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Hi All,

First off, thanks for letting me join this little community. I've been admiring the KF and Avid's for some time. Finally went and got my PPL back in June and then finished up my Instrument at the end of October. I figure now is the time I find the plane I want to further my flying and let me get the freedom I've been looking for. I live up in Alaska and have done all my flying up there, I usually hunt and fish solo as I have a lot of time off and can't always find someone to go with me so the lighter useful load doesn't bother me. The experimental side of things is appealing so I can do most of my own maintenance and upgrades as needed (eventually floats and float changes). 

Which brings me here, I've been gathering as much knowledge as I can but I'm currently on a hitch at work and interested in a Mk IV that's for sale in Texas. All my family is down there and I'll be heading there for some work training in January but would like to talk to someone familiar with the plane or someone local I can hire to go look at it for me and give an outside assessment on it. If anyone can help I'd be much appreciated. 

johnathanhulsey at

Thanks and hopefully I'll be a proud Avid owner here in the near future. 


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