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  1. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

     Good News .... Finally
    The Control Column and linkage is all in and not binding at all.
    I had to change several things
    1) I had to run the "Stick to Stick" tie rod on the rear side of the Stick Stubs that extend into the Control Column. This puts the Mixer linkage exiting the Column forward of the Stick Stubs. I see this as the biggest variance to the design.
    I don't understand why it works exacly opposite to how it's drawn .... but it works.
    2) NONE of the bolts inside the Control Column are Hex Head anymore and have been changed to lower profile AN Slot Head Clevis Bolts.
    3) The length of the stud that comes from the Male Heim Joint in the Male / Female Hiem Joints that connect the Bell Crank needed to be adjusted to a specific length, too long and it started to drag too short, the same.
    Thanks Randy for your input on putting it together and to you and Chris Bolkan for your versions of the Flaperon Mixer Control methods and pictures.
    I love the automation of the Linear Actuator but the simpicity of the. ratcheting system.
    These are the build conundrums I like
    More to come.
    It takes a village to build an airplane.
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  2. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Tonight's Facebook Post
    Tomorrows Another Day.
    According to the manual, When all this stuff's assembled,And all the bolts are tight,And all the rods connected,And everything's done right,The steering sticks, the manual saysShould move,Fore - Aft,  / Left - RightBut because the sticks both jam and bindAnd because I've all but run out of rhyme.And because on this crap,I've spent too much time.I'm gonna say .... "F#$k it"(for tonight). 

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  3. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Hey Guys 
    Thanks for the help so far.
    It's getting better results (this mixer / control column binding thing) but I'm working on it again today.
    When it STILL doesn't work tonight, I'll post detailed pictures and dimensions of what's sticking and where.
    I'm trying to be fairly fussy on this stuff as the next step is to schedule the MD-RA  (Ministry Delegate - Recreational Aircraft) to perform the Pre-Cover Inspection and don't want to give them too much to look at that don't adhere to the assembly drawings.
    So far the drawings call for drilled bolts with nyloc nuts in a couple places, some bolts are just too long, stuff like that, that I'll need to explain to the inspector with explanations why I had to change it.
    I hope. 
    Thx so far and 
    Stay tuned .....
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  4. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Thanks guys for the help.
    AKFlyer hit the mark with the bracket being out 90 degrees due to Bolt R and also got me to think about what else I looked at and didn't see.
    The other thing that solved the binding was inserting the pivot bolt for the bottom stick and 2 clevis' and washers (another R bolt) in from the front of the Control Column like the drawing shows and not from the easier back side like I did.
    More of the jamming, binding, sticking issues disappeared when I started thinking about actual "control throws" and when I started thinking about the flap travel realistically and its start and finish points all that jamming wasn't within any usable range of motion.
    Where that leaves me is sorting out the Flap Control Lever and Linkage.
    I have no idea what "Useful Travel" is for this, either linearly back and forth at the rod ends driven by the arm from the shaft or the degrees of rotation at the handle.
    I've attached a couple of pictures of the installed parts I have that came with the kit but think I am missing some components for the factory friction disk system without really knowing what it looks like or how it works.
    Chris Bolkan
    If you could send me a picture of your Flap Adjust system that would be great.
    I like the idea of a Linear Actuator for its adjustabilty.
    Is that what you are using?
    If so, where'd you get such a creature?

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  5. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Progress and inevitable questions:
    I've got the Control Column Extended, Riv-Nuts and Cockpit and Cargo Bay Floor Panels installed, Rudder Pedals and Control Column Installed  and (almost) all this stuff bolted down with "Inspectable Methods and Hardware"
    I am now facing the thing I've been dreading, that being the Aileron / Flap Mixer hardware.
    There is very little to go on from the MK-IV manual
    There was a "Bag Full" of specialty parts that came with the plane.
    Would anyone have or could direct me to ....
    1) A photograph of what you have working for your Mixer Assembly in your Avid Plus or Fat Avid?
    2) Any recommendations for the Flap Deploy Lever that could improve what looks like a terrible system. (I understand the lever and the mixer operation but don't get how the flap position gets held in place)
    I've included several photos of how I've interpreted the assembly from the drawing I have for the MK IV.
    None of the Mixer components are held together with the correct hardware but is sufficient for testing.
    I seem to have interference issues with the Rod Ends extending out the LHS of the Control Column.
    The Pivot Bolt that secures the two Rod Ends at the bottom of the LHS Stick (one points left to Bell Crank one points right to Tie Rod to RHS Stick) seem to drag inside the column when moved full lock to lock without Bell Crank connected.
    I used the recommended AN3-10A bolt with the two AN960-10 washers and the AN364-1032A nut and was wondering if this makes sense.
    I have all the hardware on the fastener (AN3-10A) that holds those two Rod Ends to the Stick but if I assemble the bolt with the washers on the bolt and nut it spaces the nut out too far and the nut hits the tube.
    To use the recommended hardware I have to place both washers under the bolt head (to maintain correct bolt length) and no washer on the nut side.
    This allows the Rod Ends to move back and forth without hitting the entry into the Control Column without the Bell Crank attached, however, as soon as the Bell Crank is attached and the stick is moved full lock side to side and pulled back for the elevator lock to lock it the rod and assembly just jams and drags and sticks etc.
    I'm sure this isn't normal.
    What am I missing here?
    Thx for any help ....

