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  1. Buckchop added a post in a topic Getting close for an engine choice   

    U mean the have ur plane (the nice yellow/red trycicle gear) on the website as one that is UL powered and u not have that motor in ur bird? 
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  2. Buckchop added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Well finished up the tests for here at the mine, think shes finally ready to take to the airport and fly when a buddy gets avaliable and the weather is decent. So far she handles awesome taxing around, and the muffler heater works great!!! Hahahaaaa

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  3. Buckchop added a post in a topic Hoerner wingtips, not the shoes   

    Not to mention the factory KF droop tips ( like the ones i took off my model1) weigh in at 3.5lbs each. 
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  4. Buckchop added a post in a topic Getting started/setup for Welding?   

    And sorry but i wasnt clear enough about 480, any dummy knows u cant get that in a house i was refuring to a genset (but i should have been clearer) and how u can make power from other SEPERATE sources, if u disagree come on out to the mine here ill show u how.  Mayb not legel or to CODE but thats wasnt the point i was gettin to.  Next we can talk about 3phase. Hahahahahahaha
    there is already 220 in every house just like there is 110, they split the 220 to make ur 110 service. 
    My two cents, now im broke. Hahahahaaaa
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  5. Buckchop added a post in a topic Jabiru 2200 Luga/NR prop   

    Yep he sure did.
    First set he made had some major problems i didnt like, so i sent them back and he fixed them and sent them back.
    I just finished everything up on plane so now im ready to do some flight tests. 
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  6. Buckchop added a post in a topic Getting started/setup for Welding?   

    U can makeup a 220v system in ur garage if u have to the easy way if u cant or dont want to plug into ur 220v dryer plug. But if u do ull need to know if the plug is 30A (one terminal is bent 90*). or if its a 50A. (one terminal is straight)
    Just use two different 110v plugs, with HEAVY wire when i say different i mean ones that r on different house circuts/breakers. 
    2 each 110/115v makes 220/240v
    2 each 220/240v makes 440/480v
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  7. Buckchop added a post in a topic Picture of your pedals   

    Well im not much of a solo pilot yet, but my blackfox has Clevland single puck calipers and my bluefox has Clevland dual puck calipers, i like the way they work, i can hold them back at full rpm and keep the tail on the ground at same time, well when there is tires on, there on skis right now. Hahahahahahaaaa
    i think ur brakes should work awesome, and the pilot needs to know where his feet r at, ive cn places where good brakes and quick thinking have saved an airplane from destrution ( i could tell u stories of flyin into the goldmine or the homestead when i was a kid)  but ive also ruined a prop in my earlie days here in Ester by not knowing just how good the brakes r. Stil have that one hangin on the wall.  Hahahahaaa 
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  8. Buckchop added a post in a topic Getting started/setup for Welding?   

    Ive been useing a Lincon SP-170T, with gas, 220v, good welder, also have a big floor model Miller 250 with steel and aluminum wire feed, ive been welding steel for yrs, only welded aluminum a few times but if it as much fun as steel i cant wait. Never done any TIG. 
    Just make sure u stay away from harbor freight for a welder, ( i did that in Ojai Cali, it worked for awhile and when it went titsup there where no parts avaliable, so had to buy another welder and i left it with the owner of the house in Ojai i did the rought iron work for only good thing about that trip was the awesome tan the alaskan had!!!) and when at the welding store, remember a little extra $ thrown in the pile will b benificial later on, once u start welding up stuff ull find more welding projects than u can handle, and b making up projects to boot. id think that the 220v welders have a better duty cycle than a 110v, but im also not up on the new stuff, mine r all still old school dials. 
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  9. Buckchop added a post in a topic Tundra Tires   

    Tires look good. 
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  10. Buckchop added a post in a topic Rudder hinge   

    Man i hate to say it but when was last time they where cleaned and lubed. Could have had some rust/dirt ect in a few of the heim joints and when pivoted it snapped them off, course would take multipule times bending left and right over a period of time. And the threaded section under the nut is the weakest point as it streched from tightening, ive had some of them break on the race cars thro the yrs. 
    Just my thoughts. 
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  11. Buckchop added a post in a topic Photo Record of Extended Wing Build   

    I took a good look at his flyin Stol King slats and man it sure looks nice and easy to build, just have to figure out if the mountin system would work or what mods it would need, easy to do,  there no way i can afford $500 for each piece if it takes 3 to do each wing. But the Carbon Concepts carbonfiber skis sure r NICE!!!!! But i think my next project right now tho is going to b a cargo/belly pod for the KF,  or im leaning towards the wifes 1952 ford panel hotrod. Hahahahahaaaaaa 
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  12. Buckchop added a post in a topic Photo Record of Extended Wing Build   

    I have patterens for slats that im thinking of makin i got from a buddy, the patteren is from a Stol King. A good friend of mine here built a whole bird from patterens, and he has all the jigs still too boot, said i could also borrow them, ive been giving the Stol King some thought. Guess there is almost 600' of tubing just in the fuse if i remember right. 
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  13. Buckchop added a post in a topic Overhauls   

    ME??? Hahahahaaaa Jim is ahead of me, but damm im trying to catchup guys i promise!!!! 
    Ive been useing the Winderosa gaskets on polaris liberty motors for yrs, with great results. 
    Rotax Rick gets like $3500? To build u a 670 useing ur parts he needs from ur 582, Right? 
    I had my "AIRBOAT" motor redone here at a skidoo performance shop was in good shape inside so didnt need much, was just under $400
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  14. Buckchop added a post in a topic Advice On A Project That's Been Sitting For 27 Years   

    Its not all about the bearings but is worth looking at.  Biggest thing from what ive learned is the end seals get old, brittle, and crack, then u suck air and it becomes a lean condition and burn up the motor.  
    532 was single plug points ignition think mostly early ones had that, think in late 80's they started the exchange of a 532 to a 582. 
    582 was dual plug, electronic ignition, greyhead or bluehead difference in them was mostly cooling upgrade, 
    i think im right, anyone eles have better info, or correct me if im wrong. 
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  15. Buckchop added a post in a topic Structural analysis on spars   

    Mmmm i do like the idea, of incresed weight, im still on the edge of the pond not ready to jumpin on the shorting of wings, even tho i shortend mine on #0038 by removing the 3.6bs fiberglass wing tips, lost 6"-7" on each wing but over 7lbs of weight, but im a simple man and no damm good at math. Hahahahahaaa hope it works for u. Ill keep up on this subject.
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