1. ptaylor650

    has not set their status

  2. rockinrobin1936

    has not set their status

  3. flynhi2003

    Trying to get my KitFox back in the air. New baffeling and a conditional and it should be ready to go.

  4. Av8r3400 » akflyer

    Leni- I don't care what AkBob says, I still think you're pretty cool.

  5. DIVE4IT

    To some people, the sky is the limit....To me it's home!!

  6. Russ.

    I just finished building a Avid MK IV HH w/ 582, Culver 74 x 49 wood prop. N844RS

  7. dholly

    I'd rather be flying...

  8. akflyer

    working on this damn site