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  1. Kent added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Wing rigging issue
    I wore myself and my shop floor out last weekend trying to get my wings rigged to the fuselage, I didn’t have any trouble with the dihedral or the washout but when I string lined the leading edge I noticed that the left front spar was not as far onto the spar carry through. I measured from the rudder post to the end of each wing and sure enough the left one was one inch shorter than the right. After checking and rechecking every thing multiple times I think that my fuselage is not straight. I measured from the rear spar bushings to the rudder post and the left one measured 1/4 inch less than the right. Any one have any words of wisdom on how to fix that?
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  2. Kent added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 rebuild   

    Very nice! 
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  3. Kent added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Kitfox III for sale
    I don’t know anything about this, just saw the ad and am passing it on.
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  4. Kent added a post in a topic Twin track, no skis snow machine   

    I had the same idea rattling around in my head a couple years ago. My plan was to use the engine and transmission from a zero turn lawn mower to drive the tracks. I'm sure it would work just not sure how well and it would probably be too heavy. I never made it past the thinking part, would sure like to see someone try it though. There is nothing but fear and common sense holding you back.
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  5. Kent added a post in a topic Beading tool   

    There are some things I missed mentioning, you need to do a little math to determine what size of bolt to use. For example you could use a larger bolt and only one bearing.
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  6. Kent added a post in a topic Beading tool   

    It should work now, 
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  7. Kent added a post in a topic Beading tool   

    This is my home brew version. Pretty easy to make out of scrap I had laying around.
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  8. Kent added a topic in Jokes   

    Tip of the day

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  9. Kent added a post in a topic Split top cowl   

    Thank you, I am sure glad I got the chance to buy them. They really are in incredible condition, I hope I can do it justice on my build.
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  10. Kent added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Split top cowl
    I finally got around to splitting my top cowl and it worked out pretty well, so I thought I would post some pictures.

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  11. Kent added a post in a topic Christavia Mark 1   

    A friend of mine owns one with a Honda conversion powering it, He has owned it for quite some time but is just starting to fly it this summer. The engine was giving him a lot of grief
    with cooling and other issues. I've always liked the plane, they look really nice and seem to be well put together. It sure looks like someone did a nice job on yours, it should be a nice project.
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  12. Kent added a post in a topic Drag tube brackets   

    Thanks guys, that’s what I thought but then started second guessing myself. I never thought of the gusset but it’s good to know. I am planning on a orange and black paint job when I get that far, I would love to see a larger picture of that one on your profile pic logtrucker.
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  13. Kent added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Drag tube brackets
    I am assembling my wings and was wondering, should I use Hysol on the drag tube brackets and rivet them to the spars or just rivet them?

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  14. Kent added a post in a topic Women drivers   

    Unless his wife is at home of course.
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  15. Kent added a post in a topic Rudder cable guide material   

    I figured it out, whatever Kitfox used to cut the metal tubes left a small burr on the inside of it. I smoothed it out with a round file and now the nylon tube can be tapped right in.
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