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  1. briankbski added a post in a topic AVID AIRCRAFT STATUS   

    Hey Mark
    A big THANK YOU for all you have done to date and for the update on "Avid Aircraft". 
    The transport wing supports I purchased about 18 months ago for my Airdale kit are GREAT. 
    Unfortunately, the Airdale kit still sits in my garage ... unassembled.
    GOOD to know there will still be some steel and fiberglass replacement parts available for the Mark lV and Magnum.
    Best of luck.
    Brian Berezowski
    Thunder Bay Ontario  Canada
    Yellow Tricycle Avid Magnum s/n 04M
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  2. briankbski added a post in a topic Avid Catalina take off performance   

    VERY COOL!   I am so sorry I sold my Catalina Kit ... one of my biggest regrets.  : (
    GREAT video, thanks for sharing, keep them coming.  Water take off and landings, land operations, in cockpit video while flying etc.  : )  
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  3. briankbski added a post in a topic The Magnum is here!   

    Very cooool.  That is only the second Magnum I've seen with a nose wheel.   Mine is the other one.
    Nice looking ride.  Looking forward to your updates on how it flies.
    Thanks for posting.
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  4. briankbski added a post in a topic My magnum rebuild   

    Coooool.  Looking forward to following along to your future posts, photos and videos.
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  5. briankbski added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hello to all and the MAGNUM GANG.
    GOOD NEWS ... I FINALLY started my flying lessons.  It is so much fun Fun FUN and I am having a BLAST despite the bad weather, fog, low ceiling, WIND.  
    I got tired of waiting for the flight school to open in Thunder Bay so I decided to book lessons at Spectrum Airways in Burlington Ontario, only a thousand miles away.   During these first 10 days the weather hasn't cooperated very well but I have 3 days of flying in, two more days scheduled before I head home.  I'm booked to return for one week in September and 2 more weeks in October and 2 weeks in November.
    I have been doing a LOT of research and reading about home sims.  I know it is NOT the REAL thing but there seems to be strong support for their benefits.  I'm setting one up when I get home so I can practice.  Better than couch flying with my notes and text books.
    I have a Saitek yoke, rudder pedals, radio and nav stack, and a few other peripherals to help with the realism.  The biggest draw back is no motion associated with the input.  It should really help with muscle memory with respect to sequence of things and procedures.
    BONUS, no instructor fees or aircraft rentals and I am not weather dependent when I sim fly.
    I will be using x-plane 11 and will be flying the same aircraft I fly here ... Cessna 152.
    I will also be able to set up and adjust the weather, traffic, radio work etc
    ALL GOOD PRACTICE, until I get back here to do some REAL flying.
    As Steve from Flight Chops says "PRACTICE  REVIEW  IMPROVE"
    I will keep the group posted as I progress through my flight training towards my PPL. 
    Wishing you all blue skys and light winds.  Fly safe.
    Best regards 
    Avid Magnum s/n  04M
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  6. briankbski added a post in a topic It’s Alive!!!   

    SaWeet Ride.  Looks AWESOME.  Two Thumbs up.
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  7. briankbski added a post in a topic Misc Avid Magnum parts for sale   

    Hello Barry.  I am very interested in the wing tip tanks if still available.  What is the asking price.
    Look forward to your reply.
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  8. briankbski added a post in a topic So now I have a magnum to assemble   

    Thanks, really looking forward to learning to fly.  Yes, the baggage door is on the passenger side, not sure why.  Your words echo others who have told me the performance should be really good.
    My Magnum is S/N 04.  Avid had two Magnum factory demonstrators, one was blue and silver tail drager and a yellow and blue one ... mine.
    My magnum was built by a professional builder for Avid (can't remember his name, I'll have to look at the documentation).  Apparently, it was built in a tricycle confirguration so Avid could show case that option to potential buyers.  It also has 38 gallon fuel capacity.  Two 14 gallon inboard fuel tanks and two 5 gallon wingtip tanks.  The elderly gentleman that I bought my plane from said he only once ever filled the wing tip tanks.  He also said that it was "a fun plane to fly and the performance was spectacular". 
    Before I brought it up to Canada it was in Arizona.
    Specs as listed on the documentation that came with the plane.
    empty = 950 lbs
    gross = 1750 lbs
    lycoming 0320 160 hp
    My long term plan is to put it on amphibious floats for summer and eventually convert it to a tail drager and put it on skis for winter flying.
    About a month ago I was talking to a gentleman in southern Ontario, who was selling his Magnum.  He said he actually test flew both of the factory Avid demonstrators before deciding to buy a kit backin the early 1980's.   The blue one had a slightly smaller hp engine.   Can't remember exactly which engine but he did say he could notice the performance difference with the more powerful 160 hp engine.
    Again, please keep us all posted on your progress.
    Best regards
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  9. briankbski added a post in a topic So now I have a magnum to assemble   

