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  1. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic WTB Kitfox 4 doors   

    Thanks.  but I found some new ones from KF$$
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  2. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2021   

    haha its a 1000' edge to edge but 850'- 900' is realistically useful cause of how the land lays. 
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  3. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2021   

    Thanks Jimchuk
    it's the standard KF gear, I actually like them. They work quite well once you learn how to use them
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  4. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2021   

    I competed at ArkanSTOL this year and it was fun!!! great people and an awesome event. I place 5th in Light Sport with my little 80hp Kitfox . I'm happy with that considering 3 that beat me where 180hp Carbon Cubs and a Highlander with 155hp turboed Rotax. 
    I do agree that in a competition environment it's easy to do things, do to the pressure of spectators, and cameras ect, that you normally wouldn't do. That being said, from watching pilots and from flying the course myself, by knowing your limits and your equipments limits the course can be flown very safely. I've learned a lot of skills doing it, that I wouldn't have learned other wise. 
    A little info on the 3 airplanes that the media didn't quite cover. Two of the incidents where mechanical failure, engine issues on one, and gear leg attach bracket broke on the other due to a pore weld, they could have been an issue next flight regardless of being at ArkanSTOL or not. the Highlander just screwed up. Pilot error, and preventable. Something that all of us pilots have to watch out for every time we fly the backcountry.
    But I guess the risk and skill involved in it, is what makes it so fun, for me. 
    If one chooses not to compete in an event like this I dont blame um. 
    I can't wait for next year. 
    Here's some pictures of me and my airplane at ArkanSTOL. Some in competition and some just waitin to go fly. 

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  5. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic Look who stopped by today   

    That was a fun trip. Now you just need to make one to AR 
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  6. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic My buggy is done well for now. got blue tooth and everything to it
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  7. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic A new baby coming home   

    Got any pics?
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  8. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic ArkanSTOL 2021   

    Well that's a bummer Larry, its gonna be a great event this year. 
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  9. FireFoxIV added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    ArkanSTOL 2021
    Is anyone going to this?
    I'll be competing with my Kitfox IV

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  10. FireFoxIV added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    WTB Kitfox 4 doors
    I'm looking for a set of doors for my model 4 Kitfox if anyone has some laying around. The ones I have on there are cracked and kinda ugly, so thought if I had some decent ones to work with. I would plexy the whole door and upgrade the latch design. 
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  11. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic Dumb stunt....   

    To bad you missed a nice evening to go flying. Sounds like something I'd do
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  12. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic Fun flying in AK   

    Wow! those are some awesome pictures 
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  13. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic My Kitfox gets 27 Desser's   

    Thats what experienced with the matco setup with the old nanco's i ran before, with single caliper I had all the stopping power I needed. 
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  14. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic My Kitfox gets 27 Desser's   

    You sure did go through some frustration! Glad you got it fixed. 
    I'm not sure when I'll be upgrading gear, the guy that is going to build them hasn't started building them yet, so not sure on a time. I'm using the 3/4 axles and hope they do all right with the big tires. If i can help it I turn the airplane in a larger radius (mostly on hard surfaces) hoping that will not bend them. I'm no engineer expert so I really have no idea if they are strong enough or not, I just hope they are. Lol
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  15. FireFoxIV added a post in a topic My Kitfox gets 27 Desser's   

    Wow!!! I gota say thats a nice bird. 
    I see whatcha mean with the tail sitting low. I don't think 27's would look bad at all you would just have to get some 8" rims which could be $$$    ill sell you may brake setup when I upgrade my gear cause I'm considering doing a Beringer brake setup possibility, if nothing else ill be doing a rim upgrade so i can run bigger axles, and I won't be needing the ol' Douglas rims. 
    What engine r u running? 
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