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  1. Doug123 added a post in a topic New early Model C project   

    I have a spare set of F7 control rods that were removed from my Avid and replaced with the newer version.  I also have a set of wheels and brakes that came off a 2009 CTLS LSA. 6” will fit standard 6 x6.00.  
    I revived a Model C SN573 with a Subaru EA81 engine.  I normally post but working on my plane and flying to Certify as a Sport pilot. All I have left is the check ride. That maybe the direction for obtaining a pilots certificate without doing the private.  I lost my medical 20 years ago, but I have always had a drivers license. The FAA has granted me the privilege to fly under that Regulation.  It was just like the private, but no night time work. 
    Where are you located? 

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  2. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid Model C Runs! NSI EA81   

    No it’s a custom can design that mimics the J3. Custom Aircraft Parts in El Cajon CA designed and fabricated the exhaust.  Weight difference of approximately 12 lbs.
    The original electrical setup was two Duracell deep cycle batteries located near the tail that  weighed together about 45 lbs.  After the aluminum radiator and exhaust, one 25 lb battery was removed and a 20lb ballast needed to be added for correct CG.
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  3. Doug123 added a post in a topic My Rebuilt Model C   

    I thought of widening and length if, but that will be another time, we need to get her flying again.  I am 5’4” and lucky my copilot (wife) is 5’2” so cabin space shouldn’t be to bad.  In fact I had to rig the rudder pedals shorter to fit my legs for full throw! Yes I am short!
    The battery, and ELT,  both have aluminum side panels. Recently I bought a second EA81 with low miles to rebuild and Kirby has a new gearbox we’ll use.  
    The next pictures will be of our flights, and speeds.  I only wish San Diego had my dirt strips, but Arizona is a hop away.
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  4. Doug123 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    My Rebuilt Model C
    Pictures were requested, and here are the pictures of N1037G with the new panel layout, J3 tail spring, slightly smaller tires, new exhaust and radiator.  Battery, ELT placement. The last picture is the Garmin GMU11 magnetometer.
    Subaru NSI engine, 1748 TT on both the airframe and engine. 

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  5. Doug123 added a post in a topic Front castering nose wheel and main gear   

    Did you sell the parts?
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  6. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid A model parts and pieces   

    Do you still have the plane?  If you do send some pictures to  My Avid Model C is almost done.
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  7. Doug123 added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    AVID Model C new empty weight
    After 6 months of rebuilding and completing a new instrument panel, custom exhaust, radiator for the Subaru NSI engine.  Straightening the horizontal stab and elevator.   My Avid Model C empty weight on certified digital scales and leveled at the door weighed in at 645lbs.  A 21 pound decrease since she was last weighed in 2014 at 666lbs. 
    Most of the weight came off the nose engine area from the new aluminum radiator and Custom exhaust.  For avionics I installed a Garmin Aera 560 portable nav in the left corner on the glare shield, (custom mount), single Garmin G5 with my Aera Navigator integrated with a magnetometer for HSI functions.  Garmin GTR200BT comm,  GPS airport following provided by Aera560,  Garmin GTX327 transponder (new!, but fabricated backing plate), Altitude information from RS232 from the G5 GPS.   A UAvionix Echo w/ SkyFX for ADSB in and NEXRAD weather on my IPad mini.  All this is due to being my yellow girl based at KMYF, San Diego.  A newly installed J3 tail spring and pneumatic Matco tail wheel raised the tail and lowered the angle of attack.  I have both 6x6.00 Airtrac and 6x8 Tuff tires.  Currently we mounted the 6x600 for the paved runways. 
    The original Red Kitfox 4 that tested the NSI engines for Lance Wheeler back in the 90’s is based at KL18 Fallbrook California, and we flew it two weeks ago with it’s owner and I.   His Subaru NSI, warp drive prop was pulling like a freight train!  Our next process is to get my plane’s condition inspection completed and start the “Test Flying” comparisons. Model C to Kitfox 4.
    I believe this Avid hasn’t flown since 2014. TT 1748.9.  9 hours of recent ground runs.  I want to Thank Mike in Indiana for having the faith that I could resurrect this Avid. 
    Pictures will be posted after my stupid IPhone charges.  
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  8. Doug123 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Garmin GTX327 Mount
    Does anyone have a Garmin GTX327 rear mount plate.  PN:011-00677-01.  Being at KMYF in San Diego we found the GTX327 transponder is a great ADSB combo with either the uAvionix Echo Nexrad weather and Traffic in and out on a portable, wing or tail Beacon.  I have the transponder units as we're a LSA/Experimental Repair station Garmin Dealer. 
    My dumb ass let my employees (son and coworker) use my backing plate for an install when they lost the customers.  I thought I had another backing plate in my box of awesome treasures from previous installs, but none to be had.  This has made me reach out as it is the last piece for the avionics to complete the panel.  The black panel is the original.
    Also, Here is the latest picture with the new exhaust and cowl fiber glass almost finished up.  She needed the tail wheel geometry redone, and that was with J3 tail springs like the ones on my Pietenpol.  Now she taxies true.  Yes, I am short, that is why there is a cushion in the pilots side.  