    SaWeeeet,  Looking forward to following the build and your initial flights.  
    Please Keep the group posted on your progress.  : )
    Good Luck.
    My Magnum, photos attached.  Lycoming 0320 (160 hp)
    Starting my PPL lessons on Monday.  Looking so forward to learning to fly this beautiful bird.

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  10. briankbski added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    hmmmm???  curious, what engine are you using?  What are the "boxes" sticking out on each side of the cowl?  I've never seen that before.
    btw, GREAT looking bird.  Love the colour.
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  11. briankbski added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    SaWeeeet ride.   Great Photos.  Thanks for sharing and please keep us all posted as you continue to test the limits.
    Looking forward to future photos, videos and posts.  : )
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  12. briankbski added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    WOW ... LOOKING AWESOME.  THANK YOU for sharing the photos.  Very inspirational and motivational.  Helps the rest of us who are building / modifing and repairing  focused and on track.   Can't wait to see future updates.   Two thumbs up.
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  13. briankbski added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hello dholly
    Nope, not a word from the buyer of my Catalina.  I should have held on to that bird ... it was in perfect shape.  ALL the bits and pieces were there.
    Same here,  I'd offer him $1,000 more than he paid me just to buy it back.  Duh ... live and learn i guess.  No worries, my energies and focus is getting my private pilot licence and the Magnum flying ... that will be FUN!   I still have the building BUG ... I want to build and fly a plane so for now the Airdale stays safe in storage.  Most likely I'll keep working on it slowly as I learn to fly the Magnum.
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  14. briankbski added a post in a topic My new Avid Magnum Tricycle   

    Hello Gang
    Laurent - Yes, I need to get those braces made.  The leading edge tube was temporarily braced when it was transported.   The entire plane was put in shrink wrap and put on a flat bet trailer and brought up from Arizona.
    LOVE your Catalina.  I wish I didn't sell my Catalina kit (s/n 148 AB), still kicking myself for that decision.  I should have just put it in storage in the Garage.  YES, if I ever get out to BC I will look you up.  Love to check out the Catalina.  The last time I emailed Casey Curtis (a few years ago) he said he had another complete Catalina kit in a storage container, I think I have a picture of it ... hmmmm ... maybe I can get my hands on another kit? lol    I believe he said it was kit s/n 174, apparently the last Catalina kit Avid produced.
    Barry -  THANK YOU, I agree, GREAT looking Magnum.
    TJay - LOL that is only a small amount of lockstone.  Over the past 3 summers I've gone through 14 pallets of pavers plus made 3 raised flower beds.  Preped all the ground, hauled all the gravel and sand and cut every single stone that needed cutting.   What you see there is for the end of the patio and the sidewalk on the East side of the house.  That will be the last of the lockstone and next springs project.
    Over the winter I am focusing on getting the final inspection from MD-RA done on the Magnum.   For now she is safe and sound all folded up and out of the elements in the Garage at work.  Also, hoping to start flying lessons over the winter / spring ... just waiting on the flight school to open.  They said soon.
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  15. briankbski added a post in a topic BIG NEWS: Avid is BACK IN BUSINESS!   

    Ditto ... CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes on a very successful business.  Mark, looks like you already have a number of people looking for bits and pieces.
    Let me add my name to that list.  As soon as you are up and running please let us know.  I will be looking for 
    1 heavy hauler complete wing kit
    1 Left and 1 Right 14 gallon Fuel tank for Speed Wings.
    1 Left and 1 Right fiberglass Magnum butt rib (the one that attaches to the fuselage NOT the wing.
    Again, CONGRATULATIONS  : )  
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