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  1. Pascal added a topic in "other aircraft your working on"   

    Brändli Cherry BX-2
    how did brittney say.. "ups i did it again" ... almost a year after i bought my unfinished Avid Flyer Model C, and about half a year after I sold my "daily flyer" (i wish it was daily), i bough anogher airplane ..
    here is the story that led to me purchasing another airplane.. or at least that's how i found a reason to buy another one .. 
    i sold my other aircraft last summer and with it i had lost my hangar space. the airplane was bought by the flight school where i had learned to fly and i made a deal that would allow me to rent it back for a very attractive price.. as a matter of fact i would be able to fly it for about half the cost than when i owned it. the airplane was supposed to be used as a rental for touring only and not for trainig new pilots.
    however, around new year another airplane of that flight school crash landed after an engine failure. luckily nobody was hurt but the airplane was totalled. at around the same time i got an unexpected invoice for the rental of "my" hangar space. turns out, the school never informed the airport authority about the owner change of "my" aircraft. knowing, that it is extremly hard to get a new hangar space in the future (10+ years waiting lists) and suspecting, that my former aircraft will probably now be converted to a school airplane which means, it won't be available as much and it will most likely get more expensive for me to rent it due to all the extra equipment (brake upgrades, silencer, some more avionics etc.) i called the school and asked them, if they still needed "my" hangar space, as they had moved the airplane to the space of the crashed one recently.
    they responded that they did not plan to replace the crashed plane, so there i was, i suddenly had an empty hangar space and potentially a struggle to find a slot to rent my airplane back.. so the decision was made, to buy something small and cheap to operate to keep me flying whenever i wanted in the near future, at least until i finish my avid and potentially even longer.. 
    i started to look around for a cheap to buy and fly experimental aircraft, preferrably registered in switzerland. ideally it would be something different from an avid or kitfox, possibly something that covers a different mission.. a fast traveller for example.
    with a bit of luck i found exactly that within about a week of searching around the web. what was important was, that i wanted to have an airplane that was flyable as is and did not need too much extra work because i already have my avid project which is not progressing as fast as i would like due to a new member in our family ..
    the airplane i bought begining of this week is a plans built wood and composite aircraft. it is a two seater with retractable gear and it is powered by a Continental C90-8F, which means it has no electric starter! Actually even the alternator was retrofitted to the engine. with the 90 hp of the continental engine the airplane will cruise at around 130mph and carry two people with a little bit of baggage. it is fairly tight, but nothing i would not need to get used to anyway for the avid
    it has removable wings and a trailer was included in the deal, which comes in very handy right now as it is currently deregistered as the owner had stopped flying it two years ago, so it needs a fresh annual and a airworthyness check by our FOCA (like FAA). I had the engine checked for corrosion prior to buying it and it was deemed to be in good shape. one thing i want to do is replace the radio with a newer one, as we are no longer allowed to use 25khz band in europe since about a year ago, so my other option would be to fly without radio or use a handheld. no radio is not an option because of the complex airspace my home airfield is in, and a hand held will be fiddly to operate due to the same reason.
    my plans are, to actually replace the entire dashboard and only keep the transponder out of all my existing instruments and equipment.. everything else will have to go. i will then install a MGL MX1 with a hidden MGL V16 radio operated through the touchscreen of the MX1.. add to that a panel mounted tablet for my nav software and i'm all set
    so some work to do after all, but i have to wait for my Mechanic to be available for the annual anyways, so i might as well do that in the meantime.
    i've attached  a few pictures of the airplane and the current dashboard. i've hand-propped it already and still have all my body parts attached to me, not so difficult to do after all.. i'm really looking forward to flying it later this summer.. it will be my first time landing a tri-gear

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  2. Pascal added a post in a topic Picture of your pedals   

