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  1. Jenki added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Slovakia mountains from Bristell TDO
    Late autumn finally let us to fly, after long time of fogy days and really low clouds. Today was really nice weather, maybe only for one day, so I need to fly to mountains to see first snow.

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  2. Jenki added a post in a topic Propeller protection tape   

    Hi Jim,
    I can't see the picture.
    Can you write more details? You know, I am definitely too far to share your part of roll
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  3. Jenki added a post in a topic Replace header tank   

    Hi, just for information I am sending picture of my installation (Stylus X3 aircraft-very similar) of rear header tank. A little more then 1,3 gallon, working perfectly since 2010. There is fuel drain valve on the bottom as well.

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  4. Jenki added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    btw. I am quite proud to be a member of such society. Really
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  5. Jenki added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    Hi Lenny,
    new year - new contribution a few bucks to support this site going.
    And Happy new year again.
    Ah sorry, via PayPal again as well.
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  6. Jenki added a post in a topic BIG NEWS AGAIN - Avid TurboProp   

    Well, there are many questions to be considered, fuel consumption (and fuel weight as well) is one of big cons. But still manageable ... as well as CS propeller weight about 8-10kg. 130 HP would be nice ... at high altitude even more, gain of cruising speed at FL120 really does matter (cca 20-24 kts difference).
    But the biggest cons is the price now revealed ... it is really going to kill the whole project I think.
    Price € 39.000 / 49.000 plus taxes where applicable - it is nonsense. There is home made modification of turbine APU around here on the internet - produced in thousands btw. - installed in Zenair CH701, 100HP as well for fraction of price mentioned above. Maybe not so sophisticated, maybe even bigger fuel consumption ...  but flying well.
    CH 701 turboprop Garrett JFS 100-13A N742DE, owner/builder Scott Ehni and Kary McCord from Texas ...
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  7. Jenki added a post in a topic Goats are crazy   

    Hi Randy,
    what to say ... just THANK YOU very much for comprehensive answer.
    As far as I understand, your AVID is about the same size as current modern S7 Kit Fox. Just your tail feathering looks bigger, more effective, at least rudder visible on the pictures. This is for me again the important package of information. Although I am now proud owner of Bristell TDO, and very happy due to travel performance with still nice capability for landing on unpaved rough strips, I am still building my knowledge for future real STOL bush plane.
    The most important for me is to know the impact on the CG, balance, steering control and stability when modifications are made. The size and efficiency of control surfaces is very important as well.In the case of modification of my former plane STYLUS  (still in my profile picture) - which is still possible way, I am afraid exactly about possibly insufficient steering control capability. That is the reason I am gathering as much as possible information.
    Regarding Rotax modification - did you start with 80 HP engine or 100HP?  How long do you use this modification? What is your experience with this modification?
    Thank you in advance.
    on more question - what does it means "Soft Start" ? I have Rotax engine on hte second aircraft, but we don't have such option here ...
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  8. Jenki added a post in a topic Goats are crazy   

    Late replay from my side .... but it looks really awesome ... place and plane there as well.
    btw. I can read basic data about your plane here ... but would it be possible to write more technical details about your plane? Like empty weight, engine performance...maybe some real life numbers regarding performance as well ...
    Thank you
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  9. Jenki added a post in a topic 2019; It's a new hunting year!   

    Too short legs ...

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  10. Jenki added a post in a topic 2019; It's a new hunting year!   

    Well, I am already using leading edge tapes, plastic one from car shop ... but not enough.I have some sort of "bigger" tires (bigger then usual here) ... but not enough.
    Now I ordered metal tapes from shop, waiting for delivery.
    What is usual prop clearance for your aircraft? Just roughly (take off position as well)
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  11. Jenki added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Britell early summer evening
    Hi friends, just to show you again our beautiful airstrip in the middle of Europe ... and my bird flying  
    It's not often to see my bird from outside
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  12. Jenki added a post in a topic Ground wind to tip   

    My last (I hope) very bad experience.
    Morning 6th May 2019, airport Piestany (LZPP) Slovakia, RWY concrete, standard international airport (rather small). I was departing after Festival of Aviation 2019 cancelled on Sunday due to bad weather and we had to leave airport due to forced end of event, no place in hangars and expected weather getting worse.
    My plane is low wing taildragger Bristell TDO, Rotax engine, 780 lbs Empty, about 1100 lbs actual TOW. Wind steady 25 kts, gusting 30 kts headwind for T/O (means exact crosswind for taxi to RWY). I successfully used all the tricks as was mentioned above till the RWY shoulder ... just turning to the T/O direction RWY 01 and then gust 36 kts reported from TWR lifted my right wing and immediately all plane from ground. Fortunately I applied full power at the same time when lift started and didn't hit ground again, taking off across the RWY01 diagonally ... very bad experience. And good luck in the same time.
    I've landed about 1 hour later at the airport 80 NM far to east in moderate weather conditions, still rainy but no extreme wind. There were some damages of the planes parked and tied down at the airport later the same day due to bad stormy weather (i.e Trojan),
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  13. Jenki added a post in a topic 2019; It's a new hunting year!   

    Sorry boys, very easy and pragmatic question (and not related to bear or ex  definitely):
    How are you able to protect your propellers when landing at such strips? This is pretty serious problem for me. Substantial impact of plant is visible and I am facing serious impact on propeller. This year/spring was very wet so even grass is more much stronger and higher then in past years...
    Any recommendation is appreciated
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  14. Jenki added a post in a topic MEMBER MAP (version 2)   

    Yamma-Fox - You are simply very clever man.
    Excellent work
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  15. Jenki added a post in a topic SKYPER GT9 - new bird in the hands   

    Recently producer asked me for ferry flight from Friedrichshafen AeroEXPO (EDNY) in Germany to Slovakia, Lucenec airport (LZLU). Nearly 4 and half hours with one fuel stop in Czech republic LKBA airport in Breclav crossing airspace in four European countries on the way back
    Taking off at twilight from LZLU Lucenec to Germany and  landing back close to evening ... nearly 9 hours of total time - nice day.

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