Amphib project for sale. (Mostly just the AW cert.)

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Hey Avid flyers,

A friend and I picked up an Avid amphibian from a lady on the coast in Florida whose uncle had a very, very unfinished project.  He and I don't have time for it at the moment, and we kinda prefer trike planes :)   (We bought the plane because she wouldn't just sell us the BMW1200R engine that came with it)

As you can see from the pictures there isn't much there, BUT!  it did come with the airworthiness certificate and old logs.

The frame appears to be pretty straight, but has been sitting outside in Florida near the coast.  There's rust on the fuselage and corrosion on the wing spar tubes.  My opinion is that the fuselage, struts, and elevator frame are useable, but the wings are trash, or at lease I wouldn't trust them for long, so it's probably not worth it - your call.  I'll provide closeups upon request.  I've taken an icepick to a few of the rust welds and haven't been able to poke it through the welds or surrounding tubing.  I'd fly it.... after a lot of work.

We're selling this airworthiness certificate and any of the parts of the plane you want.  Under 14 CFR section 21.179 you can transfer this cert to a similar design.  If you want to get into this as a project I downloaded and printed the Amphib build manual, which I'll provide.  It seems detailed enough if you have the skills needed to build from scratch.


Asking $1,700.  Negotiable.

Now located in Bassville Park, FL.  Will deliver for free if local, and we can work out what delivery is worth if you aren't.




front high.jpg






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Hey hey man.  I appreciate that feedback.  I absolutely abhor ebay...  it's an absolute pain to list anything compared to most sites, but I'll probably get it moved over.  Thanks again. Cheers!

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