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  1. It's time to replace the bungee (shock) cord on my Fat Avid. It's what the original builder installed and it's getting soft. I have two problems....maybe no problems if someone here has the answer :-)
    I called Aircraft Spruce and they no longer carry mil spec shock cord (the good stuff) off a spool. They only sell prefabricated mil spec rings and garden variety bungee cord.
    I don't have shock cord size nicopress fittings (or tool) to make the Bungees up myself.
    When I had my MKIV I ordered them from Steve Winder and received nicely made up mil spec bungees ready to install.
    Where can I find them made up or find the raw mil spec bungee stock?
  2. I am getting ready to replace the bungees on my landing gear and I have read that I should use 3/8 Shock Cord (Aircraft Spruce 06-12400) at 90 inches between the loops.  As I was getting ready to buy the bungees, I noticed that they had these nice little fasteners (06-12900) which should work nicely.  Has anyone ever used them?  I presume here that it should be 90 inches bottom of fastener to bottom of fastener.