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  1. republicmachine added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 Kit   

    This is my dream to find and untouched kit.  First one I've seen forsale in 2 years of looking around.  Now I have seen other non started kits but they certainly have been tossed around a ton over the years.  
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  2. republicmachine added a post in a topic Airedale Avid   

    Man, this is a killer working mans kitfox or poor mans cub.  I'd love to be in the market right now.  The last true and most refined avid.  Would this be like a series 5 or "E" model Avid?
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  3. republicmachine added a post in a topic Whatca workin on part 3. Winter 2020   

    I've got a few things going.  First we picked up an old Sperry New Holland skid steer with a Kohler 25 horse Command repower.  Thing was oiling the plug on one side so I'm doing a real quick top end rebuild.  Only used it a few times before pulling the motor so I'm pretty pumped to get back at it.  We've got some land and lots of stuff needs moved around and done.  Want to get a wood splitter mounted on it so I can just hang the beam out over the wood and move down the line.  Want to freshen up the drive and lot a bit too.  Next I picked up an old Ford V4 engine off a buddy from work.  These powered many cars over in Europe along with the Saab Sonnet here in the US.  They are pretty rare engines over here but were marketed as industrial motors powering some Ford CL and Mustang skid steers along with other odd ball equipment.  I have a thing for weird engines and drivetrain stuff.  And the big project I'm working is my 1967 Land Rover Series IIA with the Safari top, rare tailgate rear (rather than the full door), FJ40 Axles and a Chevy 305 swapped back in the day with a Scottys adapter.  It also has the Fairey overdrive and the saginaw power steering off what ever the 305 came from and the power boosted brake master from the '78 and up FJ40 Toyota.   On top of all this I'm trying to figure out how to come up with a few grand to go buy this pile of airplane parts to try and build me an avidfox flyer.
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  4. republicmachine added a post in a topic 912 Zipper, and 912A 80hp   

    Couldn't you just make the mount?
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  5. republicmachine added a post in a topic What to do with Avid Flyer project?   

    Well jude, what happened? Did it sell?
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  6. republicmachine added a post in a topic KR2 project/parts   

    Where are you?
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  7. republicmachine added a post in a topic Wing rigging issue   

    1/4 over 17 feet would be considered pretty straight in my opinion. But idks
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  8. republicmachine added a post in a topic Avid A model parts and pieces   

    This is the deal I need. Sucks its 60,000 miles away from dayton ohio. Funny thing about your screen name. I have a 1945 flat fender jeep its an early 2a with a 5 digit serial number. Dont cut it up, it has so much history. I'd rebuild it all
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  9. republicmachine added a post in a topic fuselage stretch   

    I'm sorry but why would someone own something and just throw it in the trash.  I'm not talking about letting a car or plane sit and say "someday" but own the rights to a Beatles album and press zero records all the while people are begging for more pressings while you empty trash cans at a studio.  It's just so Syd Barrett.  Why is this bloke so down?  I mean kitfox is exploding right now.  Avid is the original kitfox.  The story of it all is worth so much and avid seems to have dibs on this story.  I would give anything to understand an airplane like Murphy or Brett or any of these guys who dream, plan, design, build and foster.  It's almost as if it's a living thing with an entire ecosystem and culture surrounding it.  I'd give my life to Avids if I owned it.  I'd wake up every morning and weld and build, understand and grow and fly.  Then once I was sure, I'd work on making it better.  All the while, barley keeping the lights on making service parts.  There's a whole fan club just waiting to give you their money.  It could be so easy to make a successful venture and move it to the next level.  Can a sidexside be as good as a cub?  I'd sure love to know the answer. Could an avid kit sell for 15 grand and still be safe and profitable? Bang out 25 model D units and see where it takes you.  Then move to the next idea.  Get a killer social media buzz going.  Shit there's a total of 17 Avid videos on all of youtube the the only one where a person speaks about the airplane is the raven set.  Shit I'll make the damn videos.  There's more Murphy Rebel vids than Avid features.  I mean bring it all back around the the working guys who want to fly.   Maybe I'm out of line here but I made my bones on the old Pirate4x4 board where we would talk shit and burn down 100's of pages of threads.  Once again I'm sorry for the rant but men are clocking a short few years until they can't fly anymore.  Every day something sits is another day someone's dream dies.  This old man theme seems to be a common thread among aviation.  Old timers on the homebuilt forum trying to sell their bi plane passions and the rich guys on the other cub and fox forums talking about a $35,000 dollar upgrade here and there.  Where does a 27 to 50 year old guy making $40k to 70k per year go to find his fix.  We have skills and know how to make it happen but not much money.  We are still healthy enough to go out into a cold shop and build a fire in the buck stove and put some music on and build.  Here on the avid forum is where I find myself.  The seeming sweet spot for those who can but can't afford to be on those other boards.  This also provides a chance for younger people to get into aviation and we are missing out.  I wish someone had shown me an avid when I was 27 years old and spending 1000's of dollars on jeeps, motorcycles and chasing futureless broads with tight shirts and tattoos. Each day that passes I get closer to being that sick old man with a warehouse full of potential that never saw any wind under it's wings.  Today I fought with my lady about bringing home a super rare ford 1.7L V4 engine which powered the Saab Sonnet and was in skid steers and snow cats in the US.  She asked, "when does it end?" I said never.  It's 50 bucks from my buddy from work for fucks sake. I will forever want, buy and foster these special gas and oil icons and do my very best to make them better than when I found them and make sure when I am gone someone has the light to see their own dreams become reality.  Give me Avid, an Avid or an idea of Avid and I will make it fly.  Not one 69 Camaro was harmed in the making of this post. 
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  10. republicmachine added a post in a topic Rebuilt Model C HH   

    This is a nice looking bird.  
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  11. republicmachine added a post in a topic Avid MKIV for sale in Fl.   

    Man this sounds like a possibly nice deal.
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  12. republicmachine added a post in a topic Talked to Ed today   

    Glad to hear.
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  13. republicmachine added a post in a topic FAT? / HIGHLANDER COPY? FUSELAGE - VERY CHEAP   

    I think a 5 hour drive to st louie the gateway to the west would be a noble week end adventure
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  14. republicmachine added a post in a topic FAT? / HIGHLANDER COPY? FUSELAGE - VERY CHEAP   

    Yes I would like to know more as I brought the thread back.  
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  15. republicmachine added a post in a topic Not a New Moderator   

    I like it.  It seems to be made to fly.  I'd kick it around if the plane was right for it.  
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