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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for leads to acquire a catering nose wheel assembly for my Avid Flyer Speedwing.  Just getting tired of the tied rod steering assembly and the pivoting nose wheel seems unstable, is prone to shimmy, and like to try to turn 180 during taxi.  Also concerned about the feedback forced into the pedal assembly.
    The first two pics is my current set up. before and after the assembly snapped after three hours of flying.
    The next set of pics is what I am looking for.  I'm sure if I could get the wheel assemble, having a local welder put it on my nose tube would be easy.
    Where can I find this assembly?
    Does anyone have any experience or tips on a trailing link castering nose wheel?
    Are there any issues moving the front portion of the three wheel base rear a bit?  Stability?
    Here are the specs on the steering tie rod (that broke) and nose tube:
    Push-Pull Tube Part # from Avid:
    CLG 21  Forked Connector for nosegay steering
    CLG 20  Push-Pull tube for nose gear steering
    Bolt through nose wheel tube: AN4-27, or 1/4”,2 drilled end with castle nut and pin
    Push-pull rod =  0.37” thick, 5” long, 7.5” eye to eye on ball sockets
    Ball sockets = AN3 or 3/16” bolt or .1875
    Nose wheel tube =  1 3/8” or 35.08mm thick