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  1. Well, it looks like Honda got all fire up by Double Ender bush plane and try to make some sort of bush plane concept; I´m not too much into Fancy Nancy shit, but "SOME" of the ideas / features are worth looking at.-

  2. Are any of you guys coming down to the Valdez fly-in? I'd love to have a chance to look at other Avid's or Kitfox. Can a regular member add to the calendar on here I see just birthdays on there no events? Let me know if I posted this in the wrong spot
  3. I made this form out of inspiration from CC Milne Pocock book Bush & Mountain Flying. 
    One is for for Avid Flyer mod C and the other one is universal.
    STOL test flight form.xlsx
    STOL test flight template.xlsx
  4. Hi everybody,
    I've joined this forum due to two important reasons:
    STOL features related to all aircraft and people heresignificant heritage of Avid Flyer (or Kitfox? , nobody know) easy to recognize on my plane STYLUSI've found really STOL capable aircraft here in Europe as well, I had opportunity even to fly it. Name is Slepcev Storch, light replica of famous German Storch.
    Here are som pictures from windy and cloudy autumns day i went to try it to lovely German airport close to Czech - German border.
    Really nice experience, I just found photos.
    Extremely short T/O and landing with Rotax 912 100HP

  5. 2013
    Built in Arizona by Marv Vanderpool, winner of at least two best-of-show aircraft--he built a Lancair before this one. 60 hrs TT. Dual-stick option, steam gauges, Mode C, Icom com. Continental IO-240 engine. Unpainted. Some final finishing needed on custom cowl (paint prep). 619-683-2432.

  6. Looking for a better understanding of gearing and prop size... If a guy wanted maximum stol performance would he choose the biggest prop he could clear, run the lowest gear ratio ie- 4:1 and pitch it accordingly? I'v read in several places that larger dia props turned slower provide better takeoff and climb performance. So where are avids/kitfox's limited, is it ground clearance for the prop? I think 3:1 is the lowest gearset i'v read of people using on these planes, does anyone have experience with the lower gear ratios?