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  9. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid Stretch (Mini Plus)   

    Looks great, and once the welding is done it should just as strong.  I have an unrelated question you may be able to me with on my Model C.  The plane has a Subaru EA81 NSI engine with the CCW Prop.  When I took it out for the taxi trial after the tail (elevator/stabilizer) repairs,  the plane will easily turn left and will reluctantly turn right while sitting in the cockpit. Light to no brakes used.   I have checked the rudder pedal rigging compared to rudder.  With both pedals even the rudder is slightly left a degree or so.  The vertical stab is welded offset to the left as to compensate for a CW propeller. I get full throw on the rudder to the stops left or right, and she has a  Matco 6” inner tubed tailwheel.  
    I thought the tail wheel chains to the springs were to tight, but adding one link to both chains made it worse.  She’ll always turn left not right with full right rudder.  No flying until this gets corrected.  Any thoughts and suggestions are welcomed as I am humbled to find the solution.
    Avid Model C 
    at KMYF San Diego
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  10. Doug123 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Avid Model C Runs! NSI EA81
    Updating the progress for my Avid SN573 Model C. The new custom exhaust is installed and the NSI fired right up.  The Ellison Fuel Injection operates normally and the oil pressure 65 psi.  Sorry it has been two months since my last update, but I had two non elective open hand surgeries in August and September.  The surgeries were successful and I am flying again! 
    Elevator has new polyfiber, using Stewart Systems, and the instrument panel is still in work.  My goal is to taxi her next week, and I have a young Kitfox pilot to take her out when the ground runs prove to be satisfactory to ensure of she has good flight characterstics. 

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  11. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid Aircraft out of business?   

    Thank you, and I’ll keep you in mind.  I just put 5 gallons of fuel in the right tank after being dry for 5 years.  New fuel lines and no leaks!  The left tank has a seeping fuel drain.  My zip is 92123.  Let me know how much shipping is, as I may replace the right in the near future.  How many gallons does the tank hold?
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  12. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid Aircraft out of business?   

    UPDATE,  Mark emailed me this week, stating he’s in business and is doing parts!
    I was inquiring about fuel tanks, since my plane has a 10 gallon tank in the right wing and a 14 gallon in the left.  Plus the fuel caps don’t match, the left is a metal cap, and the right is plastic. He has ethanol resistive tanks in stock.
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  13. Doug123 added a post in a topic AV30-E primary display   

    Instrument panel update. Garmin G5, with Garmin Aera 560 portable navigator, Garmin GTR200 Com, Stratus Transponder.  The vdo engine  instruments were retained as was the Airspeed indicator.  I may replace the Stratus transponder with a  GTX 327 and GDL 82.  Pictures to follow. 
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  14. Doug123 added a topic in Avid Model C   

    AV30-E primary display
    Well,  I am at that point of buying the GRT Mini X display or an AV30-E as my primary display.   Has anyone used either and have pro’s and cons? Being  in a Avionics install/repair shop we are always redoing Certified panels,  I am enjoying the experimental rules for my 1996 Avid Model C.  I’ve kept the original engine VDO gauges (refurbished) along with the nicely marked airspeed indicator that I plan to use for back up as well as a newer smaller 2” turn ball under the A/S indicator. Pictures to follow.
    For avionics I am using a Garmin Aera 560 for GPS navigation, Garmin GTR200 vhf comm and a Stratus ESG transponder w/3i for ADS-B in and weather.  My wife loves the look of the  AV30-E and thinks the GRT Mini x looks out of place. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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  15. Doug123 added a post in a topic Avid Aircraft out of business?   

    I emailed the Avid Company for a replacement engine cowl in early July the response from Mark was that he was taking a short break.  Said he’d post when he’s back at it.
    I hope he gets back to it soon.  Has anyone else received the same email?
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