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  1. In need of a right hand flaperon and droop wing tip for a kitfox 4. Flaperon is symmetrical not a flat bottom.
  2. Post on flaperon tips. in Kitfox II

    By dslfarms, posted
    i am looking for flaperon tips with a flat bottom? I spoke with and they only have curved bottom and top.
    anyone know where to find tips with a flat bottom? 
    thanks in advance!
  3. In the manual for the mk4 it says flaperon hinges should be at a 50 degree angle off of rib tip. How crucial is this? I would like to mount the hinges closer to 55-60 degrees to get the bolt in the center of the rib like the outboard hung bolt is.
  4. Continuing Airworthiness Notice - 27-012                  CAA of New Zealand.
    Avid and Kitfox fitted with flaperon.
    See attached report img057.pdf and images for report and notice.