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  1. Post on ISO Nose gear in Avid

    By tri4874, posted
    iso nose gear for a kitfox Model 5...thx!
  2. I'm building a kitfox IV speedster from a 31 year old kit.  In those years, the plastic film covering the flaperons has become one with the metal.
    Once upon a time I found a video where the poster had found a stripper that seemed to work given enough time, but I've been unable to find it again. Dug through this site, and another, no joy.
    I'm open to suggestions!
    Jack  Austin, TX
  3. Which Kitfox uses a jackscrew on the horizontal?  How effective is it?  Is anyone running a trim tab elevator and jackscrew horizontal together? Thanks Brad
  4. Does anyone have any experience with using a fuel air ratio gauge, like an AEM 30-4110, on a two stroke? Thanks Brad|tkp%3ABk9SR9SkyOXhYA
  5. I know that this topic has been discussed several times, but anyway I would like to ask for some real life experiences. There should be folks who meanwhile have experience with both 2 and 4 stroke powerplants…
    Due to microlight regulation I`m interested mainly in comparison of 65(582) vs. 80 hp (912). So no focus on 912uls, zipper, edge,… options
    Is the swap worth the effort? Why/why not?
    Aside from short following pro and con list, how did your Kitfox IV changed? What real life numbers did you gain?

    cost (engine, mount, prop, accessories,…)additional weightno ideal installation with early mount (oiltank, carb position, …)approval procedure neededno quick and easy swap (cowling, cooling System, avionics,… are affected)…
    improved reliabilitysimplified operation proceduresbetter resale value of the planeincreased performance (cruise/climb)…
    Thanks for any insights!
  6. Project KitFox Raven!
    $6,500 for everything!
    Time & Talent needed!
    Have Build Plans. 
    O/ TIme Rotax 582 greyhead. Has oil injection, 2.58 gear box.
    Front gas tank and two wing tanks. Both are made out of aluminum.
    Warp Drive R-4320 Propeller w/ spinner. 
    Hydraulic breaks
    Matco tail wheel
    Looking for someone to come and pick it up. The plane itself is about 50 percent done. I am not looking to part it out. It must be purchased as a whole. I recently moved into a new place and am looking to make room in my shop. At this time I am not looking to build a kit right now.  
    If you are looking to contact me just reply to this forum. THANKS!

  7. I'm working on a speedster kit from 1992, have a partial manual, bought the pdf build manuals, and.. none of these parts (pictured) show up in any of them.  While I do appreciate a good puzzle (tail access covers mis-marked L/R), I'm hoping that someone might save me the trouble?  If you have these parts in your door, would you mind sending a picture of how they go together?  What you see is what I got. If you notice anything missing, I'd appreciate a hint, even more a picture.  Best of all, a page or two describing the assembly?
    Jack  Austin TX
  8. Here’s a great iPhone video of flying past the office at work. It was a beautiful day. Lots of good snow cover. It was a great day to get out and enjoy the great late-winter ski conditions. 

  9. I needed to pull the Kitfox back into the shop to do some maintenance, and decided it was finally time to install those wing tanks. The build manual that came with my Model 1 has instructions for installing the old aluminum six gallon wing tank, but not the newer, thirteen gallon, ethanol-resistant ones that I have. Does anyone have installation instructions that they could post, or a link to something I might have missed? I see that some people are gluing dowels to the ribs, and fitting it tight to plywood on the sides of the tank. My plan was to stick them in place with 3M 5200. I already put a couple extra braces in to reinforce the third ribs when I rebuilt the wings. 

  10. Post on ISO an exhaust in Kitfox III

    By Cameronx26, posted
    Looking for a used but in good condition rotax 912ul exhaust for my Kitfox 3! Lmk what you got call or text 615 891 8 five seven seven 
  11. Looking for a good exhaust for my Kitfox model iii with a rotax 912ul on it!
     Call or text me 615 891 eight five seven seven
  12. I’ve been getting as much time in the air as I reasonably can, since I got signed off to solo. It’s all been within a 25 mile radius. I’d have to go further to find something less beautiful. It looks tropical, with the pale blue water of the glacier-fed lake.
  13. I bought a used Kitfox Model 2 kit and just discovered there are no wing jury struts in the kit.  Would like to buy a set. Thanks
  14. Im looking for a kitfox belly radiator. I have the smaller one and would like the larger one. unfortunately kitfox is out of stock and will be at least 3-4 week before they may have more. if you have one laying around lets make a deal. I would be interested in either size.
    Kitfox Model 1 #144
  15. Would like to buy wing tanks to fit Kitfox Model 1. Prefer ethanol proof tanks.
    Would like to by an 8" Matco tailwheel from anyone who has upgraded their tailwheel and wants to part with the old one.
  16. IVOPROP Medium Adjustable DL258, 75 to 100 hp, 2 blade, 58" Dia, Flange is 4" Volkswagen. This prop is NEW, Never Used. Purchased in 2000. Cost today is $1000, Sell for $800 OBO

  17. Just saw this :
  19. Hello All. I am a new member here, and I wanted to introduce myself. I have been an aviation enthusiast my whole life, and I now I am FINALLY working on actually building and flying my own plane. I just bought a Yamaha RX1 with 250 miles on it. I intend to use the engine is some form of a Kitfox/Rans/or Highlander custom build. My goals are safety, low build cost and operating costs (I'm a middle class father), and a fun factor. Being new at this, I am happy to learn from all of you. I will be harvesting the RX1 motor within the next few weeks. So you all can school me. I am an engineer by profession, and I do know some about airplane physics, so I can speak the language, but you all have the valuable experience. I have a lot to learn about which airplane to build, how to mount the Yamaha engine, how to weld up mounts (I have a TIG welder), which gearbox is the most dependable, etc... I look forward to learning and sharing with you guys/gals..
  20. I’m currently building a garage and wonder what the LxWxH measurements of a Kitfox IV is with wings folded, especially the L. 
    If possible, H on wheels and on floats.
    The idea is in the future to be able to store the plane in it with wings folded.
  21. Let me know if you have an Avid Mk IV for sale in the Texas area.  Prefer 912 but not opposed  to other power plants.  Would consider reasonably priced Kitfox as well.  Thanks much!   Direct email
  22. I have the stock Gear from a Tricycle gear Avid MK 4. Nose wheel, stock gear and a tail wheel. Includes all of the gear in the pics, brakes, tires, wheels, wheel pants and bungie's. All brand new, unused. 
    $850 OBO

  23. Are any of you guys coming down to the Valdez fly-in? I'd love to have a chance to look at other Avid's or Kitfox. Can a regular member add to the calendar on here I see just birthdays on there no events? Let me know if I posted this in the wrong spot
  24. I am in need of the Kitfox Model 4-1200 Rotax 582 installation section of the aircraft construction manual. I purchased my kit back in '93 and the original manual came with instructions for the Rotax 582 firewall forward. The aircraft is currently flying and powered by a GP 2180VW conversion that I want to switch over to the Rotax engine.
    I will be happy to pay to have the engine installation section scanned to a PDF if anyone has one available.
  25. Should be same part for Model 1, Model 2, Model 3
    Thanks in advance for any information,
    jda8818, San Diego CA, Kitfox Model 1 SN133 Project