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If you're going to fly airport to airport or only go into 1000' landing areas you probably don't need good brakes.  If you want to use large tires and go into 400' or less landing areas you have to have good brakes and learn how to use them.  I have the Matco triple puck brakes and the master cylinders with the remote reservoir so you can mount them close to the rocker tube; and they work great.  They will lock up the 30" tires if needed but are not touchy.  You also need good brakes to maneuver through nasty rocks and holes when taxiing on river gravel bars, etc. There is no option but to have good brakes, balance your plane to keep about 50 lbs on your tail wheel and learn how to use your brakes.  A good excersize is to learn how to taxi with your tail wheel off the ground using power and brakes.

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