kitfox IV under seat storage.. how?

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I've looked at and measured this 7 ways to Sunday. It came from Denny with a few flat pieces of Aluminum, one angle, and one (short) hinge.  If it had been laid up with flat edges, maybe...  but, then again, if I put it up against the bottom, it's too tall and gets into the tubing.  I was about to cut it down..  or toss it aside. Of course, no instructions.

Did anyone figure how to make this work, other than buying from murle williams?  Any hints would be appreciated.. instructions even more so!


Jack  (Austin, TX)



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The edges on my box were 1) highly irregular and 2) too tall, pressing down on the frame and up on the seat pan.   So, I cut them off, and glued with safety wire the pan to the frame.  I also didn't like the way it would have cut into the formed seat "truss" on the botton of the pan, so made the access door smaller than the box to avoid the truss.  I split foam tubing for the seat-to-box edge interface- no pics of that. 




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