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  1. Does any one here have a good picture of the wing lift strut end that attaches to the fuselage not painted. Folding wings back and noticed crack in paint. Chipped paint away to look closer and it looks like there are two tabs on the lower and top flange that sandwich the fuselage attach lug.  Just want to see if this is normal construction and if these are 2 steel plates together. I wonder why would they not be welded together or do I have more to worry about? First post, little history of the Airdale flyer I have. Built by my father  and finished in 2002.  He passed away 3 years ago and kept plane in family. Just about 900 hours on the airframe so needing to keep a closer eye on her as she ages. Enjoying all of the 100 hours I have flown in this aircraft.

  2. This is my first post. I am at the beginning of a build and just mounted the wings on the fuse. I've got kitfox wings with the old spar where you don't have to insert the I-Beam. I understand that scuffing the spar with 220 grit is acceptable according to the manual. However, underneath the strut brace, the spar was prepped with something closer to 80 grit. Since the strut brace is riveted and hysoled to the spar, this is like a "doubler" or reinforcement. Of course, I am not sure.
    I believe I have to start over which sucks greatly, but was wanting some concurrence.
    Pictures show the scratches-(no other parts of the spar are scratched as such).
    Thanks and look forward to your responses and expertise-

  3. Anyone what model the speedwing and aerobat wing were introduced.  The history that I found here doesn't mention them until model C.  I have a possible B model that appears to have an aerobat wing, it is 23'8" long and undercambered, but it has 18" ribs on it.
  4. To all the Kitfox owners out there, wonder if you could help me or do you know?
    I have an Avid Speedwing Mk 4, the 13 gallon right wing tank (as from the cockpit) has rotted due to ethanol. I see that Kitfox sell ethanol resistant tanks, will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid and if so which model Kitfox?
    Simon  G-BUIR
  5. Anyone out there help me out? I have an Avid Speedwing Mk4 UK based. The fuel tank has rotted due to ethanol. I have removed the tank.
    Few questions,
    Does anyone have a spare tank I could buy for shipment to UK, its 13 gallon right wing (looking out when in cockpit). I could pay by Paypal if needed
    Will a Kitfox tank fit an Avid Wing, if so which Kitfox model tank? I see Kitfox have ethanol resistant tanks
    Has anyone made an aluminium tank?
    Many thanks Simon   G-BUIR