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  1. jacksonbrowne added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    WTB: Avid MKIV fiberglass wing tank(s)
    Looking for 1 left wing tank or a set of 2 for both left and right.  
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  2. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair   

    Agreed; it was meant as a quick-and-dirty visual for suggestions, certainly not for any kind of stress analysis or engineering purposes.  
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  3. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic Avid MK IV Parts for Sale   

    I'm interested in the right wing and flaperon.  
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  4. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic Wanted: Heavy Hauler/Aerobat wings or single .083 spar   

    Dang; I currently have speedwings (one damaged) and need an HH set, but I will keep you in mind if I can left a LH wing.
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  5. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair   

    Cloud Dancer,  he didn't elaborate on either the program or parameters.  It certainly isn't in his interest to suggest nonstandard repairs from a financial or legal standpoint, so I don't blame him.  
    I appreciate all of the suggestions, and I've gone back and forth quite a bit.  I purchased some 2.5" ID 6061 aluminum to make a patch and fly by myself while working on a new wing.  I don't have any extra spar material to test a repair, so pulling and reinstalling a spar would probably take about the same effort.  I wouldn't mind overbuilding a patch and flying solo, but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking up others who can't consent or attest to the unknown quality of my repair job.  I'd also like to be able to present a "clean" repair if I decide to sell it at some point. 
    The more I think about it, I'd like a little more performance up here than my 1.5" washout speedwing will be capable of providing.  I considered buying a single speed wing and using the old spar parts to extend it, but I think the built-in washout will make for a negligible performance gain.  I'll either replace the single wing or toss the pair and go with a modified HH set.
    Again, a sincere thank you to everyone who weighed in.  Considering the odd nature of the damage and kit planes in general, it is great to be able to hear a lot of differing viewpoints.  I've learned a LOT the past couple weeks from this discussion, and everything I've been told has been insightful and enlightening.  
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  6. jacksonbrowne added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Wanted: Heavy Hauler/Aerobat wings or single .083 spar
    I need to replace the spar on my aerobatic speedwing and am considering an upgrade to heavy hauler wings.  In a perfect world a set of HH length wings built with speedwing ribs and .5" washout or less would be ideal.  If anyone has a spare, kit, set of either wings, or a single 1.5" washout speed wing let me know.  I'm open to all sorts of suggestions.
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  7. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair   

    You're all correct; .007 was a typo it is ~.07".  I just edited that to correct it.  Obviously I don't have the right type of caliper for measuring on a radius, but I thought that might help give a general idea of the damage.  Here is the response my A&P got from Mark Mendick at Avid:
    I would normally assume a supplier just wanted to sell more parts, but Mark was very open to the idea of trying to fix the wing or even possibly just replace the spar.  Since the Hysol doesn't seem to have a heat release method, it doesn't seem like there's a way to do this.  Obviously they'd like to err on the side of caution, but I'm a little torn between what I feel would be a more than adequate solution vs. just playing it safe and redoing the whole thing - the classic homebuilt dilemma.   
    I'm going to look into a few options.  I'm also considering adding wing extensions if the fabric comes off to have a little bit better climb and takeoff performance.  Again, I appreciate everyone weighing in.  I will conclude the post with the route I decide on and report back on our progress.
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  8. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair   

    Great answers, and I'm glad to see that the consensus seems to be it's not a total loss.  
    Regarding the above, I agree, but I'm not sure what the "right" repair would be in this case.  It is such a strange area and type of damage that there doesn't seem to be one right way (other than just rebuilding the wing of course).  
    I will take this all into consideration and post our repair when complete.  Thank you all very much for weighing in.  This forum has been an extremely valuable resource for a ntiwit like myself.
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  9. jacksonbrowne added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    MK IV Aerobat speedwing spar gouge/repair
    I moved last year and decided to take off one wing to fit inside of a large truck.  Unbeknownst to me, during the drive the position of the wing shifted and rubbed for several hours against a sharp steel bolt.  It gouge the leading edge between .06-.07" deep, the longest of which is about 5" long.  The damage doesn't go through the spar, and there was no bending force as far as I can tell (Basically the metal was just ground away).  The scratch extends back about 29" from the root and is in front of the fuel tank.  This wing was built as a Speedwing with the HH rib spacing and .085 thick spar.
    I have a few A&Ps, mechanical engineers, and the folks at Avidkitplanes.com mulling over whether a repair is possible, or if a complete rebuild is in order.  We're considering internal/external bracing with rivets and/or adhesive.  An internal tubular brace, say 24" long with v-cuts on both ends (similar to the strengthening kits, but a complete tube) seems like it would distribute the load away from the area, but I'd like to know what you guys think.  
    Thank you,

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  10. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic MK IV wingtip repair guidance/suggestions?   

    Sorry for the late reply; I've been out for several weeks on a work trip.  Thank you guys so much for all the suggestions.  I was fearing it would be a much bigger problem than it is; several of the suggestions are in line with what I was thinking, but I sincerely appreciate having so many experienced builders to point me in the right direction.  
    I think I will try and re cement the tip through a small inspection slit and then scab the hangar.  I will post pictures of the repair process when able.  Thanks again!
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  11. jacksonbrowne added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    MK IV wingtip repair guidance/suggestions?
    I've had a soft brake issue which necessitates some speed to get the tailwheel to break over for tight turns.  I got a little impatient the other day and got a little too much speed before slamming on the left brake, causing a right wingtip strike when I tipped as I ran off the side grade of our strip.  It took about 5 seconds for it to finally tip over and bounce back (almost saved it!), but, as you can see, I damaged the last flaperon hinge, slightly bent the flaperon, and damaged the fiberglass/foam in the wingtip.
    I'd just like some suggestions about the least invasive way to repair the damage.  I've uploaded one video and two photos.  I'm guessing it requires opening up the wingtip and replacing the entire rib, but am new to fabric and thought I'd ask the experts.  Thanks for the help guys!  


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  12. jacksonbrowne added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    WTB: Avid aerobat/speedwing rib and wingtip endcap
    Avid had a groundloop and drug the right tip.  Looking for anything you've got, but of course the unassembled parts would be nice.  Mark IV Aerobat wing profile (same as speedwing).
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  13. jacksonbrowne added a post in a topic Parts for sale   

    Could you PM me a price on the right wing if you still have it?  I need a rib and endcap for a MK 4 Aerobat repair.
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