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  1. klares added a post in a topic Rotax 720   

    Are you referring to big bored 670's? In sleds people used to over bore them and use a seadoo 720 or 787 piston to make a 720 or 740. Or used a polaris 700 twin piston to make a it close to a 700. I think there's a guy in Florida and another in utah running a 740, I forget where I read it. Mike hair would know, he was making the exhaust. Actually, it might have been his plane. Have you got your 670's flying?
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  2. klares added a post in a topic Avid Catalina for sale on ebay   

    Is this your plane? Is that a hirth engine?
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  3. klares added a topic in 975 guys post up here   

    Valdez May Day Fly-in
    Are any of you guys coming down to the Valdez fly-in? I'd love to have a chance to look at other Avid's or Kitfox. Can a regular member add to the calendar on here I see just birthdays on there no events? Let me know if I posted this in the wrong spot
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  4. klares added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    Hey any updates to your plane?
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  5. klares added a post in a topic Perfoming oil injection delete on Rotax 582?   

    What's more common, primers or choke (enrichment circuit)? I've always had better starting performance from primers and lower maintenence from chokes (primer orings tend to leak by with infrequent use). My mkiv is premix, haven't had to clean plugs to start  it yet, all 5 times 
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  6. klares added a post in a topic Avid Model A Rebuild   

    This is an AWESOME build, can't believe I just now saw it. I'm down in Valdez, would love you check out your plane sometime. I'm curious about the heads, looks like they are clocked a bit off? The head bolts look symmetrical. Wondering if they weren't meant to have the cooling fins flat so the air can easily go across them. Only other concern with it other than cooling would be if the combustion chamber is designed with the porting in mind. Anyway great job, I've also been looking at Hirth engines and have been hoping someone up here would get one I could check out. 
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  7. klares added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    Thanks for the update, at that alt I'm sure the extra hp is a big help! I wonder if cheek radiators with deeper cores are available, what kind of water temps do you normally see?
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  8. klares added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

    Any updates on your bird?
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  9. klares added a post in a topic New Rotax 670 Install   

     Hi Dave, does your friend Mike have a thread on here? Any information on how the 720 is performing? It will be interesting to see the differences between his and yours. 
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  10. klares added a post in a topic gear ratio and prop sizes?   

    Just curious what is the air temp and what elevation are you at? I kinda wonder about the water temp, I don't have any 582 experience but it seems most people run higher than that by a bit. That would indicate to me that you either have a really good cooling system or your not working your motor very hard. Another direction would be to compare speed with climb or even glide ratio (in similar conditions) with other avids regardless of rpm, if your way off then I would think plane setup. If your not too far off there then I would think your not getting full potential out of the engine, which your cool water temps would back up unless your overcooled in some manner. I would try pitching it to get 6500 rpm on climbout and see how much that changes things.. The other thing I would do is a conditional checkup on the engine, compression test, I'm not sure if the timing is adjustable if it is i would check it.. Seems like your down on HP or prop effeciency or both.. If it isn't a drag issue.. But like I said I don't have any experience with 582's just general two stroke principles.
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  11. klares added a post in a topic gear ratio and prop sizes?   

    Thanks for sharing MarkD, how do you like the Hirth? I always thought one of there 3 cylinder liquids or that flat four they have would be a hotrod in an Avid/Fox.
    Daryl from warp drive called and I'm a bit overloaded with info, but i think for what i want to do with a 582 the setup would be 3.47 gear ratio with a 72" three blade IFA. Max Stol and still be able to dial more pitch in for cruise.
    However i'v never heard of someone using a 3.47 ratio on a kitfox/avid, although a few people who have ran both 3.00 and 2.62 seem to like the 3.00 better.. maybe 3.47 is better yet.
    Anyone know how big a prop you can hang on a C box? or Avid for that matter?
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  12. klares added a post in a topic Rotax/Sea Doo   

    I think the 787 Sea doo motor would be sweet and if you look at the pto end it has some meat on the cases and holes drilled and tapped, could make and adapter plate. I feel these motors would be a better fit than the sled motors, there port timing and exhaust are built to run 6500-7000rpm not 8K. If you wanted to get some more ponies the yamaha gxr1200-1300 size triple two strokes are a reliable 135-150hp with lots of them running around with more than 500 hours on the top end.
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  13. klares added a post in a topic Aerobat extended wings   

    What prompted you to build the extended Aerobat wing, did they claim better stol at some point? How much better is the kitfox wing, anyway to quantify it?
    I keep seeing that the highlander uses a wing like the Avid, anyone know how closely they are related?
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  14. klares added a post in a topic Aerobat extended wings   

    I read the different wings thread and I think i get it. 
    So the question is how did the builder go about it?
    I got my info second hand that it had been built with aerobat wings but out to HH length, not really sure if it was with an extension or the way you describe.
    Does anyone know a Gary Whittaker out of Tennesee by chance, he built the plane haven't had any luck getting ahold of him..
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  15. klares added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Aerobat extended wings
    Been reading a bunch lately can't seem to find info on anyone extending the aerobat wings to hh length. A plane I'm looking at has them. Can anyone explain how this would have been done what effect it may have on the plane?
    Seen the post on the extended speed wings but I'm guessing there must be some differences.
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