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  1. jdhines1 added a post in a topic Do I have the correct gear?   

    OK.  I can see the forward sweep.  The difference is obvious when you see them side by side.   I was thinking about using a third party landing gear eventually but now I know not to do any work on these. 
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  2. jdhines1 added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Do I have the correct gear?
    So I am finally getting started on my Avid kit.  Someone already mentioned that it doesn't look like I have the correct front gear for a tailwheel setup.  The manual say that the gear for tailwheel is longer than that for a tricycle, but it does not say by how much.  What I have measures at 20".   I was likely going to use something besides the stock gear anyway.  Can anyone help with this first mystery?
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  3. jdhines1 added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Wing Stand
    This is barely a technical task, but I thought that it was necessary.  As I am sorting through all of the parts that came with the plane that I just bought I wanted to put the wings in a safer place.  This is a simple design from an old EAA article.  I followed it pretty closely.  I bough new casters instead of the recommended salvaged roller skate wheels.   The only problem that I ran into is that my CAD 2x4's are a lot straighter than what you can get from Home Depot.

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  4. jdhines1 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Was able to bring my Avid home
    It was a long drive this weekend, but I was able to bring my Avid home.   There is quite a bit to go through and to figure out what I have and do not have.  There are two boxes of documentation to sort out first.
    But I just wanted to share the beginning of the journey finishing this plane.

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  5. jdhines1 added a post in a topic New here just bought an Avid   

    I definitely want to set it up as a tailwheel. There is going to be some detective work when I get it home.  The current owner told me that the original owner had plans to remake the wings into speed wings and there are two sets of landing gear.  I'm sure that other mysteries will turn up.
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  6. jdhines1 added a post in a topic New here just bought an Avid   

    One is for a 582.  The other one I am not certain what it was purchased for.   It comes with an Arrow 500 engine that I am not sure if I am going to use.  It is new old stock, but there isn't much information out there about it.
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  7. jdhines1 added a post in a topic New here just bought an Avid   

    Thanks.  I have been digging into this forum for a while and have already learned so much.  But it is all academic until I get this plane home and start working on it myself. 
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  8. jdhines1 added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    New here just bought an Avid
    I have been lurking for a long time here and just took the plunge and bought an unfinished Avid mk IV kit.  I am driving to Virginia in a few weeks to pick it up.  The first step is going to be going through everything to see what is there, what is missing, what is broken, etc.
    I will probably have many questions.  I beg your patience.

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