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    I wonder if you could assist me.I have a MK4 and an earlier Mk that was built in the USA, an Avid flyer S wing serial No 213. The earlier model has an engine frame that uses "Lord" mounts with the cast fittings bolted to the engine, the Lord mounts then connect to the frame. The Mk4 has castings with a sort of Barry mounts directly from the engine frame as per the construction drawings I have seen  The engine frame, has an additional component that supports the two front radiators. I have obtained an engine frame that will accept the Lord mount system that also has the front rad supports that are integral with the frame, not additional. I can't find out if the new frame I have is the very latest iteration or not.  That being the case, the early Avid flyer must? have had it's engine frame replaced? I would appreciate any help you could give in this matter, as the mount on the earlier plane is so much smoother in operation and I would like to swap the current Mk4 one for the later one I have.
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    532/582? 2 or 4 plugs.
    Skydrive in the UK used to sell a device for checking the the big ind + small end clearances in one hit.
    There advice for a stored engine was to check the clearances after running the engine for 5/10 minutes, then do the std run in as per the manual, then check after.
    There should be no change in the measurement.( total internal bearing clearance.
    It works by fitting a DTI in one plug hole, that had a connection to a large capacity syringe via a flexible tube. You sucked and blew air from the syringe .i and out of the cylinder using the syringe, and the movement of the piston is detected and measured, giving you the bearing clearances!
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    There is at least one flying in the UK
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