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  1. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Whelen green lens needed   

    Hi Jim,
    I looked all over and could not find the 4 strobes with lenses that I have/had? I don't remember getting rid of them, but I do remember thinking from time to time that I should get rid of them, so maybe I did. I found two strobe boxes, but could not find the comet flash box that went with the other two strobes. So for now I struck out. Maybe they will turn up, but I looked hard. I will keep my eye out and I do have another possible source for some lenses that I will check, but for now so sorry I baited you and did not come through.
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  2. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Crazy or what?   

    I don't know if this would work with Wag Aero, (I bought tires from them and shipping wasn't outrageous) but what I've done a couple of times when shipping seemed ridiculous was to call and ask if there is another way they can ship that is less expensive. More often than not they will do something. Or they just tack a "standard" charge on and they will take the money if they get it, but are also willing to fix if you call. Anyway it's worked for me before several times.
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  3. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic EDMO is on scrappy   

    Curious, what is Ed's relationship with Mike Patey?
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  4. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Whelen green lens needed   

    I should have that laying around Jim. I have a couple sets of old Whelens laying around unless I threw them away. I'll look at the hangar today. i wish my memory of what I have and don't have was better. :-)
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  5. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Lexan shipping costs   

    Same here. I just looked up plastic in the yellow pages (so to speak) and found a local supplier that carries all kinds of plastic and for a good price. You might also want to look at PETG. It's less expensive than polycarbonate with similar cold bend and shatterproof characteristics. It's popular as race car windshields.
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  6. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Microburst strobe and position lights   

    I have a friend with them oh his plane. they have been reliable and are very bright.
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  7. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Inspection covers location   

    You can buy an inexpensive USB camera and go in and look through the wing tip at almost anything you want to look at. I bought one with something like 20 feet of cord attached and it works pretty darn well. Even has a ring of dimmable LED lights on the camera and it's barely larger than a pencil. I just tape it to a long stick and inspect away. Not perfect, but works OK. I wouldn't try and punch a bunch of holes since you can do a pretty good job inspecting as I just described.
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  8. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Canadian aircraft registry ??   

    Don't stop there! Throw the link up in case someone else has the same question! 
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  9. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic flying !!   

    Beautiful bird and beautiful scenery.
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  10. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Found Engine   

    I like the HKS. Mike Ricketts has had a ton of fun with his. I think it will perform better than you expect.
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  11. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Why you dont use cheap oils.   

    I love this guy on youtube! Super informative always.
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  12. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Short vid of my Avid take off   

    That sounds so nice compared to 582s and 912s. (Mind you I like 582s and 912s, I have both. But that sounds so nice!)
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  13. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Rotax 582 power loss diagnosis   

    Yamma-Fox, I may need to re-think my system if as you say the pulse pump does not let fuel by in either direction. I just now read that in your clip above from a previous post. I have taken one apart before and thought the one way valves were is series but flowed the same direction.  Gonna have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up.
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  14. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Rotax 582 power loss diagnosis   

    I have no idea if one approach is better than another as both have merits, but the way I have done my systems is with the Facet in series, and placed in the center console just after the header tank. My reasoning being that the header filters out particles and crap large enough to screw up the pump by low flow velocity and settling. I place the facet pump right after the header tank in the circuit where it is at the lowest point in the system, and has the greatest opportunity to pick up fuel at the highest head pressure and "push" through the most potential obstructions down stream. I pretty much never turn on the Facet except to start the plane, and then only because I have the starter switch wired electrically downstream of the boost pump breaker switch. So, I cannot start the engine without the boost pump being on. Once the engine starts, boost pump is typically turned off and I never really use it during flight. Occasionally if I am taking off from a scary strip I will leave the boost pump on but not during normal operations. Fuel flows right through the facet when off.
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  15. ChrisBolkan added a post in a topic Cessna 120 down, might have to sell Avid:(   

    Yamma-Fox, I know you didn't ask me but here is how it went down in my incident. I did as much of the work as I could myself to save money and learn.
    The cost of the helicopter was $2,000/hour.
    I had friends fly me back in and I rigged the plane for lift out. The tow company is only responsible down to the hook, so I did my own balance and rigging. The lifting company recommended the drogue and tag lines, and they turned out to be a great idea. I used a small dead tree for a drogue.
    In my case, it took exactly one hour for the helicopter to take off from its home base, go to the incident site and hover while a friend who flew in hooked the line to the harness on the plane, fly to where another friend and I were waiting with a trailer to grab the tag lines to assist in lowering on to the trailer, and to fly back to it's home base.
    It cost me exactly $2,000. We communicated with the helicopter using handhelds at both the pickup and drop off sites. I never met the pilot or crew and they did not have to land the entire mission.
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