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Hi everyone,

My tailwheel is fubar, its one of the rather horrid STD Kitfox ones.

I was wondering what type of tailwheel is best to replace it with ?

I would quite like a pneumatic one or at least one with a bit more 'give' than the standard solid item.

I have spotted this REPL WHEEL 6x2.125x5/8 BALLOON | Aircraft Spruce But it is for a 5/8 spindle and my spindle is 1/2.

Any ideas as to what may work for me ?



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I would get a length of 5/8” 4130 tubing either .058 or .065 the ID’s are .509 or .495 respectively.  You might have to ream the .065 slightly but see what would work best with your axle.

I used that tire on my Q2 it is not a tube/pneumatic tire but termed a semi-pneumatic tire.  It worked very nice, wore well and handled great.  

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