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  1. 109jb added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    Well, I met my goal of having fabric on the fuselage by this past weekend. The fabric was attached using Ekobond and I'm using the latex paint method on the patches. I decided to do this after checking a spot of old fabric by cleaning it with acetone. There is obvious darkening of the paint over the years so even though I know the polyfiber color, new paint would not match well. Anyway, I've now got the weave filled and starting on color. Before anyone says anything the color on it in the picture below is too dark.  This was a computer color match but doesn't match. Since I'm using latex I went to the paint store and rather than refund my money, I got them to sell me another quart at 1/2 price that was tinted too light.  I've been experimenting with different ratios of dark and light paint and am pretty close to a perfect match using 2/3 light and 1/3 dark color. I'll get the exact ratio I need after a few more tries. In the meantime the dark paint is on as a base since yellow is such a pain to cover.
    I also moved on to enlarging the vertical tail to match the size of later model 4s. I didn't know the fin leading edge tube was 0.049 wall thickness, so I had to order a new piece. Rudder was enlarged and instead of rounded corners I went with squared off corners.

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  2. 109jb added a post in a topic A new baby coming home   

    Aluminum tailspring with hardware is $355 if bought new from Kitfox Aircraft
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  3. 109jb added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    Got more done this week. Tubing finally arrived and I got the longerons fixed and side covering on.
    Also had a crack at repairing the busted upper cowl. To fix this I simply used a cutting wheel on a dremel to open the cracks and allow the pieces to be pulled back into position. From there I used bits of tongue depressors and hot melt glue on the outside to hold the cowl in proper position. Then a right angle air grinder with roll-loc disks to grind down to bare clean glass and layed up glass on the inside. Used mostly 2 layers, but sometimes more depending on the area. Amazingly a trial fit shows it worked.

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  4. 109jb added a post in a topic A new baby coming home   

    The pdf shows the  stiffeners in the top of the tank are round foam pieces glassed over. I personally would not do the sealed access panels in the bottom for several reasons.
    As good as the access panel sealer is it is still a sealer that can fail. Looking up the specified sealer doesn't say whether the sealer is appropriate for auto fuel. It says it is good for aviation fuels but doesn't mention auto fuel or the additives that auto fuel can have that avgas doesn't. I could be wrong on this but a quick search of the manufacturer's website only showed "aviation fuel". If only using avgas then I guess it is fine, but if you ever want to run auto fuel I would make sure the sealer is good for it first.For a fuel tank, if I am going to cut a hole it will be in the top, even if using removable access panels. Even a small leak in an access panel can result in all fuel leaking out. A cutout in the top would only allow what is above the leak point to exit.A permanently bonded panel can be made to essentially disappear except for some pinked edge tapes which are very unnoticeable if done right. Although the access panels shown aren't "unattractive", they don't look as good to me as what can be achieved with a permanantly bonded and covered repair.Not sure on the undercambered Kitfox fuel tanks, but on the Kitfox 4's I have had the tank is 1/4 to 1/2" above the bottom fabric, whereas the top of the tank is flush with the airfoil profile. There are basicall false ribs on the bottom of the tanks.  Doing bottom access panels would either mean depressing the fabric around the panels, or putting the removable panels in the tank and then covering them up with fabric. To access them if covered with fabric would mean cutting out fabric anyway. I would think the Kitfox 5 is the same as the 4 since the wing is the same airfoil. 
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  5. 109jb added a post in a topic Cruise EGT.   

    Your jetting looks fine and you are loading the engine way more than you should have to in my opinion. Have you checked for air leaks?
    On a 2-stroke, if the crank seals are starting to go it will suck air and start to lean. Likewise, carb boots cracked will do the same. Really anywhere there is a leak on the engine it will suck air and lean it. You can check by doing a crankcase pressure test. This involves blocking exhaust, intake, and fuel pump pulse line and pressurizing the engine to about 5 psi. It should hold that 5 psi for minutes. I just did this on my newly acquired project 582 and I have a leak. A little later I can get some pictures of my setup, but it is basically 2 plates drilled to block the exhaust and siliconed to seal, a pair of forceps to pinch the pulse line, and a couple plugs to go in the carb boots. One plug has a 0-15 psi pressure gauge, and the other has a tire valve stem. I use a bike pump to pressurize, not an air compressor.
    This video shows what I do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-ffJVbpeAs&ab_channel=Paisteboy
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  6. 109jb added a post in a topic New video I think all you builders might like   

