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  1. Hello All. I am a new member here, and I wanted to introduce myself. I have been an aviation enthusiast my whole life, and I now I am FINALLY working on actually building and flying my own plane. I just bought a Yamaha RX1 with 250 miles on it. I intend to use the engine is some form of a Kitfox/Rans/or Highlander custom build. My goals are safety, low build cost and operating costs (I'm a middle class father), and a fun factor. Being new at this, I am happy to learn from all of you. I will be harvesting the RX1 motor within the next few weeks. So you all can school me. I am an engineer by profession, and I do know some about airplane physics, so I can speak the language, but you all have the valuable experience. I have a lot to learn about which airplane to build, how to mount the Yamaha engine, how to weld up mounts (I have a TIG welder), which gearbox is the most dependable, etc... I look forward to learning and sharing with you guys/gals..
  2. We received a grant to purchase a motor mount, cowling, radiator and oil tank mount to convert our Avid Flyer (currently outfitted with a 582LC) to a 912ULS. 
    I'm a firm believer in the "Search" function, and I'm loath to ask this, but can anyone help direct me to a source for advice, part numbers, etc? I've emailed or called a few POCs, but haven't heard back. I have time constraints that force me to come here and beg for help! 
    Thanks for any assistance!
  3. I am getting ready to replace my Rotax 532 with a (relatively new) 582.  From what I can see, it looks like the easiest (best) way to do this is to remove the engine with the engine mount still attached, since it gives me a good place to attach my hoist.
    I have looked at the build manual on this site and well as the Rotax installation manuals, but none of them seem to have any torque specifications contained.
    Does anyone know what the torque specifications are for the motor mount attachments to the engine or the torque specifications for the motor mount to the frame?