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  1. Willja67 added a post in a topic Fabricating a cowl   

    Sounds cool, images don't download on my phone but I'd like to see them.
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  2. Willja67 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Spot welding aluminum
    This came up on HBA and thought it was worth sharing here. Might be valuable for those who would otherwise have to rivet the trailing edge of a flaperon?
    For those who don't want to watch the video you can use a 220V steel spot welder to weld aluminum if you sandwich the 2 pieces of aluminum to be welded between 2 thin pieces of steel. The aluminum will be welded together but the steel will just pop off. 
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  3. Willja67 added a post in a topic New Flaperon Mixer system   

    Yeah I traded a little complexity in the mixer for simplified mounting and not having to reroute the rudder cables,  i also don't have to cut the control horns off the flaperons themselves. 
    Just alittle detail design left to do and order material. There's a lot of  parts that'll be laser cut and parts of the assembly are almost self jigging. 
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  4. Willja67 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    New Flaperon Mixer system
    I'm wondering if I should be wearing my flame proof clothing for this but what the hey. 
    I designed a new flaperon mixer system that I'm about to start fabricating.  75% of it is copied from the later model Kitfoxes,  main differences being that the assembly is mounted to the tubes that divide the cockpit area from the tail cone and instead of having a single axel that has the control arms for both flaperons, Ive split that into right and left sides(red and green in the pic).
    Reasons for doing this are:
    1. Wanted differential in ailerons
    2. Free up area behind seat for some baggage
    3. No need to add additional structure to support mixer
    4. No need to re route rudder cables
    5. Loved the challenge of designing it.
    1. More complex mechanically(but not more than the old system).
    2. Need to disconnect pushrods top fold wings. 
    In the pic the purple portion is the flap mechanism and works just like the kitfox system. The blue portion reverses the direction so so the green and red move differentially. 
    If it's not clear I'll show pics when it's built

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  5. Willja67 added a post in a topic WY kitfox Yamaha build   

    I find that if I crop a picture very slightly that it will load. Kind of a pain but I hope you'll consider taking the time to try it. You're project looks really cool.
    I like the way you covered the cabane. Ive been thinking of ways to streamline mine as well. Might have to copy that idea. 
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  6. Willja67 added a post in a topic Vortex Generators   

    It was the "duchebag" comment I thought was over the top.  If you think the guy was overdoing it with the hype you were at least respectful expressing your opinion about it,  blunt but respectful.  
    Why do I get worked up over situations like this? I just happen to believe common courtesy and just plain being nice to others  is important. Although common courtesy isn't very common anymore. If you're nice to others who will never meet you then you're more likely to be nice to those around you.  I guess I'm probably just out of touch with reality. Stepping off the soap box. 
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  7. Willja67 added a post in a topic Vortex Generators   

    It might well be that he got himself into trouble in the type of stall that he was demonstrating at the end of the video. Obviously the aircraft is now in a safe configuration but maybe he was thinking back to the incipient spin mentioned at the beginning of the video.
    In any case giving people the benefit of the doubt goes a long way.  He was willing to share his experiences fitting vg's to his aircraft and there's valuable info in the video that benefits us. A few comments like the ones above and maybe he decideds not to post anymore videos. 
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  8. Willja67 added a post in a topic Vortex Generators   

    Ya know, I didn't get the impression at all that he thinks regular stalls are scary.  He simply stated that is possible to change the flying characteristics in a negative way using vg's and that is what he did and it scared him. It sounds like they tested a whole lot of different configurations and some of them were on the dangerous side.  Having watched other videos by different individuals that emphasize the same point I don't see why he's getting dumped on. 
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  9. Willja67 added a post in a topic Freebird gets laparoscopy today.   

    Definitely interested in your project. I'm just finalizing my own design. CoClimber also redid his and used the same design the model 4 uses. Is that what you're doing?
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  10. Willja67 added a post in a topic What's this part?   

    Ok thanks guys,  all thread or the threaded studs sound like the right idea. My rod end bearings will be roughly 2 3/8" center to center. The female mm-3 is about 1 1/16" from center to the end so there will be a little less than 1/4" between the 2 bearings. That might make it impossible to have a jamb nut though. 
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  11. Willja67 added a post in a topic What's this part?   

    Well that begs the question of just how likely it is to devolope a fatigue crack? All I think I know is that aviation fasteners should have rolled threads (I think) as opposed to cut threads? Honestly don't know how threads are rolled. I do know that the valley in the threads is rounded to not create stress risers and eventual cracks. So if these are not AN hardware were they manufactured to aviation standards, and if not how likely are they to fail? I know cars go an awful long time without large numbers of bolts failing, though it does happen from time to time. 
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  12. Willja67 added a post in a topic What's this part?   

    As you can see it's unthreaded in the middle with threads on either end. So it's not a chopped off bolt. 
    Ive designed a new flaperon mixer system. It's a hybrid of the system on the models 1-3 and the -4 system with some other design elements as well.  It has the advantages of adding differential to the aileron movement and being much more compact than the current system.  I'll now have room behind the seat for a little cargo. It also allowed me to move the flap handle to the left side of the cockpit. 
    The main disadvantage is that I'll have to disconnect the pushrods to fold the wings.
    I need different lengths of the threaded rod in question for the new system.  It's pretty close to 3/16 but looks a tad under to me. Maybe it's a 8-32?
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  13. Willja67 added a topic in Kitfox I   

    What's this part?
    And where do you get them?  The pic is of the flap actuation portion of the flaperon mixer. The parts in question look basically like a bolt without a head, just threaded on each end, maybe 1/8" diameter. Ive looked through my manual but I just see a lot of part numbers that don't mean anything to me. So if someone could tell me where to find some more of these I'd be grateful.
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  14. Willja67 added a post in a topic Hoerner wingtips, not the shoes   

    Here's the page from Fluid Dynamic Drag authored by Hoerner for those interested. 
    Apparently there are 2 considerations, the corners need to be sharp so the air can't roll around the edges as easily from bottom to top and the planform shape is important as well.
    Interestingly enough according to the diagram at the bottom a squared off wingtip actually increases the effective wing area by 0.04 or 4% and the best "hoerner" shape has a 0% increase in effective span. I guess the whole point is to look pretty without hurting performance, since most don't want to just leave the wing squared off. 
    And the worst shapes even with sharp edges reduce effective span by nearly 20%!!!  That's eye watering. 

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  15. Willja67 added a post in a topic Photo Record of Extended Wing Build   

    It may be in a different video but I think it's in  this one, Mike talks about how if you have too much resin and the layers aren't compressed really tightly the resin can start cracking as the structure works/ moves and then the shards of resin start  cutting fibers.
    So it's a very fine balance. 
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