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  1. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic fuel SYSTEM contamination   

    Wow that looks disgusting. Never seen anything like that before. Better check inside the carb float bowls too.
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  2. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Propeller protection tape   

    Funny you should mention the clear helicopter tape. I know exactly what you are talking about. A couple years ago when I flew to Oshkosh, we stopped for the night about half way through Idaho. It was fire season and the airstrip we stayed at was serving as a helicopter fire base. I was having problems with my radiator touching the cowl when the engine shook and I did not want to turn around and go home! Anyway these helicopters had a big van that serviced them, and I went to ask if they had a tool I could grind a bit of my cowl away with. Of course they had exactly what I needed and were super willing to help. The guy came over to see what i was doing and after I ground a bit of material away where it was touching,  he went and got this super amazing clear tape (with a liner that had to be removed from the sticky side of the tape, which I stuck to the radiator where it had touched), just in case I had not removed enough cowl material. That was my exposure to that tape. I asked him if I could peel a couple feet off the roll just to have it and he said sure. I still have that couple feet of tape in my on-board tool kit, I made it to Osh and everything was fine. I sure would like a roll of that tape! Other than the color that link looks like the tape he had.  
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  3. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Propeller protection tape   

    I had an IVO prop that I had replaced the SS leading edge tape on. I cleaned the blades well and carefully applied the SS tape. We flew across the mountains to a fly in at Olympia in Washington. Once there I decided to fly out and visit my sister in Silverdale, a relatively short flight. As I took off from Olympia, and left the pattern, My engine started vibrating badly enough that it was very concerning. I called the tower told them I had a vibration and requested a landing on the runway in my most direct return path. They granted it and I landed without incident. When I got parked and was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong, I realized one of the pieces of SS tape had come off a blade and unbalanced the prop causing the vibration. Never would have thought that thin little tape missing would have vibrated like that. I removed the tape from the other two blades and it was smooth as silk again. I re-applied the tape when I got home and never had a problem with it coming off again.
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  4. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Avid 912 Muffler   

    Do you have the header pipes for it too?
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  5. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Rotax 912 ignition modules on barnstormers   

    Tried to look something up about these modules. Couldn't find anything. Very interested to see what these look like and how they perform. Plus, wonder what "programming" you can do with a laptop? Sure would like to see a web page with some additional information.
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  6. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic flying to my private strip   

    That is so beautiful! I haven't seen green and blue for a week due to all of the wildfires in the western US

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  7. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Exhaust header near firewall   

    I have had wonderful luck with having the head pipes ceramic coated inside and out and not bothered with that weird fiberglass insulating tape (or whatever it is made of). The ceramic inside and out is inexpensive and stops heat transfer like nobody's business! An added bonus is it looks way cleaner and doesn't require periodic replacement like the insulating tape.
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  8. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Stretching the tail?   

    I think extending the tail will lower your angle of attack unless you add larger tires or taller gear. But it is awesome if your engine is too heavy :-)
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  9. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Holes in the fabric   

    That's how my MKIV was and my Fat Avis is. Very thin sheet metal under there. Best solution for reasons Jim said. I believe sheet metal solution was original to the kit
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  10. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Holes in the fabric   

    Of course fabric covering is the fanciest way to cover the holes, but then you have to cut the fabric (again) to (re)gain access. I think the tape idea has potential. i would do two things if I were using tape. I think I'd carefully melt the edges of the holes in the fabric with a soldering iron or similar to bind the frayed edges of the fabric. then I would use a very high quality sail plane type gap seal tape. it sticks real well, yet wont take paint off or leave sticky goo behind when you remove it. I don't know if it is vinyl or urethane but it is wonderful stuff. Just a thought
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  11. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Short vid of my Avid take off   

    It looks a bit to me like your tailwheel spring angle and large tailwheel tire are limiting your angle of attack of the wings. (to me it looks like the tail should be sitting lower) Maybe that's why it gets of the ground slowly initially but then climbs out well once you are off?? Dunno for sure. Just what it looks like to me on the video. Not being critical. Beautiful plane. Just responding to your comment about how it is getting off the ground.
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  12. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic New forum category! A place to introduce yourself. Please Post!!   

    Hi Mike and welcome! I have some unsolicited advice :-). Awesome that you want to build, but a scratch build will take a long time. I would suggest that you consider a two pronged approach. Build this plane you want to build, but find and buy something to buy and fly on the cheap (even if it is a little single place ultralight) while you build if you are really passionate about actually flying. Years go fast at retirement, and you don't want to spend all your time building only to not have much time left to fly! A lot of us have multiple projects with one flying and one or more in the garage! That makes for a great life.
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  13. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Sure looks nice
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  14. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Whelen green lens needed   

    Hi Jim,
    I looked all over and could not find the 4 strobes with lenses that I have/had? I don't remember getting rid of them, but I do remember thinking from time to time that I should get rid of them, so maybe I did. I found two strobe boxes, but could not find the comet flash box that went with the other two strobes. So for now I struck out. Maybe they will turn up, but I looked hard. I will keep my eye out and I do have another possible source for some lenses that I will check, but for now so sorry I baited you and did not come through.
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  15. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Crazy or what?   

    I don't know if this would work with Wag Aero, (I bought tires from them and shipping wasn't outrageous) but what I've done a couple of times when shipping seemed ridiculous was to call and ask if there is another way they can ship that is less expensive. More often than not they will do something. Or they just tack a "standard" charge on and they will take the money if they get it, but are also willing to fix if you call. Anyway it's worked for me before several times.
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