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    I would think in Alaska that there would be a bunch of snowmobile shops that could do it. A 582 is derivative of a the engine in the ski-doo 580. 
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  2. 109jb added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Good news. Let the festivities begin!!! Be safe and let us know how things go.
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  3. 109jb added a post in a topic Another Kitfox IV rebuild project   

    I finally got some other things done and was able to get the ball rolling on this rebuild. I've attached some pictures, one of which is just the fusealge moved from the cold storage side of my barn to the work area with my other project I've got going.
    I also started working on the repairing the cowling that got damaged during the nose-over. I probably should have just bought a new one but I'm too cheap and I've also made it sort of a game with myself to see just how inexpensively I can get this airplane flying again. The lower front cowl took the brunt of the damage and had a lot of cracks. So many and so large that it could not hold its own shape correctly. Fortunately I had the other Kitfox IV, so I used its lower cowl to make a plywood template for a jig to hold the broken cowl in position for enough repairs to make it rigid again.
    The cowl was placed in the jig and internal repairs done with epoxy and biderectional cloth using several internal layers. Every time i thought I had all of the cracks taken car of I found another. There were so many. Once the cowl was rigid enough to hold shape I continued glassing cracks as I found them and also put a couple layers on the outside after sanding down to the bare glass. I used enough externally to insure that after sanding and fairing the outside that each crack would still have an external layer of fresh glass.
    The upper cowl wasn't as bad but still ad some cracks.
    It is really  amazing how long this takes. I have about 20 hours into the cowl repairs and still not done. Then I have to move on the the aft cowls. They fortunately only have a couple minor cracks and shouldn't take much.
    More to come but likely a little slowly at first.

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  4. 109jb added a post in a topic HKS Install   

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  5. 109jb added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    EDIT: pasting didn't work the way I thought so added the snips from the op lims
    This is from the "old old" style op lims (My project Kitfox Speedster)
    This is from the "Old but not that old" style op lims (My Sonerai)
    And this is from the "New" style op lims. (New limitations updated this year for my Yellow Kitfox IV)
    In 2 cases the FAA is supposed to be notified of a major change and their response received. With the old old style the response must be in writing. In the new style it doesn't say it has to be in writing but you have to have concurrence. And then there is the in-between limitations that don't even say you have to notify them.
    The bottom line is it depends on what YOUR op lims say. The safest course of action is to notify and get a response in writing or by e-mail. Having said that, I've made a lot of major mods to my Sonerai and never notified because the op lims didn't say to, but I did make log entries.

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  6. 109jb added a post in a topic Tubing size   

    This ^^^^^^
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  7. 109jb added a post in a topic RMW Flying wire FRUSTRATION   

    Kitfoxes and Avids have struts on the tail and do not have flying wires.
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  8. 109jb added a post in a topic Bflight Adventures IV   

    I'm also going that G5 route on my Kitfox 4 rebuild, if I ever get a chance to work on it. The plan is the G5 running a 2 axis autopilot, fed nav data by a tablet running Avare,  a SL40 com radio, a GTX327 transponder, which the G5 can act as the encoder for, and an echo ADS-b. I'll also have an engine monitor and may roll my own or get a mgl engine monitor for the 912.
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  9. 109jb added a post in a topic rigging flaps   

    Kitfox has flaps that can reflex, but the flaps are used as pitch trim since they are infinitely adjustable. Works well. Takeoff position is about neutral flap on mine, but that's just really a mark to set them beforehand
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  10. 109jb added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 1050 for sale   

    Some pictures from today's flight. Airplane is still for sale. A bunch more pictures here : https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZezCLTsxruP4KFuf6 

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  11. 109jb added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox 4 1050 for sale
    So I have decided to sell my Kitfox IV 1050 to finance my other Kitfox build.  I just got my Sonerai flying so I have something to fly so this one can be sold now.
    I have a Kitfox IV 1050 with a Rotax 582 that I bought a year ago for sale. The airplane flies great and the 582 does an admirable job. The reason I'm selling is because earlier this year I bought another Kitfox IV speedster from an insurance auction, and I also just got my Sonerai IIL back into flying status. So, I'm selling this airplane to fund the build of the other Kitfox. The airplane is hangared in Morris, IL (C09). Here are some specs on the airplane:
    Kitfox IV 1050, serial number 1488.
    Build completed 1/24/2000
    Empty weight 560 pounds per logbook weight and balance
    Gross weight 1050
    Useful load 490 pounds
    Fuel capacity 27 gallons (13 gallons each wing + 1 gallon header
    Standard instruments
    No radios, but there is a comm antenna and a spot in the instrument panel for radios. I use a handheld and portable intercom (not included)
    Stock Kitfox landing gear with 8" douglas wheels and Matco brakes
    New Nanco 21x12x8 tires
    Dual brake pedals installed
    190 hours total time but I'm still flying it as much as I can.
    The airplane did have trailering damage to the fuselage that has been repaired and the airplane has about 20 hours since the repairs. Here are a couple pictures but you can see the more about the airplane including pictures, flight videos, a description of the damage and repairs here: https://teamkitfox.com/Forums/thread...ht-a-Kitfox-IV . I'm asking $20,000 for the airplane and right now I am pretty firm on that price. PM me if interested.

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  12. 109jb added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Carb boots cracked? That's what happened to my 582. Would start and idle ok. But wouldn't take throttle.
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  13. 109jb added a post in a topic Avid Flyer is flying (videos to prove it) :-)   

    Jim, I did see your link. His equation has been reduced down to simply a constant x v2 = water column height, which makes it hard to work back the units. That's why I posted that one with a little better dimensional verification. I'll have to first off my college aero books from 25 years ago to do a better dimensional analysis if I can find them.
    Remember though that the indicator check is one part but the in-flight reading can still be of quite a bit depending on static and pitot locations. The pitot ideally should be way out in front of the wing, and choosing a static location is either hit or miss, or you have to do something like a trailing cone to get it really good.
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  14. 109jb added a post in a topic HKS Install   

    Looking good. I think you need to get that bird in the air. Would hate for you to sell it and regret the sale later on.
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