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  1. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tubing size   

    It was stretched by Brett at Airdale in 2012, 13.5" along with adding height to vertical and bigger dorsal. It has a Matco tailwheel and from what I'm finding the bigger tailwheel seems to contribute to the cracking and eventual failure? 
    Thanks for the info on tubing size, I have a few sizes buddy is bringing by so hopefully he'll have a chunk of the .465.
    Thanks again
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  2. Elkonastick added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Tubing size
    Hi all,
    After an off airport landing on a dirt road I noticed my tailwheel had sheared off, mount and all. Doing some research it looks like the bottom and angle brace tubing to tailwheel mount on the MkIV’s are known to crack over time. Mine sheared right at the tailwheel cradle and diagonal brace where it attaches to through tube for the tow bar. I’m going to repair and strengthen 
    What size tubing will slide inside the 1/2” .035 lower tubing? 
    Thank you 

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  3. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Soob coolant manifold   

    Hi Randy,
    Same setup, Stratus EA81 but mine has the belly radiator. I took the complete cooling system off today. I'll have the copper fitting resoldered and thinking I'll replace all the hoses with the blue silicone and probably replace the old radiator with a new aluminum one from Williams. Thanks for the tip on the BMW inline stat. It has a Stant inline thermostat now with the bypass built into it, looks like a 180 degree. After taking it all off there were a few weak spots I found, mostly soft spots in hoses ends near clamps.
    Thanks again
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  4. Elkonastick added a topic in 4-strokes   

    Soob coolant manifold
    Hi all,
    Well last week my buddy and I were going to make a flight over to a nearby airport, land and return. All was good until about 40 minutes into the flight. I noticed the coolant temp was a little warm, 200ish. I have a valve inline to radiator that can be adjusted for more or less cooling. The guy I bought plane from cautioned me about opening too much because temp never gets into the normal range. Anyway it was in the same position of last flight, difference was that flight didn't involve such a long sustained climb. Early morning takeoff and outside air was about 75 when things got interesting. Temp started climbing slowly past 210 so we set it down on dirt road on a ranch. Opened valve a bit (can't reach it in flight) but decided to pull top cowl just to make sure. I was tugging and poking around and found I could cause a copper elbow on the "manifold" to leak a bit. I gave it a pretty good tug and it came out! Looked like solder let go. So what was supposed to be a nice quick back in hangar by noon turned into an adventure involving trailer and not back to hangar until 1am.
    My question is there a better setup for the EA81 coolant lines and fittings that someone has built? I'm thinking rebuild "manifold" with welded aluminum hard fittings and blue silicone hoses. The current system has an inline stat so not sure why the inline valve to control temp was needed? I'm also considering upgrading radiator to a new aluminum one but that will make for better cooling which seems to be the issue and need for the valve, too much cooling now? Also considering the "Thermal Bob" inline some are running.
    Thanks for the input if you have any. I'm just glad we had a road to set down on before it got too hot. I'll attach some pics later.

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  5. Elkonastick added a post in a topic In line fuel filter   

    Thanks for the input guys, I do appreciate your insight. I've heard the water issue with the paper filters before. The AP said the o-ring on the glass filters is prone to failure? 
    What is a good replacement for the plastic paper filter? I know I'm probably asking a Ford, Chevy, Dodge type question but even a top of the line filter is a small expense considering the outcome of a failure from going cheap.
    Searching the interweb seems like I'm chasing my tail trying to decide on a good quality screen type filter, micron size, etc. 
    Thank you again
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  6. Elkonastick added a topic in Technical tasks   

    In line fuel filter
    Hi everyone,
     I just had my conditional and found only three things needing looked at. One of my ignition coils (EA81 soob) has a broken mount screw, glass inline fuel filter under panel and a section of fuel line that looked questionable. He doesn't like the glass inline filters, can't say I do either. Screw replacement will be easy peasy. But filter and fuel line I'd like some advice from you guys with way more experience than me.
    I have a plastic inline paper filter just upstream of header tank also. The glass filter is after the fuel shut off valve under the panel. My question is this. Is the second filter after valve needed? Wouldn't the filter at header tank be sufficient? It seems the filter after the shut off valve is just two more places a Leak could develope, and it'd be right on my legs! 
    Unless the concensise is two filters are needed I'd like to eliminate the second filter. If it is needed I'd like to get rid of the glass and move it out from under panel. Also is the plastic paper type filter a good choice? Any drawbacks to them? Better alternative?
    There is a section of fuel line under panel that at first "squeeze" seemed like rubber line that had gotten hard. Upon closer inspection it doesn't look like run of the mill rubber line. No writing on it, seems to have a hard plastic outer layer? It may be just hard rubber line needing replaced, but it doesn't look like any rubber line I've seen. Is there a special "hard shell" line out there that would of been chosen for the section under the panel that has better strength? 
    Thank you all for any advice!
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  7. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Avid Trailer   

    Whenever I've had to tote mine anywhere I borrow my buddy's race car trailer. It has a big air dam up front that really helps. Drug it from southern Washington to southern Oregon with no issues.

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  8. Elkonastick added a post in a topic removal of adhesive from fabric   

    I'm with Paul, Goof Off. I used it to remove decal residue off a Expedition we bought that was a former city P.D. rig. It comes in regular and "pro" strength. Of course I used it on car paint with no damage, I'd try a small spot first.
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  9. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Avid Trailer   

    Nice job! I like that idea. I use an old racecar trailer now. It has the air dam up front which helps quite a bit in deflecting most of the blast and dirt up and over.

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  10. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Touch up paint   

    I built hundreds of models as a kid, mostly WW2 planes and ships. I went to Walmart and they don't even sell models! What the heck?! Wife suggested Michael's and I'll be damned, they had models and Testers paint.
    I never even thought of fingernail polish. I Cerakote as a business and was considering using some air cure but the Testers will touch up the little chips just fine.
    Thanks everyone!
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  11. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Touch up paint   

    Thank you gentlemen! 
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  12. Elkonastick added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Touch up paint
    Hi all,
    I have a few little spots I'd like to touch up, chipped paint on gear, tiny spot flaked off of flaperon rib tails, etc. Logs state paint is aerothane. I only need a small bottle of each of the three colors. Hate to buy. Quart of each at $70+. What would be off the shelf comparable? I was considering Testers model paint. Lots of colors I could get it matched pretty close. The chips are on the steel gear mount/legs and the plywood flaperon rib tails. Can anyone see any issues using the model enamel? Or is there a paint you would recommend? I bought the plane used and didn't get any left over paint from original paint job. I'm just wanting to prevent spots of rust or water intrusion into the plywood.
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  13. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Yamaha Engine Mounts and FWF components for Avid!   

    Following. I have the stratus ea81 in my Mkiv now but the Yamaha looks very appealing. Anyone know the all in weight difference between the two?
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  14. Elkonastick added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Hangar size
    Hey all. I'm in the process of building a hangar at a local small airfield. What I'd like to have and what I can afford are two different things. I've kind of come to a decision on a 36' x 36' with 12' eve height. I plan on sharing it with a buddy that has a legal eagle now but he's looking at a LSA, Kitfox, Avid or similar high wing down the road. I'm in a 45' x 40' now along with the legal eagle, my Avid MkIV and a Rans S7, plenty of room for all three. Unfortunately it's at another airport that is farther away than I'd like to be, plus I'm renting it. Anyone in a 36 x 36 or close? Moving planes around and pulling measurements I think 36x36 is big enough for two, I think. 
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  15. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tire comparison 8.00-8.50's   

    Great comparison pic!
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