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    Avid Flyers,
    Below you will find the current list of readily available Avid parts that we offer. I concede that with the small size of my workforce and the immense amount of parts orders, I would be a fool to continue to offer complete kits at this time. This would not only slow down parts orders, but also force me to put a very long lead time on kits. I realize that trying to restart this business is more than just getting kits out the door again and service to past, loyal customers needs to come first. People are more than welcome to inquire about other parts, but my main focus will be on the items below. I will continually add to the list as inventory builds up and hope that this simplified Avid Aircraft parts business will help bring the company back to full scale production in a more customer focused approach. I will also be changing my website in the coming days to reflect this new business position. A parts list with price sheet will be displayed on the site for transparency to all.
    In parts order news, we were able to engineer an aluminum fuel thank with a profile that fits both the STOL and Speedwing configurations. The location and size is very similar to the fiberglass Avid tanks (roughly 34" long and takes the place of the ribs at the wing root – the install will be nearly the same as well). I am very happy with how it turned out and have been testing the fit-up and integrity on a spare set of wings at the factory. I know there have been some Avid owners that say aluminum is not the way to go but so far, we have been impressed with it. As soon as we prove out the design as equal to or better than the fiberglass tank, it will be added to the list of parts we offer. BONUS…as you all know… ethanol will not eat through this tank and it only weighs 2lbs more than the fiberglass tank!!
    Many people have asked about cowlings and wing tanks - both being fiberglass parts. I have tried going through two fiberglass companies in the past 6 months to make tanks and cowls using Avid's original molds. Unfortunately, both companies fell short, unable to create quality parts with issues ranging from leaky tanks to inconsistent material thickness. I am reaching out to anyone in the Midwest who might have a reputable fiberglass company we could be put in contact with. Unless we use the aluminum tanks, we are unable to offer wing kits until this gets resolved.
    I want to thank all of those who have placed orders and many of the inspiring stories and pictures sent to us this past year. Your contributions have inspired me to continue on in this adventure, despite many road blocks along the way. With the first year in the books, we look forward to improving on our shortcomings and better serving the Avid community in the years to come.
    Avid Aircraft
    Available parts:
    Flaperon (Right or Left)
    Jury Struts (pair)
    Transportation Kit
    Rotax 912 Engine Mount
    Jabiru Engine Mount
    Wing Struts (pair)
    STOL/Speedwing Ribs & Butt Ribs
    Speedwing Extension Kit
    Shock Cord Kit
    Mark IV Belly Pan
    F7A Modified Bellcrank
  2. There has been some interest in building cowls and such lately so here is a great article on the easy way to fair and finish composite parts.