    the taildragger i used to own (Jodel DR1050) came with drum brakes from the factory. the flight school where i got my PPL had those same aircraft but they put quite aggressive cleveland brakes in there. It is a never ending debate on the Jodel mailing lists weather brakes on a taildragger should be able to lock up or not.. i personally had mine tuned so i could theoretically lock the brakes and flip my airplane if i wanted.. personally i would have preferred the aggressive disk brakes we had on the school airplanes, but the conversion was so expensive, that i decided to live with the stock setup and it worked just fine.
    I think in the end it boils down to what you need in order to go to the places you want.. if you land often in super tight spots where you really need to keep your braking distance to a minimum it is probably better to risk flipping your airplane if you are doing something wrong rather than crashing into trees because your brakes didn't pull hard enough .. with the above aircraft i could land in most grass fields around here without even touching the brakes, so i really didn't need the disk brakes.
    another factor is also the weight and balance of your aircraft and the grip of your tires on the runway.. trent palmer made a video about how he lands and he stated that he often touches down with his wheels locked.. he's got enough weight behind the main wheels and not enough grip with his tires on the dirt to flip the plane.. so being able to lock your wheels does not necessarily mean you are going to flip your airplane if you land with locked brakes..
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  3. Pascal added a post in a topic Baby it's cold outside   

    wow it sure does look beautiful .. what is your density altitude with such cold weather? probably gets you an amazing take-off performance .. i always enjoy flying when it's around freezing temperature because the aircraft performs so well compared to a hot 100F summer day.. however. in temperatures like you have it i'd probably stay home and wait for it to warm up ... can you get your avid / fox heated to a level where the windshield does not freeze up from the inside when you breathe while flying ?
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  4. Pascal added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Reinfocrements required in Switzerland
    after reading some of the information on the board here regarding the differences between the Mk IV and my Model C i realized, that some of these modifications where done to my aircraft by the previous builder already. Digging deeper into it, i found out, that in Switzerland every Avid Model C (and probably all the other Models as well) kit needed to be reinforced in order to keep the officials at our Federal Office of Civil Aviation happy.
    Over here, the first build of a new design has to undergo some additional paperwork and checks. The entire design is checked by officials who are engineers and re-calculate the structure etc. to double check that the final product will comply with national regulations and safety standards.
    From what i've heard, this process happens in a tight dialogue with the manufacturer of the kit (if the manufacturer is available for that) and results are probably also fed back to the original designer to maybe help improve the design.
    so here are the documents i got together with my avid which detail the reinforcements which are required over here on every avid flyer.
    they're all done on mine, but i think it would be interesting to hear from an avid MK iV owner, which of these points have made it into the Mk IV and which did not.. also i wonder if owners of avids without those mods have actually seen the necessity for such a mod or experienced deformation or whatever issues that would confirm these mods are actually worth while ..
    avid model c reinforcements foca.pdf
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  5. Pascal added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    no, that's something the swiss FOCA (equivalent to the FAA in the us) came up with... together with the same kind of gussets at the rear carry through, mounting brackets for the window which are welded to the carry throughs so you don't have to drill into them and some other reinforcements.. as i went through the differences between the mk IV and the model C i actually noticed, that some of these reinforcements seem to be standard on the Mk IV.
    the story behind all this is in the way experimental aircraft are built and registered in switzerland. The first bilder to build a new design, be it a kit or a plans built airplane or a one of a kind airplane has to go through quite some additional effort to have FOCA engineers verify the design by Swiss standards. It doesn't matter if this design is flying elsewhere in the world, they want to make sure it complies to our regulations for strength etc..
    when the first builder of an avid did the whole verification, the FOCA engineers found chance to prove that they are indeed needed, so they came up with some modifications to both the fuselage and also the wings (both the front and rear spars have doublers installed towards the center to reinforce them) in order to make the airplane compliant with their ideas of engineering minimas
    as a result, every avid registered in switzerland (HB- Reg) has these gussets and the other mods installed. we all had to take our fuselage out of the crate and drive it straight to a certified welder to have the mods done.
    Luckily, the previous owner took good care of doing all this and complying with all those mods.
    After discussing in another thread about an Apex installation, i went through the mods yesterday evening and thaught that i could scan and upload them to the forum.. it would be interesting to see how much of these changes made it into the MK IV.
    the FOCA is usually in direct contact with the kit manufacturer and also reports their findings and calculations back to the manufacturer..
    just to be precise.. today it is no longer the FOCA doing all this, this work has been delegated to the EAS which is the equivalent of the EAA in the us.. however, the process is still similar. We also have to get all modifications approved the same way, so stretching a fuselage is a big deal around here (for the first guy, but it is very well documented afterwards for others to follow) ..
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  6. Pascal added a post in a topic Apex in a Avid C Model Thoughts   

