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  1. Buckchop added a post in a topic WTB Floats   

    Well guys i ended up buyin this set of floats for the KF. Made a hell of a "GOOD TRADE" like they say on dancing with wolves. Even tho they need a few small repairs like u c in pic.  Hahahaaaaaa think they rigged for a j2 or Tcraft A now, the guy i got them from is an AP for Everts here and said he would help me install them when the tie comes, course ill get the rigging done asap, wont b flying on them that soon, but least they b ready for a model 1-4 mounting.  May even let my buddy borrow them for a bit that way i can learn to fly floats.  He proably try and buy them from me. Hahahahahaaaaa

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  2. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Few more pic. 

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  3. Buckchop added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    On CL this am KF3
    Cn this on CL this am, this was the first KF i looked at buying about 3-4 yrs ago, (was going to trade my built 63 chevyII for it from the guy this guy got it from) said it still hasnt flown, what a shame!! What a Beautiful plane!! 

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  4. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Well today is going to b the first good start and run day, making the aircleaner/snorkle setup now, still on the hunt for seats, after that it will b gettin brakes on it and a real test drive.  Got to hurry up, the weather is changing for the good here so b airplane time  REAL soon for me!!!!!! YA-%UCKIN-HOO its been 15-33 above and the sun will b backout next week. 
    YAHOO!!! It Runs!!!!     
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  5. Buckchop added a post in a topic Fun Steps   

    Oh man TJay that is super nice!! I like the 4" thick tread, when the stairs r all together that is going to look super sharp in the cabin.  Now i need to find some gold here and hire u to build me a place in Louisianna on the lake. Hahahaaaa 
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  6. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Well ill try my old crappy pic takin Ipad. Hahahahaaa

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  7. Buckchop added a post in a topic Flapperons   

    Yeppers i did the samething with rivets and hysol glue, when the glue was dry i took a pair of vicegrip pliers, ground the inside edge of jaw smooth, and squashed the end of the rivet into a flat head, now the top and bottom of the rivet look the same instead of haveing the extra of the rivit sticking up/down pased the surface of flaperon. 
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  8. Buckchop added a post in a topic Fun Steps   

    Man that is nice!!!  Those will look good, what u using for the stair treads?    Ur a heck of a good builder/woodworker.  
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  9. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Well sorry guys, still not able to post pic today.
    Least once im able to post some there b a bunch. Hahhaaaaa got wireing done except for the winch, time to go buy more steel to make the gastank now, looks to endup about 8.5-10 gallons.  Gas, oil/filter change, home made discbrake conversion and it b driveable.  And its -3 outside now. 
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  10. Buckchop added a post in a topic Amateur video of me replacing the Spar Carry thru Tube   

    So ur telling me my Black KF#0021 since has the bushing pressed into the front tube is y its 950gross?
    and my Blue KF 0038 doesnt have that bushing in the front tube is y its 850gross?
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  11. Buckchop added a post in a topic Amateur video of me replacing the Spar Carry thru Tube   

    Very Very nice!!! And i agree with Jim on the extended holesaw, have to ask y the reason for the change? Makin the tube thicker wall, does that up the gross weight? I also c u redid the bar over ur head for room, man i wish i would have done that when had the chance, least im only 5'5",145 but still b nice. 
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  12. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Got a box built to house all the electrical, and started running wire, got the gas, brake pedal setups done,  here a couple pic.   -31 here again. 
    mmm no pic again, Rats!!!
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  13. Buckchop added a post in a topic 912 hp increase   

    Like a GOOD friend on here told me, KISS, easy to get caught up on the goodies out there, i did the same on goodies in the begining, but heck man just give that yellow girl a GOOD tuneup, keep it running its best, keep it clean, best bang for ur buck is lighten it up, (i killed 31lbs off on my first KF from previous owner) , and reliable, and shove as much gas as u can thro her. Far as tires those r up to the pilot and what he thinks he can or cant do with them, but ill bet those desser smooth 8.50x6 tires work most places and the not eat up airspeed.  
    But dont forget just my opinion, im still in training, hahahahahahaaaaaaaa
    Randy, if u have to choise, i say get off short, i can enjoy the longer trip a little longer in the air.  Hahahahaaaaaa 
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  14. Buckchop added a post in a topic What-Cha Workin On?   

    Thanks guys! It will b fun, i like the challenge of takin what u have layin around and build something. Im usually building something odd here, and next thing u know someone has to have it. Hahahahaaaa i have been wanting a side by side but holy crapola they r proud of them. So unless i strike it rich in gold ill continue to build. Hahahahaaaa
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  15. Buckchop added a post in a topic Broken springs   

    On my bluefox #0038 I used a stock univar supercub 3 leaf spring, but i left one spring out, so just used two, so far seams to work great, got it for $50 at a hanger cleaning sale. And it was curved correct for the tailwheel axle to sit right, 
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