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  1. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic trim lever   

    Nice Version2 improvement Jim!
    I'd make one like that - but If I had fancy trim like that then I would have one less excuse for bad landings...  and now you have no excuses so I think I'm in a good position here  
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  2. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Finally got the cowl painted   

    Damnit Jim! 
    We were supposed to stick together on this thing.
    Now I gotta "Keep up with the Chuk"  
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  3. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Apex wiring   

    Bryan Dacus gets the tune spot on, and provides a top shelf EMS for Yamaha conversions.  Just a matter of if ya got the budget for it 
    There are cheaper ways but you would have some more DIY to deal with.
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  4. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Full lotus 1200?   

    Are there two models, 1220s and 1260s?  Not sure which ones your looking at buying? 
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  5. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Where can i find seaplane insurance?   

    Hopefully the EAA can help us all with the evaporating insurance provider / rate spike problem that weighs on us all.  At least better liability only options because I found that underwriters wouldn't quote me "just" that.
    The unique nature of your craft is super cool but must make insurance a real challenge! 
    Fot my Kitfox I did find a seaplane policy at  www.nwinsurance.net
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  6. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Laying Tracks   

    In those skiplane tracks in the snow I find there is something deeply connecting to the nature of flight and to this special thing that only a few of us are blessed to experience.
    I cannot fully describe it, but it is something about the visual nature of the tracks as they first begin at touchdown - and then again as they almost magically disappear again upon liftoff...
    They are evidence of something rare and special that graced a stretch of snow.
    I too almost always hop out on the ground to look over my tracks, and also circle above and look down upon them before I leave the area.
    I find it, for some deep indescribable reason... entrancing. 

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  7. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Minnesota "Skiplaning"   

    At work yesterday or I would have met up with you guys.   
    But did get a full day of flying around home on Fri.   Also took my 9YO boy up.  He wanted to "scout some camping spots" and he found one on a small island on an uninhabited remote lake (in pic below) that we apparently are flying back to "ASAP" to "camp for two nights"!

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  8. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Minnesota "Skiplaning"   

    Oh and beautiful plane Jim!  You were making me work the "floatplane heavy" model 5 and Yamaha fully to keep up with that light little puppy! 
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  9. Yamma-Fox added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Minnesota "Skiplaning"
    3.2 on the clock today, out bouncing lakes with Jim C.  Most perfect weather and conditions!  Lake hopping, BS "ing", and lunch in the sun at 40F.
    Awesome day!  Thanks again Jim!

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  10. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic 582 clutch or not?   

    Yep and he was talking about the c box and his tmr clutch.
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  11. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic 582 clutch or not?   

    The rk400 clutch has held up extremely well in all the 120 - 140HP Yamaha applications for sure.    Over a hundred of those being used over the past ten years and I haven't heard of anyone having problems, so that is a pretty good testimonial IMO.
    And in talking with Tony at TMR he cited many examples of use in airboats used for wild rice harvesting where it held up great despite much more abusive use than aircraft.
    I'd put it in a 670 without hesitation.
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  12. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic 582 clutch or not?   

    The Mohawk sprag clutch failed in the testing phase, so that is out.  As far as the TMR400 mine is working great but I am afraid that Tony at TMR may have passed away and that option also may no longer be available. 
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  13. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Do you guys with Rotax 670 run clutch's in your gear box?   

    I sure love my rk.  I'm using it on a different motor but I'd highly recommend giving it a try.
    I bet you'll not want to go back to the hardy disk.
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  14. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Heated Seat   

    I'll crank it up in the morning and go at -5, as long as in a few hours the sun will help me out a little and bring it up to 10 or 15 at least.
    Pretty wussy compared to the guys in the far north that have been going out in -30 or worse over the last hundred years or so!
    I read those books...  I'm good with that level of participation 
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  15. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Avid kit and lots of good parts   

    Funny, price went fro 5700 to 6500 an hour ago...
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