seems at first. I'd hate to see you cut up the fuse and then get stuck on the project. There's enough on these things that can slow you down on these. Only you know what you can bite off though. Good luck!
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  15. Luked added a post in a topic Reworking a B model cowling   

    Excellent idea. I'll have to go back and read through that whole article.
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