Brought new plane home, find out engine is hatched...

By Yamma-Fox in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar,
Yeah I know... your first instinct will say "buyer beware", but this is a little different.  Short story:  Look over airplane and logs, go up with owner on test flight, all seems good. Pay, load up, trailer home.  Decide to do an oil change on the Subaru nsi e81, pull oil filter......  find big chunks of metal on filter input ports (will pos pics tomorrow). Head hangs low... close my eyes and shake my head. Plan to call seller this week. Question is:  How would you treat a buyer if he found that on something you sold.   He seemed like a really honest guy, and I am sure he had no knowledge of the problem. Keep in mind that I never even started up the motor.  Didn't even turn it over once!  In my mind it would be a totally different deal if I was running it or flying it around  (even a few hours).  Then it would be difficult to determine under who's watch the damage occured. What do you guys think?
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