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  1. Hoping someone can help me. I am building a Rocky Mountain Wings Ridge Runner 3 with my brother in law. We are having a real tough time with support (or lack there of). The Mfr. did not supply flying wires for the tail feathers and intentionally left out any and all information on who or where to get them from. The only mention is to install them. No instructions whatsoever etc, etc. What did you Avid Flyer and Kit Fox fellows do in regard to Flying wires?
  2. Together, with my brother in-law, we are building a Ridge Runner 3. This kit does not use the spar stiffener like the avid and kitfox. We both feel the stiffener is the way to go. We contemplated using the extruded aluminum ones but we can't find them. So, we felt the original AC Plywood design would be our best option. However, we would like to pick the brains of those here regarding our choice to reinforce the stiffeners with fiberglass and a carbon fiber lattice.
    I know carbon fiber can cause galvanic corrosion if it contacts the aluminum spar, so i plan to only use the carbon fiber lattice within a 75% area of the stiffener side. I have included a "rough" sketch of my idea below. My question to all of you is; would this be worthwhile or a waste of time? I do not like the fact that the wings are not reinforced. And after seeing some of the ways this kit was put together to save on manufacturing costs, I am determined to ensure our safety in anyway possible. I am not worried about weight. it is safety that concerns me.
    Any suggestion, thoughts etc ...?