    Hi Jack. i think money should not be the motivation to go for an Apex engine. People tend to compare a brand new airplane engine to a converted car, bike or snowmobile engine where the conversion starts off with a used engine with mostly unknown past. if you look at used 100hp rotax ULS or even overhauled ones, they are a lot more affordable than factory new ones. Stick around for long enough and you might find a good bargain that includes already some accessories like engine monitor, exhaust etc.
    if you don't like to buy a used rotax, then don't start with a used Apex or whatever engine, because that engine could have been over-revved, crashed, run out of oil etc. just like any other engine out there.. only that people tend to care more for the engine when their life depends on it (as in an airplane at some situations) and less if it's just a fun toy..
    after you factor in the cost for all the custom made parts you are going to need, the psru, engine mounts etc. you might end up with a higher price tag than a comparable rotax.
    mind you, i say all this without knowing too much about the Apex conversions available, i've just spent a lot of time looking at conversions of all sorts of engines for all sorts of aircraft that i was considering to build or at least dreamed about building in the past.
    the benefits you can get from a conversion are: better power-to-weight ratio (sometimes) or simply more power, use of a different fuel (i.e. diesel, Jet-A1, E85), sound (i.e. V8 conversions ;))
    since you have trees at each end of your runway i suppose there aren't too many spots to land in case of an engine failure during take-off.. so you might want to consider reliability of an engine as an important factor in choosing your engine . If you go with an engine like a rotax, you not only get an engine that has proven its airworthyness in thousands of airplanes with millions of flight hours accumulated, but you get also an engine for which an information channel is in place to inform users of the same engine of defects found on others that might affect you as well. there is no such thing as AD's and all that for a converted engine from some other vehicle.
    if you are on a tight budget but want to install a 4-stroke anyway, take a look at the 4-cylinder jabiru 2200. I've read on this forum that the whole insatllation weighs about the same as the rotax 582 but you get a few HP more out of it. There is even an engine mount available for the avid by jabiru which you can buy together with the engine in case you go for a new one. there are also plenty of avid model C's flying with the jabiru and every now and then one of them becomes available (or at least the engine and mounts do)..
    i'm not a rotax sales rep or anything.. these where just my thoughts as i was weighing my options for the engine i wanted to mount into my avid ..
    i may have to add, that here in switzerland we don't seem to be as free as you guys are, when ti comes to for example welding an engine mount.. here we need to have the work done by a professional welder (which i'm not), we also need to have every modification from a previously approved design checked by a certified engineer (which again, i am not) to verify the stability and what not. so for example stretching the fuselage would be a huge deal here. so in the end, for me it is also a benefit to being able to buy an engine mount that is already flying on an avid in switzerland and that's the case for both the jabiru and rotax.
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  7. Pascal added a post in a topic Avid Horizontal Stab Rigging   

    here is my unfinished Model C from the same perspective.. hope that helps

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  8. Pascal added a post in a topic Jabiru mount for Model C?   

    Hey dan
    jabiru lists the avid flyer as a supported kit on their installation page. it seems they sell engine mounts for the avid, so no need to fabricate your own.
    i recently sent them an email and got an answer back yesterday regarding the availability of avid engine mounts:
     as far as i understand this, that means he's got two engine mounts in stock but you will have to fabricate your own cowling.. i think i saw someone post on this forum that he got the mount through the US rep of jabiru and that the latest Gen 4 engine needs a different mount (two mount points are offset from previous engines, so make sure you get the right one when you buy your avid.
    further more, there was a guy from alaska selling his jabiru powered avid here in the for sale section.. he is parting it out hand had a full fwf kit including the jabiru engine, cowling and mount.. maybe that's still availabe, give him a call.
    i on my part have decided to go with a rotax 912, so don't worry about me when you order the last engine mount
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  9. Pascal added a post in a topic Apex in a Avid C Model Thoughts   

    I think the link you are looking for is this one:

