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Avid STOL and Heavy Hauler rib sketch.

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I traced out a rib on 5 pieces of copier paper that were taped to a table,  Also will try to post a few pictures showing the exact length of the rib.  That way if you copy and print off the sketches and tape them back together, you can double check if yours are the right length.  If your printer isn't printing full scale, it could be wrong size.  JImChuk

PS  not sure if this will work if you copy the images and then print them out.  If someone tries, let me know how it worked.  

Avid rib 1 001.jpg




Avid rib 2 001.jpg

Avid rib 5 001.jpg

Avid rib 3 001.jpg

Avid rib 4 002.jpg

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