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  6. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Thanks Doug
    You're my favourite source for Avid model info.
    I believe you have a Plus or is it a Fat Avid like mine?
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  7. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Avid Plus build is on ....   

    Hey Chris Bolkan
    It's not a Fat Avid yet but will be.
    Its a new (and yet very old) Avid Plus or Fat Avid fuselage and rudder and Avid Mk IV Heavy Hauler everything else. Wings,            H Stab, Elevator, Pedals, Sticks and Control Column. 
    I bought it in 2014 and due to my love for flying my Challenger coupled with an unavoidable 4 year break, am starting it now.
    Hey TJay
    Re Fuselage Wing Mount Tubes 
    Carry Through Tubes?
    The front Wing Mount Tube has a wall thickness of .054 inches.
    The rear Wing Mount has to be modified on the Fat Avid Fuselage upgrade due to the centres of the front and rear tubes being jigged and  welded too close together by about 1/4 inch at the factory.
    This mod was done before I purchased the plane.
    The single wall thickness of the original tube is .035 inches.
    It has a tube pushed in and welded so that it allows for repositioning of the rear pivot tube for the wing.
    Together, the two tubes have a thickness of .109 inches.
    Here are pictures of the front (non modified) and rear (modified) tubes.

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  8. banjoplayer added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    Avid Plus build is on ....
    Well, the build is officially back on track.
    A buddy brought over a laser level and it was amazing at getting the Vertical Stab plumb and the Horizontal Stab perpendicular.
    I filled and redrilled the Stab Struts and bolted it together and it's still perfect.
    How long can I keep this "Give a Shit" attitude goin' ?
    It's a long journey comin'
    Stay tuned ....
    Jim R

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  9. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Has anyone ever installed a Lycoming in an Avid Plus?   

    Your point is well taken, but the expense of the lighter technology is a bitter pill.
    Cheaper to fly with anorexic's on a half tank....
    My Rotax 503 "On The Hook"
    No muffler
    No starter

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  10. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Has anyone ever installed a Lycoming in an Avid Plus?   

    Thanks Randy
    I'm the guy who called you about 5 years ago asking you to convince  me to buy an Avid Plus, and I did.
    I'm just starting to wade into my project again after a 4 year setback brought on by a crash I survived on climb out in the plane the Avid is to replace.
    A pretty close call and my rational for installing the Lycoming.
    A question specifically to you, have you ever considered amphib floats?
    If not, why?
    Love your posts.
    I haven't seen your dissertation on the performance differences with the Rotax.
    Jim R

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  11. banjoplayer added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    Has anyone ever installed a Lycoming in an Avid Plus?
    Has anyone ever thought about the complications involved in installing a Lycoming O235 in an Avid Plus.
    The Subaru and Lycoming in full dress (Subaru with rad and water) weigh about the same, the Lycoming slightly less without started and flywheel
    The Lycoming is however longer and wider.
    Has anyone ever modified a cowl to accomodate a Lycoming.
    I see SuberAvid Randy's progress on his Rotax conversion and the extension looks good, albeit, needed for a different reason.
    To install the Lycoming I would have to extend the cowl AND make cutouts for the cylinders to poke through, like a Piper?
    Pupose built aircraft engine instead of automotive conversion.
    Lycoming - 115 HP
    Subaru EA81 80 -> 85 HP (unmodified)
    Jim Rainbow

