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  1. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Strut Farings   

    To give you an idea of how they look unpainted and "slapped on" - here's a couple kinda crappy pics of my KF5 with the snap on plastic fairings kitfox sells.

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  2. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Strut Farings   

    Looks like you made up your mind but the kitfox kit is a 1 hour job.  If "looks" are paramount then build your own but with the kitfox ones you just trim, snap on and fly.  
    The kit comes with an aluminum cuff for the lower union of the two struts but I didn't see a reason to mess with it.  If I ordered again I'd just buy the 4 snap fit plastic fairings.
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  3. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Making engine mount for phaser   

    Sometime here you need to get some stick time behind one Jim!  Mine only rapps out about 9k so that will be a good 1st step initiation
    FWIW the Phazer ecu rev limiter is up around 12k and many sport bikes (of the same engine class) are up N of 15k.  They're made to do it! 
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  4. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Making engine mount for phaser   

    Teal is hoping to have a prototype gearbox out this spring for testing.  It will be a design similar to his Skytrax Apex gearbox-adapter  (all in one) that replaces the end housing on the engine.
    Otherwise "72chevy" here in this group has everyone beat with his prototype running a c box and pulling how much thrust at what weight again Duke?
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  5. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Rivets on flaperon horn   

    Yep my kitfox 5 has em just like that.  Shown in the builders manual.  They are sst pop rivets and with a little time they get a little slack.  I just replaced all mine at 500hrs TT.  Same used on my rudder pedal torque tubes.  Those had a bit more slop in them.
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  6. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Just purchased a Kitfox IV   

    And were you able to purchase the apex mount, header, and R1 airbox that those brothers built for that plane?
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  7. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Just purchased a Kitfox IV   

    Welcome back sir!  Congratulations on the new airplane,  and with regard to the Yamaha, welcome to the dark side!

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  8. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Converting to nosegear   

    There's always a dumbass or two out there who will make stupid comments.  You'll find less of em here because we'll all hop on and tally-whack them but Facebook is often like a a steamy shit pile that attracts those type of flys
    (Spoken from first hand experience LOL)
    As far as your mod to trike - I really like it and would probably do something very similar if I ever go back to wheels.  I would like to have a trike that has a super light nose (mains set up very slightly aft of CG) and keep the tailwheel... kind of a hybrid where you can power down the tail at will while taxiing,  or plant it on the nose depending on your elevator input.
    Keep us up to date on how the project is going!
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  9. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic catalina/magnum rights/fixtures 4sale on Bstormers   

    Is this the guy who recently tried to restart Avid back in business now selling off?
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  10. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic another short wing death trap   

    I was gonna stand up for Ford here with my 1 ton Stroker...   buuut I guess I really don't want to "go there" against that ^^^ rig!

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  11. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Yamaha Apex Skytrax Adapters   

    For the Apex gearbox - Teal Jenkins phone / text number is 
    And to answer the EPeX $$ question from earlier posts here, I was wrong once again (which is good) and the price for 300HP is mich less that I guessed.  It is actually right about $25k.  The EPeX is basically a zero timed - major overhaulled Apex with all new and upgraded internals.
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  12. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Mangy Fox Dumb Stunts   

    Yeah wow it sounds like that 72" is working great!  I would have thought you might overpower it and have to pitch it out of its sweet spot.
    And apples and oranges but FWIW my 79" SL118 doesn't seem to have a speed penalty. I'm getting 120 mph with it while dragging two 14 foot long air mattresses through the sky.
    And your power to weight ratio is better than mine so it would be interesting to see how the longer prop works on yours but dang I don't imagine it would be much better than what you are getting right now.
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  13. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Mangy Fox Dumb Stunts   

    What did Hal have to say about the straight blade R-118 or scimitar Luga SR-118 (79") on your engine?
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  14. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    (Just reposting here after the server problem.  I Like to keep this thread updated for those that don't do Facebook and also as a backup for what I post over there.)
    Below is a video of my first flights and some other pics.  But first I'll post a copy of my write up of impressions after 3 days of flying:
    I'll start off by telling you that (being a 100% Yamaha enthusiast) I am gonna set aside that admitted bias and be as entirely impartial as possible here.
    So with that in mind I'll start off with the cons:
    "Re-sellability":  The Yamaha is an unknown to the majority of people and I would assume it might take some time and education for a buyer to be comfortable with buying a plane with an owner built Yamaha (different story entirely for one done from a name reputable builder such as Wild West or Edge Performance).  To that end I have no plans to ever sell this plane.
    Insurance:  If you SPECIFY that you have a Yamaha you will find it very difficult to find a policy, as is true for many other auto conversions and lesser known power plants.  I unfortunately am "self insured".
    Noise level:  It really is NOT louder than any other engines in it's class, but it has a different tone that seems to travel farther.  My two inline mufflers bring it down much more and I'd call it quieter than the average plane with a gearbox.
    RPMs:  You gotta do your research on how well these motors do in snowmobiles and sportbikes, or have owned one, and also have to fly it for a couple hours to get used to it in a plane.  At first it admittedly is strange.  Once you get used to that you will find it (as anyone who has owned one will attest) to be an unbelievably smooth and sweet running engine that just loves to hum along at 7.5-8.5k cruise and loves even more to scream a little when you call for it!  Simply put:  It was built to do it and it has proven to do it well.
    Now the Pros: (In no particular order)
    Cold start: (in my case with a centrifugal clutch) Two days here my start was at about +5F after sitting out on the ice with no preheat or cowl blanket.  Fired right up and purred along.  Again, It is a snowmo engine and was built for that.
    Extra power:  I am flying a plane built around the 80 HP 912 and on floats it would fly well with a 100 HP engine.  Flying the RX-1 I have chosen to fly prop pitch derated to about 120 HP static and I'll typically take off with that, level off quickly and pull flaps and throttle back to approx 100 HP (SWAG) and climb out at about 800fpm (@1150lbs and 20F).  When I "punch it" in the climb I am getting more like 130 HP due to ram rise RPM and solo in  the cold weather at Vy it climbs steeper than I need.  It is just SO nice to be able to pull power and climb VERY well at approx 70% of what the motor is desinged to do!
    Cost per HP:  I'm at a little under $9k for everything (less my time) and including a new prop and have capability of 140+ HP with a simple prop pitch change.
    Run Quality:  Absolutely the smoothest running and most throttle responsive recip I've flown.  Even down at idle when you tap the throttle it is right there..  push it all the way and it'll snap you back in your seat.  40 to 90 mph happens quick!
    Not a drip of anything:  Besides the initial start "burp off" of my coolant overfill this thing has not dripped one drop of anything.  That is obviously great on many levels but to me mostly in that if I ever see even one drip I know that I need to for sure track it down and figure it out.
    Ok that is off the top of my head here now and I'm forgetting some things but overall I think you can see that I have most definitely NOT been disappointed!!

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  15. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic site migration issues   

    That reminds me to pitch in a few $$ again so that some of that money you are pissing away can be off your shoulders.
    Sometimes shit doesn't go right..  it happens.
    Thanks for all that you do man.
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