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  1. Anybody flying behind a Duc prop?  I have the means to purchase one for myself at wholesale but haven’t pulled the trigger, seems like all of the quality props claim super performance but all end up about the same.
    Flying behind a Warp Drive with no complaints at present.  Price wise NR seems hard to beat just a bit of a hassle with ordering. 2 vs 3 blade thoughts?
  2. 68" IVO in-flight-adjustable For Sale.  Complete R/H UL Assy includes spinner and all controls. VGC $500
    Also have:
    IVO UL IFA hub. Complete. 1st Gen. 4 hrs run time since overhaul by IVO. spinner.  Like new.  $300
  3. IVOPROP Medium Adjustable DL258, 75 to 100 hp, 2 blade, 58" Dia, Flange is 4" Volkswagen. This prop is NEW, Never Used. Purchased in 2000. Cost today is $1000, Sell for $800 OBO

  4. Hello, 
    Just installed a new shiny and beautifully crafted NR Propeller on a Kitfox 4-1200 powered by a Rotax 912 UL. It replaced a 72” 3 blade tapered Warp Drive. There has always been even with the WDP a bit of vibration on full idle especially at short final with the engine completely unloaded and the “wind milling” Propeller apparently driving (leading?) the engine. Now this has been drastically aggravated with the 2 blade NR. 
    Is anybody out there experiencing the same thing or a similar issue at final approach at full idle? The vibrations seem to increase proportionally with airspeed at full idle rpm. No issues once you add  a little power and load up the prop and engine. 
  5. I got the engine running today.  The wooden propeller from the 532 wouldn't fit, so I started off with my new 68" Kiev three blade propeller.  The instructions said that the starting point for a 582 should be 11-14, so I set it at 12.  The old 532 Tachometer seems wildly off, so I have connected up a Tiny Tach.  I warmed up the water temperature, increased throttle to get the EGTs up and then pushed it up to wide open throttle, but only got to 3400 RPM.  I am running a 2.58 gear box.  I am not sure if it is the throttle assembly or the propeller that is giving me the issue.  So can anyone provide at least some idea of what pitch should be used?  I tried the test twice and still need to break in the engine.  I am currently running the gas at 100:1 in addition to the oil pump as recommended by Rotax in the 582 installation manual.
  6. I'm looking for a nice prop for my Avid Flyer C with a 582. "The backwards prop." I'm in California and glad to pay shipping, etc. You guys know what I need! Open to related comments and suggestions.

  7. I have just procured a new 582 with 8 hours, a Kievprop L/H 67.3” Black #173 and a spinner for the propeller for my model B.  Does anyone know if I need any of the spacers?
  8. Reducing noise from Kitfox operations in-general. The three main sources seem to be (in order of significance) exhaust thermal expansion, propeller wash around the slipstream of the cowling, and intake air. Taming Noise is a concern to prevent ordinances from being created to prevent flight operations. While flight with reduced cabin noise contributes to hearing protection and creature comfort.  60dB disturbs sleep.
    What are pilot & A&P experiences, and what ideas/suggestions can be provided?