    and then there is the wikia page here:
    i am planning to install a 100hp Rotax 912is into my Model C that i've purchased covered but unfinished about a year ago. as far as i could find out, the engine mount of the mark iv should fit also the model c and it is supposedly produced again by the new owners of avid. however, mine is on order since last summer and i still haven't received it or an invoice for it yet. so in case you need one, order early he is after all doing this as a hobby and has got family too, so i can understand that it takes some time to get it all figured out and organized. I hear Leny also produce(d) some 912 mounts which might be another option. for me a "original" mount is best due to the regulations here in Switzerland concerning experimental aircraft.
    does anybody know how much horse power the Model C fuselage can handle before it needs to be reinforced? from what i read so far, the reinforcements on the MK IV where probably all to increase the VNE and Maximum Take-Off weight of the aircraft plus the reinforcements on the seat truss to help with the bending issue and the stock gear. Would be really helpful to hear if there where really some changes to the MK IV that actually are necessary to go from 65 to 100 or even more HP on the Model C.
    in the wikia page they mention this: "In order to accomodate different engine choices, the vertical stabilizer was straightened and different engine mounts were built for left or right turning engines or gearboxes."
    i am not sure what they mean by straightening the vertical stabilizer, hope that's not an issue here..
    as for the apex, there are insanely performant Apex conversions available from Edge performance, but i doubt that a model C frame can handle 300hp without any modification .. also keep an eye on your VNE .. even if you build everything for STOL, your cruise might improve as well.. the Model C Heavy Hauler (which is what i have) has a VNE of 85kts if i remember correctly.. i've figured this might be a number to keep an eye on even with the 100hp Rotax, not to mention more powerful Apex variants. However, it allows me to add drag with skis, big tires and all that fun stuff without sacrificing actual cruise speed always look at the bright side i guess
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  10. Pascal added a post in a topic Jab 2200 Gen 4 installation   

    Thanks jim
    i don't know much about props and their efeffect on performance (yet).. so far i just have a 72in IFA IVO prop ready to go on a rotax 912, it came off a 912 on a kitfox and even the spinner is already painted in the right color to match my avid, so i could not resist to buy it
    in the meantime i also found out that the 582 is actually a lot heavier than the roughly 60 pound i saw on the rotax page.. that does not seem to include the gearbox, starter etc.. after addding all that it is acactually only about 20 pounds lighter than a 912is with slipper clutch and all accessories mounted.. compared to the jabiru the 912 should then also be about 20lbs heavier but with 15 more hp at sealevel and probably even a bigger difference at higher density altitudes due to the EFI proviproviding a better fuel/air mixture than a manually leaned carb. 
    So it seems i should continue on th path i've alalready started on
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  11. Pascal added a post in a topic Jab 2200 Gen 4 installation   

    Hey John
    did i understand this correctly, that you could buy a new engine mount for your Avid from Jabiru?
    I have a unfinished Model C HH in my garage that i've purchased and am looking for different 4-stroke engine options.. i always thaught the jabiru was more or less the same weight as a 80hp 912, but now i read that the whole installation in an avid is about the same weight as a 582 which would be a huge plus for the jabiru over the 912, especially since i have the HH with its low VNE, i think i might not benefit enough of the extra power of a 100hp 912.. i'm mainly looking at take-off performance at altitude for ski ops an glaciers and the like but need an engine that i can take off at 1500ft msl and then do touch and go's at 10'000 ft with. I already have a 912 mount on order, but now that i've learned about the possible weight advantage i'm all ears for the jabiru
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  12. Pascal added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Avid in switzerland
    sadly not mine, but i was happy enough to get a ride in it before buying my own kit to finish. this avid is a good motivator, even though i won't get mine to the finishing standards of this one here, you would not believe how nice all the details are and how clean it is. it is powered by a fuel injected 100hp rotax 912.
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  13. Pascal added a post in a topic Short video with the Jabiru.   

    check out the current MGL lineup.. they seem to provide a lot of bang for the buck and at least around our local EAS chapter (EAS = EAA in switzerland) some of the builders used them and seem to be happy with the stuff..
    the 7 inch iEFIS light seems to be a good option for a kitfox or avid.. at least that's what i am planning to put in my avid once i get there. the smaller extreem efis could also be a good option if you don't want charts and radio / transponder controls.. my aim is really to have just one single panel + a tablet for navigation.. the iEFIS seems to be capable of controlling everything including the COM, Transponder and even circuit breakers.. i like empty panels
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  14. Pascal added a post in a topic MK4 project   

    wow, these couple of hours the airplane was in service must have been tough.. i guess it must have been left outside in weather for some time to get roughed up like that. whoever takes on this project should probably make sure the extended wing ribs (for the flaperon hinges) are in good shape.
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  15. Pascal added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    It was about time i chime in on this.. thank you leni for the good site, it's already been worth a lot to me and i haven't even started doing anything on my plane yet .. still gathering parts and information, and that's what this site is really awesome for!
    happy holidays
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