    Thanks. Just wondered if you had found a better/cheaper alternative.
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  7. 109jb added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    Yeah. It is going to be a pretty easy fix. Lots of little things though. To get the airframe all fixed up will be about $500 in materials. Somewhat bad news but not unexpected is the engine probably needs new seals. I did a crankcase pressure test and it leaks down way too fast. On my sleds they normally hold 5 psi for minutes but this one leaks down to 4 psi in 10 seconds. Soapy water shows it isn't the test setup, spark plugs, etc. Most likely seals. I'll pull the C-gearbox next to soap the front seal. I'll probably do a top end rebuild kit for about another $500 but at least another weekend of work to pull the engine to get to the rear seal..
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  8. 109jb added a post in a topic New video I think all you builders might like   

    Vey nice. Where did you source the 12 ply  plywood?
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  9. 109jb added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    work is progressing one this one.  Got the wing rib fixed and patched the holes in the stab and wing fabric. Just needs UV block and top coats on those.  Still waiting for the tubing to repair the aft fuselage. There are a few pictures of the airplane outside with the wings in position just before a buddy helped me remove them to work more on the fuselage.

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  10. 109jb added a post in a topic A new baby coming home   

    I found this somewhere on the internet and saved it as a pdf. Best writeup I have seen on the subject
    kitfox resealing tanks.pdf
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  11. 109jb added a post in a topic 109JB got another wrecked Kitfox   

    I've had the airplane for 2 days and here is what i have accomplished.
    Replaced tail spring with one I hadstarted straightening of the aft fuselageremoved windshieldremoved rudderremoved fin fabric and straightened finThe fuselage straightening is being done like my first Kitfox that incurred a bent fuselage from trailering damage. I removed the top fabric and corner tapes from the bay that was bent. I then used my crude tool for straightening the tubes to slowly pull them as straight as possible. The diagonals straightened just fine, but the longerons are kinked a bit, so will need to be replaced in that bay. These pictures were before some of the tubes had been finish straightened, but even so the fuselage looks a lot better than it did before.
    I'm now waiting for my tubing order which includes tubing to enlarge the fin and rudder to later kitfox 4 size. Hope to have fabric on the aft fuselage by next weeken.

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  12. 109jb added a topic in Kitfox IV   

    109JB got another wrecked Kitfox
    I've known about a farmer owned Kitfox near me but didn't know the man who owned it. Well, a few weeks ago we had a bad storm roll through our area and the shed he kept his Kitfox in partially collapsed onto the airplane. A friend of mine who was with a group that helped him lift the barn roof up told me about it. Last week I went to talk the man and found out the airplane had not flown for several years. He had stopped flying it when his wife got sick. He didn't have interest in fixing it himself so after discussing we made a deal and I brought it home. The airplane was on a trailer with the wings folded when the shed collapsed
    I picked up the airplane 2 days ago. As you can see from the pictures, the airplane took a pretty big hit but it could have been worse. here is my assessment of the airplane and damage.
    Aft fuselage bent much like typical trailering damageTail spring destroyedRudder destroyedFin bentWindshield brokenA few slightly bent tubes in the skylight areaFlaperons have some damageLeft forward strut tube bentleft fiberglass wingtip has hole from trailer jack.Left tip rib crackedBoth flaperons damaged (maybe repairable)Various holes in fabric to repairUpper forward cowl  damaged (repairable)One prop blade chippedGo through engine and systemsThat list probably sounds worse than it is. The airplane isn't really in all that bad shape. The farmer was a darn good craftsman and it was a very nice build. A month ago this was surely a beautiful airplane. It is a Kitfox 3 fuselage with Kitfox 4 wings and mixer assembly, so it is essentially a Kifox 4 1050 in my book. It has a 582 gray head so I will be doing a pressure test of the seals before running it. This airplane should be a pretty quick fix, so my other Kitfox project will be on hold until this one is flying.

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  13. 109jb added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    Nanco N800 tires available again
    Checked a few days ago on Ebay and the 21 inch Nanco N800 tires were up.  Ordered a pair and they came today in case someone else was looking for them. 
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  14. 109jb added a post in a topic Kitfox IV rudder & vertical tail size increase question   

    actually never got that rudder modified. I wound up getting a Kitfox IV Speedster project and sold the Kitfox IV 1050.
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  15. 109jb added a post in a topic Stupid question - installing KitFox spar inserts in an Avid   

    it is in the manual to put them in top and bottom.
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