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  12. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Re: the Subaru EA81 It's on its way. I called Yellow Freight and they will bring it from Lafyette La. to Uxbridge for less than 500 bucks. The owner takes Pay Pal, which is just too convenient. I'll post more pics and info when it arrives. Thanks to all again for the help on this.
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  13. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Hey Guys
    I talked to the owner of the Subaru that is for sale on Barnstormers (thanks agin Jim C for the heads up)
    He knows almost nothing about it except that it came out of a KR2, and that it ran when it came out.
    He was going to install it in a Karatoo but found a Continental 65 with a mount that allowed him to bolt it right into his plane, which ended a lot of fitting and fabricating.
    I told him the sale is likely a go and that I would call a trucking firm to see what it's going to cost to get it up here.
    I figure for 2K (Canadian) it is worth the risk.
    Here is a picture of the beast.
    He says the Reduction Drive looks manufactured as opposed to homemade, and has numbers stamped on it.
    Here are a couple of pictures (I hope)
    If the pictures come through, my thanks to C5Engineer's tutorial
    Comes on a motor mount bolted to a pallet ... ready to ship
    What do you guys think? 

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  14. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Thanks guys for the great advice.
    @ Jim Chuk, I have left a message for more info on that Soob on Barnstormers.
    It sounds like it may be exactly what I am looking for, thanks for the tip
    I am going to try to contact Randy Tyler directly regarding the performance of his Avid Plus running the Subaru.
    I know he indicated he loves his setup in response to my introductory post.
    I've had a photo of his plane as my desktop background as inspiration since joining this group, .... she's a beauty.
    I've also read a bunch of his (and others) posts while coveting his Avid (not one of the seven deadly sins) and I believe the first reduction drive he had didn't work for him and he had to replace it with a different unit.
    If any of you have any experience (good or bad) with other engines in Avid Plus' please feel free to weigh in.
    I would like to get as much of the ugly stuff out of the way before I start covering the fuselage.
    Thanks again
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  15. banjoplayer added a post in a topic Jabiru 3300 in Fat Avid   

    Hey Ed:
    Thanks for the response.
    I read this months Kitplanes article on engines but was bummed by the crazy prices for 4 strokes.
    I have been reading that a larger diameter prop turning slower on a re-drive is better for a float plane.
    It seems that without a reduction the max prop diameter (depending on RPM of course) is somewhere in the 60 inch dia. range.
    With a reduction approximately 70".
    What I am trying to avoid is loading the tail with lead to compensate for too heavy an engine ... without knowing what too heavy is.
    I'm sure it is all a game of compromises.
    I'm just trying to get an idea of what people are having success with and what weight engine the Avid Plus is capable of supporting.
    Regarding your questions:
    I am in a small town about 25 miles north east of Toronto Ontario Canada
    MD-RA stands for Minister Delegate - Recreational Aviation it is the agency that is responsible for inspecting aircraft for Transport Canada
    The history of the plane allowed me to bring it into Canada from upstate New York as "aircraft parts" 
    This was due to the Airdale Fuselage being brand new and unregistered.
    The Wings and Horizontal Control surfaces had flown on a MK IV, but since the fuselage carries the serial number these parts were orphaned when the original fuse was damaged and sold.
    I was very specific with the MD-RA before I bought it and it was their suggestion to bring it in as "Parts"
    I have given it a serial number of JR7274 and have listed it as, Make: Airdale   Model: Avid Plus, with a MTOW of 1200 LBS, and so far all is moving ahead.
    The MD-RA told me before I bought it that I would have to have the aircraft inspected 3 times to get it to qualify as amateur homebuilt
    The first inspection is "Major Portion" that ensures 51% or more than the plane will be assembled / fabricated by me. This was required because the wings and tail have flown and they have to confirm that the fuselage has not.
    The second inspection is the "Pre-cover" which allows them to see the structural integrity of the entire plane including all welds, control cables and rods to control surfaces.
    This is why I have to pull the fabric off. I don't mind the extra work as the existing fabric is "not bad, but not great either". Also one wing had already been stripped before I bought the plane. 
    The third inspection is the "Pre Flight" and takes place at the airport.
    All this is to avoid registering this plane as Canadian Basic Ultralight, which limits the gross to 1150 Lbs, requires mandatory helmets, and does not allow unlicensed passengers.
    My Challenger is registered basic, and this was the primary reason for getting a 2nd plane.
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