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  1. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Tailwheel wiggle   

    I was unable to view the movie in your first post so I don't know what you mean by wiggle.
    if you mean shimmy on landing, Tire pressure, tire wear, castor angle, worn parts, the way the plane is loaded, and all kinds of things can produce shimmy. However, there is only one way to ABSOLUTELY prevent it that I am aware of. That is resistive damping. Meaning enough friction in the back and forth movement of the tire so as to critically dampen any resonance that occurs for any reason. it's a really simple concept and it will always work. Anything else is just moving the resonant frequency around so it is hopefully out of play. And that does seem to work sometimes, but that is like a balloon of shit. You squeeze it somewhere and it just swells up somewhere else. The only way I know to ensure the tailwheel wont shimmy ever is to critically dampen all resonance and that only be done with resistive damping (friction).
    That's my opinion which with $4.00 will get you a mocha at starbucks.
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  2. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Tailwheel wiggle   

    Do you mean shimmy on landing?
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  3. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Flaperon Flaps   

    That's pretty slow!
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  4. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    That landing load number is the one I had no idea how to come up with. So thank you for that. I should be able to find an actuator. Also the travel number is very helpful. Thank you. I will also measure my actual travel. Don't forget your schematic! I am quite electrically inclined and can come up with a circuit myself, but I like getting and considering all ideas as that usually ends up with the best solution!
    Thanks again
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  5. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    Thank you Laurent! Curious, do you remember approx what you paid for the actuator? I'm going to do the install but want to brace myself for the sticker shock! :-)
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  6. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    Thanks Laurent! 
    It's crazy but my Catalina has gear up, down and "no mans land" indicator lights already in the instrument panel, but no wiring. They may have been intended for manual indication, but that seems unlikely. I think there was a future plan to go electric.
    Does your actuator go through its complete end to end travel from gear up to gear down positions or do the microswitches limit the travel?
    If it does go limit to limit is there internal protection inside the actuator to stop it and prevent damage to the actuator?
    Or do the micro switches just turn on the position indicators?
    I assume the gear up/down rocker is a cross wired DPDT switch?
    Do you have a diagram of how you wired it?
    I have a lot more questions but I don't want to overload you right off the bat!
    Take care!
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  7. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    Thank you! I am sure from other posts I have been exposed to your name but I do not seem to know it. Since we are likely to be talking a bit and for a while, what's your name?
    Thanks again!
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  8. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    I am having trouble finding the particular actuator you used. Can you re-check the number? The link leads to a blank page.
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  9. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Catalina Project   

    Sweet! I'm on it! Would you mind taking a couple photos of how you did the install from a couple different angles?
    Thanks man!
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  10. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic TP'n Patey style!   

    So THAT's where all the toilet paper is going!
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  11. ChrisBolkan added a topic in Avid Catalina   

    Catalina Project
    Has anyone replaced the manual gear retraction mechanism with an electric linear actuator/ jack screw?  If so, did it work? What linear actuator did you use?
    I'm having a hard time sorting out the forces it would be subject to. However it looks like it would be a relatively easy install and would be a lot nicer than the manual handle.
    Mine, even though it moves freely requires more force that I want to apply every time I want to cycle the gear once I am flying this thing.
    Chris Bolkan
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  12. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Flaperon Flaps   

    That's a huge change in minimum controllable airspeed
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  13. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Flaperon Flaps   

    This is fascinating. So lets assume the system you have come up with is balanced so no flutter under any conditions and the flapperon hangars can withstand any force the system can apply. This leaves two really interesting approaches to consider in deployment of the flapperons and extensions.
    1) apply flaps with the lever in the plane, and then from there apply the extensions for even more droop.
    2) use the extensions to apply the flapperons. The internal flap handle would become unnecessary as an upward deflection of the extensions would force the flaps to deploy, more like the action of a trim tab on an elevator. 
    Either way, you gain the benefit of additional wing surface area so lower wing loading, but in #1 you are changing the airfoil shape to add more under camber and in #2 you are just adding surface area to the wing and removing the need for the flapperon mixer because the extensions would control flap deployment.
    Is this the way you see it? It would be so much fun to experiment around and see how it would behave in different scenarios!
    Hopefully you can play with both and let us know the performance differences.
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  14. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Stupid Question   

    And why are they buying up water????
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  15. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Flaperon Flaps   

    Part of me is saying that is the coolest idea I've seen in a ling time and I want to do it to mine. Plus to a small degree it lowers wing loading so should stall some tiny amount slower.
    The nervous Nellie part of me is wondering if the addition of the extension changes balance on the flapperons so would the lead counter weight need to be modified in order to prevent potential flutter, and The flapperon hangars are designed for a certain amount of force to be exerted on them before failure and this definitely increases the force so is there a potential problem there?
    Another thing that comes to mind is you should not need a flap lever inside the plane with this configuration, since this is essentially a trim tab. So the whole mixer could just go away, right?
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