Landing gear step.. Avid or Kitfox better?

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Back to building, ready to cover the gear legs, on the speedster, but...

The "angle welded to the Legs for this purpose" (page LG-H-1) to attach the step in the KF IV tubular gear doesn't exist.  If I'm going to be modifying gear legs, I'm kinda leaning towards the avid "post" step, as easier to use, and adding more protection to the pants for passenger use.  I've had both in the past, but the KF 2 I had was slow enough that I never put the pants on, so always stepped on the tire.. instead of the step.  Mostly the same for the Avid MK 4

Rather than weld directly to the gear leg(s), I'll do whichever on a 1" id sleeve over the existing tubing.  I don't want to compromise the existing tubing, not that I plan to prang it in, but, well, I may loan it to someone who..






Austin Texas

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Went with a step, but didn't like the idea of stressing the gear leg too much. ordered some 1" ID tubing, split that, then welded a bar support to those, and pop-riveted those to the gear legs.

Am about to cover the gear- this was one of those "stopping places" - need to get the fuse up on gear.  Welds aren't pretty (one reason I didn't want to mess with the gear legs directly). The inserts are rivnuts.




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