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  1. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Electrical   

    Dolfin, the problem with a circuit breaker in the starter motor loop is the potential for voltage drop. Voltage drop is very critical in starter loops and can result in slow cranking. For the same weight you can install a continuous duty master solenoid that will have minimal voltage drop. A lot of times in experimental aircraft master solenoids are not incorporated. Not sure why. It might be the weight. It might be the complexity. It is the safest approach though.
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  2. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Electrical   

    Since the charging system can put out in the neighborhood of 15 amps with the 582, and since charging current will also be going thru that fuse, I would revise the fuse value to 15-20A, and use 10-12 gage wire for that run.
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  3. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Electrical   

    That is the "master fuse" which provides the buss its power for everything. I believe if you use that approach it should be panel mounted (I would use a 10-20A) breaker or fuse depending on your wire gage and sum of loads.
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  4. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Chemtrails at night   

    I never saw that when first posted. Hillairous!
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  5. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    Amazing isn't it? Changed everything with regard to start up and shut down.
    I was dealing with 2 problems. The start up and shut down which the slipper clutch completely cured. Absolutely awesome.
    I also had a midrange vibration. Like something just a bit out of balance. The prop is a Whirlwind very carefully adjusted for equal pitch. I had previously bought a balance master and installed it. I thought It helped some but not a lot. it seemed more to just change the character of the vibration. I was so unimpressed with the Balance master that when I installed the slipper clutch I did not reinstall the balance master. The vibration was still there. All this time every time I took off the prop for any reason it went back on exactly the same way and place it came off. For no good reason I am anal that way. Still frustrated with the vibration I decided to put the balance master back on the plane, except this time I moved the prop one set of bolt holes when I reinstalled the balance master. All of the vibration vanished completely! My engine is now perfectly smooth throughout the entire operating range. I've never known this kind of smooth before except with IVO ultralight props.
    I remember when I flew behind the 582 with even gear reduction ratios I would mess with prop timing to affect vibration. I don't know what the ratio on my 912 is, but do not think it is even. Anyway, I need to remove the balance master again leaving the prop where it is to see if timing the prop made the difference or if it is the balance master (which did not work before) or some combination of the two. Right now I am enjoying flying the smoothest 912 I have ever felt so am not going to take the prop off again until there is a reason, and then I will try it without the balance master again to absolutely determine if prop timing affects vibration which I never thought it could. We'll see....
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  6. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Cabane Gear for the Avid+   

    Wish my Avid + looked that good!
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  7. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    The slipper clutch is huge. 
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  8. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Avid Stretch (Mini Plus)   

    Those are the biggest 26's I've ever seen! Swear they look like 29's or bigger in the photos!
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  9. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    I am considering the crossover mod, but my engine idles so smoothly and down real low too. I believe it is primarily done to reduce sensitivity to carb balance at idle. Did you notice any midrange improvement in smoothness with the X-over mod?
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  10. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    After re-reading a previous post about my 912 S I feel like I need to explain better. From the beginning I have had two issues with it. First was starts that would sometimes shake the engine so hard I KNEW damage would be done. And it was being done. It manifested itself in the form of motor mount bolts (upper pilot side in my case) This happened multiple times until I finally installed a slipper clutch. Everything else I did up to then did virtually nothing. The things that did nothing to fix the rough starts were rebuilding and finely balancing the carbs, replacing the existing heavy club bladed prop that way exceeded the gearbox rating to a very nice lightweight Whirlwind like those seen on a lot of kitfoxes, and built and installed a soft start module. None of those did any good. The Slipper clutch solved rough starts and stops INSTANTLY. 
    The other bothersome but not destructive issue I have is with vibration at some RPMS. It idles like butter, is pretty smooth between 4800 and 5600 RPM but has an annoying vibration from about 3300 to about 4600 that peaks somewhere around 3800-4000. Annoying but doesn't feel destructive. I took the balance master that I had on it off when I installed the slipper clutch just to see what would happen. I will re-install the balance master again and see how much difference it makes. I think I'm down to it's just a harmonic thing like some airplanes just have, or possibly a compression difference in a cylinder or maybe the fancy expensive lightweight prop I bought is out of balance. I've set blade pitch precisely numerous times with no real change.
    The reason I just posted this is because in my previous post I think I blurred the two problems into one, and thought that might be confusing to someone else reading that might be chasing down problems. 
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  11. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic F7A Bellcrank mod   

    What's the deal with the revised F7's that rudder input doesn't compensate for? Not a sarcastic question. I've got about 2000 hours in various Avids. I probably couldn't even fly another plane. Fits like a suit to me. So what would I experience different and would it be awesome? I mean that sincerely. I've never flown one with revised F7s.
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  12. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic My Kitfox gets 27 Desser's   

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  13. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    I too am interested in how anyone has implemented the larger crossover tube.
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  14. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic New respect   

    Holy crap! How often does something like that happen and everyone survive?
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  15. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic 100hp Cylinders on a 912 UL   

    I have a balance master. It does some good. I think the 912 s is just a angrier engine than the 80 hp version.
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