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  1. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Dolmar Taildragger Meeting   

    The biplane had a damaged chassis and was too ambitious in the competition.
    After a repair and with a replacement propeller, he was able to fly back on his own
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  2. Flugtaxi added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Dolmar Taildragger Meeting
    last weekend after a bumpy friday with 55km wind...we stayed Sa-Su at Dolmar, Thuringen, Germany.
    Have fun and feel free
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  3. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Meeting in Germany   

    Hello Fred,
    I will try to set the appointment here in time for the next meeting. On my own homepage, the appointment is about half a year before. So if I'm sleeping again, look at avidflyeraircraft.de.rs. You did not miss so much on the meeting. It was very familiar. The avid flyers from germany seem to be more in the hangar than in the air Get in touch, if you fly here through Germany. Best regards Martin
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  4. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    ED, we wish you strength and endurance. The cancer does not know who to fight against.
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  5. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Avid Meetin Germany 2018
    The little AvidFox-family-meeting was in Pegnitz, 07.07.2018
    Some visitiors came with an other plane... from FK9 to WT01 and a Mooney ...and some by car
    In germany fly 60 Avid Flyer and many Eurofox, Kitfox ... we were ... 3 Avid Flyer and one Kitfox an we had a lot of fun
    A little fire in the night an many of stars over us. Jokes, beer, fire an friends. Do we need more?
    Thinking of the friends we lost last year. Keep on flying.

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  6. Flugtaxi added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Avid Flyer Meeting in Germany
    Avid Flyer Meeting on 07-08 Juli 2018 airport Pegnitz - Zipzer Berg - EDQZ Germany
    Information:   http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs
    or http://www.edqz.de/Termine/Termine.html
    If the meeting cannot be run as scheduled on 07 Juli due to poor visibility orunfavourable wind conditions, the alternative date is set for 21 Juli 2018.
    (The meeting is not an official event, everyone flies independently, we use the facilities of the airfield. Think on your tent, approach Saturday and return flight on Sunday, then there is time for campfires & Co)
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  7. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Hello Mark,
    nice to see, that someone make a good job! You did it
    I hope we can get replacement parts and other things from your shop.
    Best regards from germany
    www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs  (avid flyer type certificate holder germany)
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  8. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic My avid !   

    Hello Thomas,
    nice sound
    How fast is your avid flyer ?
    Call me, when you fly to germany
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  9. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Lockable Tailwheel?   

    No sorry, not want so say that i had a lockable Matco tailwheel. I say be carefull with a locked tailwheel. Our tailwheel was locked, because the cam-plate was missing. If it is locked while the cam-plate is lost or while it is an manually locked is the same effect. Sorry for my bad english.
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  10. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015   

    Moin Jjbaker,
    "Will there be a fly-in this year, too and if so, where and when?"
    Maybe in Okt 2016. Place and time to be announced.
    Will be announced from mai or june on the homepage:  http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs/
    Update:  The fly-in 2016 is announced on my homepage.
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  11. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015   

    Hello dynomike,
    which scoops you mean?  The scoops on the orange cowling... are for an rotax 912. The avid jabiru are with white cowl with red nose and the white cowl. Both with helix-propellers.
    The scoops on the orange cowl are for the carburators. The cowl was originally for an rotax 582. Thomas rebuild the cowl for his rotax 912.
    We had no problems with rear cyl. heat. The air intake must be lower than the escape.
    When you need information about cooling the jabiru, we can make photos.
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  12. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015
    Last year we had a little meeting near berlin, on airfield Oehna.
    Some avid flyer and a few other planes with friends came on a sunny weekend in okt (day of the german unity).
    Pics on http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs/medien/avid-flyer-treffen-2015
    There where avid flyer model b, c and mk4 with rotax 582, rotax 912 and two with jabiru 2200.
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  13. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Lockable Tailwheel?   

    Be carefull with a locked tailwheel.
    On the first fly with our avid flyer, the cam-plate (for unlock the tailwheel on matco tailwheels) was removed. I had my first groundloop... and while turning the tailwheel scratched over the asphalt. The result was a bend frame, a broken wing and many hours of working on plane.
    In the repair, we buy a cam-plate for the tailwheel.
    Some months later, we had a groundloop again. Max. wind from the side (crosswind 15kn) on concrete. The controler ban a land on grass... . After landing a unvoluntary ballet. We need 200ft and two groundloops ... on a 4133ft runway. No damage! No wing on the ground. And no full trousers...
    For me is a tailwheel that unlock when groundloop the best guarantee for no damage.
    When you can unlock or lock it manually... do it like EDMO say...but in groundoop unlock it.
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  14. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Does a Kitfox wing fit on an Avid mk4 ???

    the idea is a possible weight increase of the weight with proven wings.
    The newer Kitfox have in germany 472,5kg MTOW the avid mk4 only 450kg MTOW.

    Has anyone ever tried something like this?

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  15. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic SURVIVED THE CRASHES, and CRASHES, and CRASHES!   

    Welcome back Ed

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