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I have a set of MADRAS Cessna 210 tips to put on my extended chord wings, since Kitfox tips are now too short.  I was looking for some info on them and staggered onto both a Short Wing Piper forum and a Cessna 172 forum where they were discussing the pros and cons of different tips, including something I had not heard of:  STEWART TIPS supplied with VGs.  Evidently, the Stewart is supposed to be the best performers, but that is about all I read, since I couldn't pull the site up for some reason. 

From what I read, the Piper rounded tips, like Avid, were the worst performers, and any aftermarket tip improved all types of performance on the Pipers.

Some say the Madras Droop tips, something like the Kitfox Droop Tips, capture the high pressure air under the wing, and other high pressure air from outside the wingspan comes in to fill in where the low pressure air is on top of the wingtips.  Others say that the HOERNER Tips are designed to merge the two pressures together and reduce the vortex drag.  Zenith says that their tip, angled up from bottom to top of wing does not let the vortex get to the top of the wing.   ??? 

  BTW:  Snaps just bought Kitfox Droop tips to put on his bird...I hope someone can post info on the STEWART Tips with VGs.

Now you know about as much as I do about wingtips.   EDMO

Well, I finally pulled up the Stewart Wing Tips site - The STC and plans is $350, and if you want the tips too, it is $1225 - Guess I will pass on that.  You can pull it up and see some pictures of them - they look like a modified Hoerner tip with about the same angle as the Zenith tips, as best I can tell.   I am guessing that the added wing area and the squaring of the wingtip on the Pipers would improve performance, but so would most any aftermarket squared tip that extends the wings.     EDMO

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