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  1. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Cockpit height   

    Jimbo... I just got her on wheels,  Pretty good considering I've been working on it for only 15 months. I raised the cockpit 6 inches and radiused the over head 
    bracing  so it will follow the curve of the wing. (a little more headroom). I redesigned the controls relocating them under the pilot's seat which is from West Marine. 
    Very comfy for my boney ass! The seats adjust back and forth about 6 inches and flip up from the rear for quick inspection of the flight controls which include
    cables actuating the rons. The cables are too beefy but have 8 inches of travel, More then I need. I'm 6'1" so this setup allows for decent seats and headroom.
    I'm due to take more pics, so I'll download some soon.
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  2. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Cockpit height   

    Hi Jimbo. Thanks for the input. Aside from the Raven plans, I'm also using the Mohawk plans. I'm supplementing with  interweb info.
    Many moons ago I was a mechanical engineer, which means I'm sort of a jerk of all trades. The lion's share of my experience is structural, so I see many areas 
    in need or reinforcement and refinement including the controls. As far as being inaccurate, man, you nailed that one! Most of the mistakes I found when I redrew everything in Autocad.  Others I'm finding at assy.  Thank you again Jimbo,  A little common sense goes a long way.
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  3. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Cockpit height   

    Thanks Bryce. I'll give you a call after 4:00p EST.
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  4. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Cockpit height   

    BTW, I'm building a clone, A Raven. I've already changed the VS to look more like a Kitfox tail, sort of a P-51 look. The plans are from an older model Avid, "A" I think. Whatever they pirated. I'm using Raven plans with Mohawk plans and relying on the interweb for reference. I've never read or heard of anyone raising the cockpit/cabin. If I lower the seat, my skinny butt will be hanging out, full moon out tonight! So my only alternative is to raise it up. Any advice?
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  5. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Cockpit height   

    Hi Jim. Thanks for replying. to clarify, I sat the ply on the lowest point, not the crossmember, my head was hitting the aft carry through. I've already calced for bubble top and at this phase of the build, raising the height won't hurt my feelings. I know I'll have to lengthen lift struts, change turtle deck and readjust flapper horns, I'm worried I've missed something, (aerodynamically speaking).
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  6. Mikeysuds added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Cockpit height
    Has anyone ever raised the cockpit height? I'm 6'1" and recently finished the floor area. I slid a piece of plywood in and sat my bony butt down, only to find my head will be bouncing off the aft carry through tube. Will raising the cockpit height 3" put the h,stab in the wing turb? Of course I'll have to redesign the turtle deck a bit and lengthen the flaperon horns.  This being my first build, I'm a little wary of wandering too far from the plans. or am I worried about nothing?  As always, Thank You for any advice,
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  7. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Avid Stretch (Mini Plus)   

    Thanks Jim. you gave me something to scratch my head over!
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  8. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Avid Stretch (Mini Plus)   

    TJay, Aerodynamic limit in this case refers to the fuse shape adversely effecting the flight characteristics.
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  9. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Avid Stretch (Mini Plus)   

    does anyone know the (aerodynamic) limit for widening the cockpit? I'm thinking 40 inches max, but I can't remember where I read it.
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  10. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic Yokes?   

    I am the Egg Man...
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  11. Mikeysuds added a topic in Technical tasks   

    I'd like to put yokes instead of sticks in my fat build. Has any one ever played with this idea? Also, any thoughts on flux core wire? I've played around with it for a couple of weeks and I've gotten some fairly presentable welds. Any thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated!
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  12. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic New forum category! A place to introduce yourself. Please Post!!   

    Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. It's much needed. My financial commitments are many, I think I'm going to dedicate myself to a scratch built project.
    The advice to start flying now is sound, and I wish I had time and money to do it, but at this writing I will be gluing up the last wing rib tonight. I have the spars and enough tubing to begin welding up the fuselage, however these drawings leave a hell of a lot to be desired. (Thank the gods for the internet!) .
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  13. Mikeysuds added a post in a topic New forum category! A place to introduce yourself. Please Post!!   

    My name is Mike. Greetings from sunny Florida! 
    I'm an aviation nut from a long line of non-aviation nuts. I fell deeply in love with flying, the first time I ever looked up! Being close to retirement age, Ive decided to try and make the dream of aircraft ownership a reality. I've purchased the Raven and Mohawk plans, and began gathering materials for the build. I found this forum about a year ago and I've learned so many things from so many like minded people. This being my first build, I still have an awful lot of research to do! My background is Toolmaker/Mech'l Engineer,Artist, Musician and (soon to be and most importantly) Aircraft Owner. I would like to Thank you for the help you've already given me, and the help that's sure to come with my new undertaking!
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